4 Free Online Courses to Learn HTML & CSS

Learning HTML and CSS through an online courseI've mentioned before that basic HTML and CSS can be learned within a day. Both these web design languages are fairly easy to learn and thousands of people across the globe are getting familiar with it to get more out of their online endeavors. Fortunately, there are several good online resources that can teach you both these languages for free. Most of these courses can be completed within a month even if you devote an hour per day. I've selected some of the best and popular online courses for HTML and CSS that are completely free and will equip you with beginner to intermediate level knowledge. To completely leverage the information presented in these courses, complete all the exercises and go at a steady pace instead of rushing down. Test and select the best HTML & CSS course that meets your requirements.

Learning HTML and CSS through an online course

These free courses will give you the foundation necessary to explore further. Once you're comfortable with both, you can easily purchase a premium course. So, go ahead and select the one listed below.

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All of these courses are designed in a way that people without any coding background can easily follow the understand. But still, check each one of them thoroughly before selecting your preferred one.

Codecademy CSS and HTML course Codecademy HTML & CSS Course - Without any doubt, this is one of the most popular online courses for learning HTML & CSS. The course content is regularly updated and refreshed to present the very best of both these languages. After completing this course, every reader can design their own basic website with all the necessary features. The entire methodology designed to go through this course is unique facilitating even a layman follow the chapters with so ease. Following are some of the unique features included in this free online course for learning HTML & CSS.

  • Integrated code editor - This course includes an excellent code editor right with the course chapters to let you practice and write code along with reading.
  • Handy preview pane - The preview pane is used to instantly view the output coded by you. Switching back to the code editor is also instantaneous.
  • Interactive learning - Helpful prompts make the entire learning experience a cakewalk. The tips and tricks presented through these prompts keeps you glued with the chapter.
  • Lively forum - It also includes a helpful Q & A forum where you can get answers to questions that may arise in your mind during the course.

tuts+ HTML and CSS course tuts+ HTML & CSS Course - This is one of the detailed and free HTML & CSS courses for beginners and intermediate users. Apart from regular language tutorials, this course also includes details about associated technologies that'll help you get more out of these two languages more effectively. There are very few online courses that present the course material with such simplicity. To access this course, you only need to register for a free account. Most newbies can finish this course in less than 4 weeks. Following excellent features makes this course a good option for beginners.

  • Video-based training - The entire course is in the form of videos giving you the best learning experience.
  • Unambiguous and easy-to-understand - All the course material is designed keeping beginners in mind so that they can grasp the details easily.
  • Practical tips - Throughout the course, you will get tons of useful tips and tricks to apply the techniques in creative and unique ways.
  • Widely popular - Since the course material is excellent, this free tutorial is widely popular among the people and enjoys huge user base.

Practical HTML CSS guide A Practical Guide to HTML & CSS - This is one of my personal favorites among all the free courses discussed here. The interface and presentation of course content are above excellent. The entire course is divided into two different segments. The first one is designed for beginners and the second one is ideal for intermediate users or for the ones who've completed the first segment. Once you get started with this course, you'll try to finish it as soon as possible due to the effective structure of the tutorials. These features make this free HTML & CSS course a must try for every newbie.

  • Extensive inline demos - While reading the tutorials, you'll find plenty of unobtrusive demos within the chapters. This gives you instant visualization of the code and features discussed in the chapter.
  • Excellent course presentation - As I mentioned above, the presentation and arrangement of the course material is excellent and very user friendly.
  • Covers everything important - The entire course covers almost every aspect of HTML & CSS helping you getting a good grasp of both the languages.
  • Tons of code examples - With countless code examples, you're guaranteed to try your own modified versions to gain more confidence while applying the learned syntax.

Code Avengers HTML CSS Course Code Avengers HTML5 and CSS3 Course - And last but not the least, this intuitive tutorial system includes lots of unique features to help you learn HTML & CSS in an easy way. The entire course is interactive in nature and helps you write the code right from the first chapter. Unlike several online courses, this one includes tutorials for both legacies as well as for CSS3 and HTML5 coding syntax to help you build modern websites with ease. It also teaches you various debugging techniques to write better code. Check out these unique features included in this popular course.

  • Interactive code editor - Quite similar to some of the popular online courses, this one also includes a code editor within the tutorials which emphasize on practical to learn both the languages.
  • Live mobile preview - The right side pane includes a mobile preview of the code output so that you can instantly visualize the result of your code.
  • Feedback & question options - A handy question and feedback section facilitates giving instant feedback about the course as well as allows you to directly ask any question related to the current chapter.
  • Session saving - And, if your web browser doesn't clear the session information upon exit, you can start from the same page or chapter where you left it earlier.