How to Change Your Voice Over Skype In Real-Time

Skype Voice ChangerSkype is used by millions of people across the globe. There are several add-ons and plugins available for Skype like a call recorder, game applications and much more. How about doing some fun with your friends by changing your voice in real-time over a live Skype call? The application integrates with a plugin with your existing Skype installation and lets you change your voice at your will. I've tested this application on my Windows machine and it worked perfectly without any glitch. Make sure you do not misuse this application and only use it as a prank with your friends. It can only be used with regular Skype desktop client made for Windows. You cannot use it with Windows 8.1 full-screen app which is available through the store. Before using it in an actual call, first, test it with a dummy call with one of your friends to see it is working correctly or not. So, let's get started and quickly see how we can compile, run and use this powerful application to change our identity and voice on a typical Skype call with ease.

Skype Voice Changer
Skype Voice Changer uses NAudio, Skype4COM and MEF libraries to change the microphone input pitch and many other effects during a live conversation. Simply download the source code of this application and compile it in Visual Studio 2008. The generated executable file can be integrated with your Skype instance as a plugin.

Now on the fly, you can add various effects to your voice making it a real fun surprising the person on the other side of the call. Remember, this project is still under development and requires you the basic knowledge of compiling the source code to generate an executable file.