13 Best Direct Advertising Marketplace For Bloggers

Vintage advertisement posterAdvertisements are one of the major sources of direct income for niche bloggers. Bloggers around the world leverage the prime space on their blogs by hosting paid advertisements. Grabbing direct advertisement deals is not easy for new bloggers. Generally, it is done in one of the two ways. Either you directly approach the advertisers and manage all the ad hosting mechanism yourself, or you sign up with specialized direct advertisement marketplace that handles all the related aspects in return of some fees. The latter approach is getting quite popular among bloggers nowadays as it saves you from running after advertisers and things are managed automatically behind the scenes. Here's a list of some popular direct advertising marketplaces for niche bloggers and publishers. Before you sign up for one of these marketplaces, I'll advise you to make sure you're already getting a decent volume of traffic on your website or blog. I'll put this figure to at least 500 visitors per day or at least 50,000 page views per month.

Buy Sell Ads LogoBuySellAds: It's one of the most popular advertising marketplaces for publishers. Some of the most popular niche blogs use its services and earn thousands of dollars per month. They take 25% of each ad sale for their service. Finding advertisers, bookkeeping, ad-hosting, and payments are all maintained by BSA.

Openx LogoOpenX Ad Exchange: OpenX is a popular ad-serving solution quite popular among publishers across the globe. Its ad marketplace gives you an opportunity to showcase prime space on your web site or blog for potential advertisers. The bidding and payment process is transparent powered by rock-solid OpenX ad-serving engine.

OIOpublisher LogoOIOpublisher Ad Marketplace: It's a premium WordPress plugin for managing direct ad sales. OIOpublisher's ad marketplace gives you an opportunity to grab deals with advertisers with no middleman in place. This essentially means that you don't have to pay any commission for each ad sale.

AdSella LogoAdSella: It's yet another direct advertising service that acts as a middleman between an advertiser and a publisher. You can sign up for a free AdSella account and can start earning money by grabbing ad deals from their ad marketplace. AdSella keeps a percentage of ad sales as a fee of their service. Payment is done on a weekly basis through PayPal.

VadPay LogoVadPay: It offers rich set of advertising opportunities for publishers and bloggers. VadPay keeps 25% of each ad sale as their fee. You can find large number of advertisers in various categories looking to buy prime ad space on high traffic web sites. Vadpay manages all ad hosting related activities through their servers.

AdOnion LogoAdOnion: With bi-weekly payments through PayPal or check, AdOnion is one more option for publishers and advertisers. Simply create a free account and follow the instructions. Potential advertisers automatically find your blog through categorized directory listings and buy ad space as per their requirement.

adMarketplace LogoadMarketplace: It's a premium advertising marketplace for publishers with more than 10,000 advertisers including some big names like Dell and Comcast. You must own a blog with decent traffic devoid of any crappy content to get any advertising deal from adMarketplace. Bidding is done for CPC ads on performance-based data. The more deals you grab, the more good ratings you get.

Chase Clicks LogoChase Clicks: As a publisher, you can choose two different types of advertising opportunities through 'Chase Clicks'. You can sign up either for CPC ads or for CPA ads. There are thousands of advertisers in both categories offering premium rates for deserving high traffic blogs and web sites.

Sekindo LogoSekindo: With thousands of advertisers, Sekindo is yet another popular advertising marketplace for bloggers. Simply sign up for a free account and paste ad code on your blog to start earning from day one. Payment system is flexible and transparent with lots of ad formats and configuration possibilities.

Komli Mobile LogoKomli Mobile: As the name suggests, Komli Mobile is ideal for mobile-based publishing platforms. You can sell ads for the mobile version of your web site or blog. With real-time analytics data, it's easy to track your ads performance. This service supports all major mobile smartphones and promises lucrative advertising deals for publishers.

Gourmet Ads LogoGourmet Ads: If you're a food blogger, this advertising marketplace is made just for you. With tons of advertising opportunities, you can make your food blog a hub for food and hospitality industry. Gourmet Ads offers flexible and lucrative CPM-based ad opportunities for publishers. Large 300x600 ad formats yields high CTR giving you more advertising deals again and again.

Puxee LogoPuxee: It is a simple and result-oriented advertising marketplace for publishers. With a fixed 30-day ad rotating system and flexible ad formats, publishers can leverage the prime space on their blogs to the fullest. Puxee keeps 25% of each ad sale for providing their infrastructure and services. All payment are done through PayPal's secure payment system.

SMarT Adx LogoSMarT Adx: It is one of the premium ad marketplaces for publishers who own high traffic blogs. Only manually approved web sites are placed in the marketplace to keep the quality high giving maximum returns both to the advertisers and publishers. Its reliable ad-serving engine caters large number of ad impressions without any hassle. Payments can be received either through wire, check or PayPal.