10 Best Ways To Self-Publish Your Own Book

Books on a stallBook publishing was a pain long back when people used to run behind publishing houses to get their book published. But things have changed drastically in last decade or so. Now there are numerous online book-publishing services that let you publish your own book either for free or for a very nominal cost. Let's check out these excellent services that can help you publish your next book easily. Almost all of these services provide various tools and applications to complete the entire publication process without any external support. All you need is your complete copy and the will to edit, format and design it into a shiny new title available for your target audience. You can even repurpose your existing blog content and can turn into a book which will save your time and money speeding up the entire publishing process. Do try each of these platforms for comparing all the pros and cons for each one of them to get the best possible deal for your book. So, let's get started and see how to self-publish a book in an easy way.

Books on a stall
Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing - It's one of the favorite book publishing services for freelancers and writers. Amazon lets you publish your own book in their Kindle store. You can offer subscription-based access to your published content and can earn decent money through this service.

Lulu - This amazing online book publishing service is very popular among publishers. The fee is very nominal and you have complete control over different aspects related to book publishing. You can either publish an eBook or go for the hardcover version.

Outskirtspress - If you're looking for several flexible book-publishing plans, this service is the best choice. You get your full royalty and control over publishing once you sign up with a plan. You can also get your book published on Amazon Kindle store. All plans also include book promotion strategies and help from the professional staff.

Createspace - This is yet another excellent book publishing service from Amazon. The collection of free tools equips you with all the skills necessary to publish your own book in no time. Simply upload your manuscript in the desired format and get your book published for a huge Amazon marketplace.

CafePress - This awesome service gives you free tools for creating your own book. Once it is completed, you can use their true print-on-demand service to get your book published in various formats. They charge a fixed base-price amount and let you decide the retail price. The difference between the two is your earnings. Cafepress handles all of your book promotion, selling, customer service in an efficient manner.

Blurb - It is one of the most popular book publishing services. Blurb's excellent book creation tools let you create visually appealing content in quick time with minimum hassle. Once you've completed your book, order eBook or hard copies and let the blurb professionals market your book to millions of readers.

iUniverse - It's a professional and very popular book publishing service that provides several plans to self-publish your own book. Marketing and promotion are handled by iUniverse where you're guaranteed good sales (provided you have some good stuff) because of their long experience in book publishing business.

Dog Ear Publishing - If you are planning to self-publish a book with minimum budget, Dog Ear is the best choice. They offer all the tools to create and publish your own book. You own the copyright and have full control over your content and royalties. Dog Ear manages the printing, promotion, and distribution on your behalf.

FastPencil - I'm really impressed by this free book writing and publishing software. This excellent software makes the whole book writing and creation process very easy. Once completed, you can publish your book or an ebook through free design templates. From within the software, you can publish your book to Amazon Kindle store.

AuthorHouse - It's one of the best professional book publishing services that help writers self-publish, market and sell their own books. A team of experts from AuthorHouse assists you in marketing and selling, while the professional tools let you create an awesome book with minimum efforts. There are several flexible plans and you can easily contact them before opting for any plan.