6 Best Sticky Notes Applications For Your Computer

Sticky notes with quotesWhether you're at work or at home, everyday you face new challenges (small & big) and along with it come deadlines and much needed reminders. We often scribble important things either on paper or in a normal word processor or in a notepad type application. If you have a paperless office, your best bet is having a good sticky notes application for your PC. Here are some of the best sticky notes apps to keep track of your goals. These applications are free-to-use and transform your desktop into a stick notes board where you can quickly jot down important information in an easy way. One can easily create new notes and can instantly delete the old ones which are no longer needed. One can also tweak and customize the attributes associated with these sticky notes to match with their workflow and preferences. Almost all of these sticky notes applications can be used on all popular variants of Windows without any issues. Do try out these handy applications and see how you will be able to save your time and money.

Sticky notes with quotes
iGorv - Sticky Notes - It's one of my favorite sticky notes applications with simple and clean interface. You can include fonts, colors, transparency and hyperlinks with a sticky note. Every sticky note persists even after a reboot until you explicitly close it.

Hott notes - This excellent application support multiple types of sticky notes. If you're using a stylus with your tablet PC, you can scribble freehand text and drawings on your sticky note. Hott notes also let you set alarms for important notes. Another worth looking feature is the archiving capability that saves your sticky notes for future use.

Efficient Sticky Notes - What I like most in this application is the in-built recycle bin. So if you accidentally delete your important sticky notes, you can easily restore them with a click of a button. It also supports powerful search capability to scan through all active sticky notes to quickly spot your important reminder.

Stickies - I like its capability of storing images within the sticky notes. The interface is clean is soothing to eyes. Stickies also support transferring of notes from one PC to another through the regular mail client. You can also hide your sticky notes for a definite period and they pop up back like magic when the time is over.

Simple Sticky Notes - I personally use this sticky note application because its minimal yet very powerful. Usual rich text support with hiding/un-hiding feature makes it one of the best sticky notes applications available for an average user. I highly recommend using this free and powerful sticky notes software.

TK8 StickyNotes - This application has the best interface that will make you addicted to it in no time. It has a freeware as well as shareware version. The former version is good enough for an average user. You can also pin your sticky note to keep it above all windows. The pro versions support advanced features like password protected notes with reminders and email integration.