10 Best Social Media Plugins For Drupal

Social media iconsDrupal is one of the popular content management systems used by large number of website owners. You can create a fairly complex website through Drupal. No content management system is complete without extensions and plugins that add more power to the website. These plugins fall into different categories and extend the existing features in different ways. If you're looking to integrate more social media features into your Drupal-powered website, here's a collection of 10 best social media plugins.

Facebook Like Button - It's a configurable plugin to add 'Facebook Like' features to your website. You can choose the size, language, and different typographical attributes to configure this plugin to suit best for your existing theme.

Disqus - If you want to add a powerful 3rd-party comment system on your website, this plugin is your best bet. It integrates Disqus comment system with all the powerful features like threaded comments, single sign-on, and comment RSS subscription.

SexyBookmarks - It's a popular bookmarking plugin used by thousands of bloggers across the globe. You can easily embed this animated social media bookmarking plugin at your desired location within your theme. It supports all popular social media services and you can configure the selective services as per your needs.

Facebook Subscribe Button - This awesome plugin lets your website visitors subscribe to your Facebook profile's public updates. You can configure this plugin in compact as well as in standard mode. Optionally, you can also activate profile thumbnails of the subscribers.

Creative Commons - This handy plugin lets you assign creative commons license to your website's content. You can choose different license types for each category of content and can also place the license information at your desired location.

Website Toolbar - It's a very useful plugin that renders a handy vertical toolbar on your website containing useful links. Apart from top and bottom navigation links, it also includes social media buttons as well as integrated Google search button.

Share Buttons (AddToAny) by Lockerz - This plugin adds a flexible social sharing widget to your website and lets users share content on Google+, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter and many more services. You can easily add it to the desired node on your website's theme.

Shorten URLs - If you want to integrate a robust URL shortening service right on your website, then this plugin can provide you the same very easily. It supports more than a dozen popular URL shortening services and consumes very less web server resources.

Facebook-style Statuses (Microblog) - This is one of my favorite Drupal plugins that integrates Facebook-style updates. It has built-in support of @mentions and #hashtags that makes it quite robust and powerful plugin. It also updates itself rendering new updates without any need for whole web page refresh.

Your social media presence On The Web - This great plugin lets you embed various social media and RSS icons in a separate section in your sidebar. You can configure the links to your social media profiles for each icon.