6 Best WordPress Plugins for Podcasting

A black recording microphonePodcasting is undoubtedly getting popular day by day among professional bloggers, developers, and business professionals. It is effectively used by thousands and thousands of publishers to build traffic and audience. Unlike text posts, podcasting makes a much closer connection with the listeners and gives you a completely new channel to connect and engage with your subscribers and followers. Here's a collection of WordPress plugins that can turn your blog into a podcasting machine without any technical difficulties. All these plugins are quite easy to use and provide you with a robust solution to start your custom podcast in no time. Make sure you first test these plugins on a dummy blog with some sample podcasts to ensure it works seamlessly without any issues later on. Almost all of these plugins have very easy-to-configure options so that even a layman can start his podcast without any hassle. So let's check out these plugins one by one and see which one is the best for running a popular podcast on our blog.

A black recording microphone Make sure you have a good quality recording system before using any of these plugins. Failing to do so may result in poor results despite using one of the best podcasting plugins. Buy a branded microphone.

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Once you've configured your audio-recording system, test it thoroughly with a dummy recording session before trying out these podcasting plugins. Without wasting any time, let's host our awesome podcast!

1. Seriously Simple Podcasting - The name says it all. It's a no-nonsense plugin aimed at both casual and serious podcasters. It's actively maintained and offers plenty of customization options for the publishers. It's compatible with all the popular and major listening platforms facilitating easy distribution to those streams. If you want, you can easily manage multiple podcasts on a single WordPress website without any hassle.

2. Podcast Player – Your Podcasting Companion - If you already have a podcast ready for publishing, this plugin can be used in conjunction to display it nicely on the publishing pages through a feature-packed audio player. There are loads of formatting options supported by this plugin. This enables you to create a custom podcast player widget with your preferred content and style. It has one of the best and minimal interfaces among its competitors.

3. Podlove Podcast Publisher - It's a simple yet extremely powerful podcasting plugin one must try once. It has a capable templating system to customize your feed pages. It supports a wide range of media file formats to publish your podcast in your desired way. It has full chapter support to create multi-part series easily. Power users can customize it extensively as its open-source codebase is hosted on GitHub.

4. Liteweight Podcast - As the name suggests, it's a user-friendly podcasting solution for everyone. With multiple audio format support, and with the support for legacy browsers, this podcasting plugin ensures your content is playable on both mobile and desktop devices, without any fail. Shorcode support ensures you can embed the podcast episode almost anywhere on your website. It also provides a block for Gutenberg users.

5. PowerPress Podcasting plugin by Blubrry - This is yet another hugely popular podcasting plugin used by thousands of bloggers. It has lots of configuration options and supports over 2 dozen podcasting file-formats including full iTunes support. If you're using podPress and want to make a switch, this plugin has an in-built migration tool for a seamless switch with minimum hassle. It also includes impressive statistics and reporting module.

6. Buzzsprout Podcasting Plugin - If you have Buzzsprout account, you can easily use this plugin to integrate your podcasts hosted on Buzzsprout into your WordPress blog. It uses shortcodes to embed podcasts at your desired location. Buzzsprout also has in-built migration tools to let your transfer your data from other podcasting systems. You can embed your podcast as an HTML-only link or as a flash player.