10 Best and Powerful Help Desk Software

A keyboard with help engraved on itWhether you're running a small business or a large enterprise, customer service is one of the primary business processes that are vital for the existence of the company and the well-being of the customer base. Depending on the type of business, custom help desk systems are implemented by businesses. If you have a geographically dispersed customer base and want to implement a robust online help desk system on a limited budget, you must use one of the software presented here. They are used by a large number of users across the world and include lots of features to run your help desk system efficiently. Each of the help desk applications does not need any kind of special training and one can get started with them, instantly. Each of these applications can support thousands and thousands of clients with multi-user support to ensure you can easily provide timely help to the seekers. Do once test and check all of these unique applications to see which help desk system suits your business needs to the fullest.

A keyboard with help engraved on it Few of these applications can be self-hosted, but most of them are available as an online service relieving you from the maintenance work. The latter option should be given preference for minimum hassle.

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All of the help desk solutions listed below are hand-picked and are thoroughly researched. Make sure you compare the features and options of all these applications before selecting one for your business.

HESK Help Desk SoftwareHESK Help Desk: It is a web-based help desk system powered by PHP and a back-end database. Hesk provides a free version that includes a ticket support system with different levels of priority. Customers can submit tickets along with attachments through Hesk. They can even rate support staff responses. Email notifications from both ends work seamlessly for a speedy solution to the issue.

Spiceworks Help Desk SoftwareSpiceworks Help Desk: This is an excellent technical help desk system for IT professionals and similar companies. Users can submit tickets via the web interface or directly through their email. Multiple users can maintain this help desk system easily through dedicated control panels. Powerful internal search in this system lets support staff mine relevant customer tickets easily. It is ideal for businesses selling computer products or companies offering IT-based services.

NeuQs Help Desk SoftwareNeuQs Help Desk: This is a powerful suite for customer service and related tasks. NeuQs uses .NET Framework and Microsoft Silverlight to power the entire system. It has an automated priority-based ticket system for reporting incidents and issues. With comprehensive audit trail and event logs, administrators are assured that no ticket is left unanswered or is resolved slowly. This help desk system is also ideal for IT-based processes.

Revelation Help Desk SoftwareRevelation Help Desk: The free version of this help desk system supports up to 5 support staff with a single installation. There's no time limit or restriction on the free edition and you can run a small to medium-sized customer support system with a minimum budget. It is a web-based system with different levels of user accounts and a powerful ticket management module. An integrated email notification system ensures things are done as fast as possible.

SysAid IT Desk SoftwareSysAid IT Help Desk: This help desk system is ideal for businesses looking to implement a customer-based service request system. Users can submit their requests through the online web interface and can track their request's progress. Automated escalation matrix ensures that support ticket is transferred to senior staff in case it is not resolved in time. You can also create multiple custom reports to analyze the performance of the entire system.

HelpDesk software logoHelpDesk: It is more than a help desk system and is ideal for medium-sized businesses to implement help desk, asset management, and purchase management systems. It is completely web-based and includes tickets for incident reporting. The free edition supports up to 25 desks which is enough to power a medium-sized support system. It also includes a custom reporting module for customers' data as well as for analyzing support staff performance.

Web Help DeskWeb Help Desk: This is a robust web-based incident tracking system and is ideal for technical support business processes. It can run both on Windows and Linux systems and supports a wide range of popular database management systems for back-end databases. Its powerful two-way email notification system and the priority-based ticket system make it one of the best free help desk systems.

Freshdesk help desk softwareFreshdesk: It's an all-in-one suite to provide help and customer support to your customers. A highly flexible ticketing system enables you to granularly control both the agents and the ticket escalation. Canned response ensures you can automate different common scenarios. Ticket linking and parent-child ticket relationship help in tracking and solving a complex issue spread over multiple threads and time durations.

Kayako help desk softwareKayako: You can create a complete self-service help center for your customers through this software. Third-party integrations help you extend and enhance your existing help desk system. Complete history management lets you peek into a customer's history at a click of a button. You also get a live chat feature to capture prospects on your business website. A rich and flexible reporting system enables you to easily analyze and deduce data associated with your customers.

Raiseaticket help desk softwareRaiseaticket: As the name suggests, this help desk software is all about a feature-packed ticketing system for your customers and clients. Multiple agent teams support enables you to segregate your help workforce into different categories. A real-time notification system and support for 3rd party apps make your help desk system agile and responsive. You must give this flexible help desk system a try.