3 Important Facebook Timeline Privacy Settings

A television on a black tableFacebook's timeline has brought major changes to the profile page. The layout and time-driven reverse chronological updates make it unique as well as confusing for some users. The most important concern among users migrating to the new timeline is their privacy settings. Here are the five most important privacy settings to avoid any leaks of private data from your account. You can further tighten the security by opting for 'Custom' visibility each time you update your timeline. This ensures you have complete control over the type of information you want to share with your friends' network and with the general public. Depending on your personal preference, you can easily fine-tune these settings to suit your needs. While customizing these settings, make sure you do not impose excessive restrictions which may annoy your friends. So, let's get started and see how we can easily change and customize our Facebook timeline privacy settings for a better and time-saving experience for us as well as for our contacts.

A television on a black table Feel free to play with these privacy settings until you get the right kind of combination you're looking for in your account. If you're not sure what you're doing, simply leave the default privacy setting as it is.

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A good way to test your applied privacy settings is to ask one or two close friends to check at their end on their profile if the applied settings have any effect or not. Let's make our Facebook timeline secure.

Timeline Review

It's one of the most important timeline settings which can be accessed through the Settings & Privacy → Settings → Profile and Tagging → Reviewing option. Now, for what these settings are used?

Let's understand them one by one so that you can decide on the best possible setting options you must apply to meet your requirements.

Facebook tagging review options The post review option enables you to decide if the tagged posts are allowed to appear on your timeline or not. If you reject a post, it may still appear on other places on Facebook except of course on your profile timeline. I always keep it on so that I can decide which tagged posts appear on my profile.

The second option indicated above is related to the review of tags. If someone tags you in a post, you can approve or disapprove of the tag. It's a filter that enables you to select which tags are applied.

Tagged Posts Visibility

Now that we're familiar with the tag reviewing options, let's move ahead and see how we can control the visbility of posts in which we are tagged. Go to Settings & Privacy → Settings → Profile and Tagging → Tagging option. Tagged posts visibility opions for a Facebook account There are once again two options in this section too. The first option lets you control who can see the tagged posts appearing on your profile.

And, the second one is all about limiting the viewers of a specific tagged posts at a granular level. This one can be used to tighten the visibility of a tagged post as per your exact requirements.

Timeline Posting and Sharing

This has 4 different options, but I'll focus on the two most important ones used by many users. To access it, go to Settings & Privacy → Settings → Profile and Tagging → Viewing and Sharing option.

Options to control posting and viewing on Facebook profile The first option is dead simple. Control who is allowed to post on your timeline. Use it carefully else you may annoy one of your close friends who want to post on your profile.

The second option enables you to limit the audience of posts published by others on your timeline. It can be handy in certain situations so you must think twice before fine-tuning its options.