8 Best Plugins To Make Your WordPress Blog Printer-Friendly

Whether you run a professional blog, business blog or a personal blog - making it visitor-friendly is one of your priorities. This results in the implementation of several key features like clean navigation, custom themes, and easy bookmarking options. Often we pay attention to all these details but forget to implement one of the most important features that make content sharing and usability easier. This feature is more popular on business and food blogs. Yes, we are talking about adding print functionality to the WordPress blog. Adding such functionality is very easy through some awesome plugins made solely for this purpose. So let's get started with a list of some popular plugins for WordPress to add robust and reliable print functionality for your content.

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Print Friendly and PDF Button - This is one of my favorite plugins to add the print support to your WordPress blog. One of the co-authors of this plugin is Joost de Valk, who is well known for his popular SEO plugins. This plugin not only adds general print support but also lets you convert the post in a well-formatted PDF file. You can completely customize the print output and can also remove multimedia elements from the post before you send it to the printing device.

PrintWhatYouLike - Like any other quality print-support plugin, this plugin has all the features that make it a robust and feature-packed printing plugin. While formatting the content for printing, you can even undo the editing task to get the original post format. Like the previous plugin, this one also supports content conversion in PDF format. You can configure the type and placement of print button as per your requirements.

Print me! - This plugin do what it says. It adds a simple print button to the every blog post that shows the entire content in printer-friendly mode. You can customize the placement of print button through a handy shortcode. Its print button can also be embedded in custom post types without any difficulty. Advanced users can also use a handy PHP function to embed the button at almost any place within your blog's theme. It's one of the lightweight print plugins for WordPress users.

Print Button Shortcode - This plugin is made for power users who want to provide custom print functionality to their visitors. You can use [print-button] shortcode wherever you want to render the print button as per your requirements. This plugin is quite flexible in printing selective regions in a webpage. You can mention the div elements within the shortcode so that this plugin prints only those div elements.

CleanPrint - This is an extremely flexible plugin with lots of options to configure it as per your needs. You can place the print buttons at different locations on top and bottom of blog posts. Apart from regular print & PDF conversion functionality, you can also forward the blog post to several popular email services directly from within the web page. Before giving the print command, you can format the content through a pop up editor with basic editing tools. Over all, it's a powerful and user-friendly printing plugin for WordPress blogs.

WP Print Friendly - This is yet another printing plugin with some unique features. You can configure different print templates for standard posts, pages and custom posts (if any). This ensures that you give the most optimized printed version for each piece of content. This plugin automatically adds more legible URLs to the printed pages for better readability.

WordPress Print This Section - As the name implies, this handy printing plugin lets you add support for printing specific sections of your blog posts. It's very flexible and works efficiently without any hiccups. I would say that this plugin is minimalistic, powerful and extremely reliable. I'll recommend this plugin for professional as well as personal bloggers.

WP-Print - This flexible plugin lets you define print styles with ease through dedicated CSS files. You can embed print option either through PHP call or use can use the shortcode directly within the blog post. You can also use a special shortcode for excluding selective sections of a post from the print output. This plugin has a large user base and it works very well with almost every WordPress theme.