5 Best Plugins to Make Your WordPress Blog Printer-Friendly

An inkjet printer on a tableWhether you run a professional blog, a business blog, or a personal blog—making it visitor-friendly should be one of your priorities. This approach results in the implementation of several key features like clean navigation, custom themes, and easy bookmarking options. Often we pay attention to all of these details but forget to implement one of the most important features that make content sharing and usability, easier. This feature is more popular on business and food blogs. Yes, we are talking about adding print functionality to the WordPress blog. Adding such functionality is very easy through some awesome plugins made solely for this purpose. They're made for the technically challenged who quickly want to add a print button to the blog posts. Most of these plugins do not require or require very minimal configuration to work. So, let's get started with a list of some of the popular plugins for WordPress to add user-friendly print functionality for your content on both posts and pages.

An inkjet printer on a table Do test the plugin output on a real printer instead of diverting it to a PDF output. The result on a paper may look completely different from that in a PDF file. If possible, ask some of your friends to test it.

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If your blog posts include lots of big images, I'll recommend giving it a second thought as it may consume a lot of ink from the visitors' printers and they may not like it at all. So, here we go!

Print, PDF, Email by PrintFriendly

Print Friendly plugin for WordPress Print Friendly plugin is one of my favorite plugins to add print support to your WordPress blog. One of the co-authors of this plugin is Joost de Valk, who is well known for his popular SEO plugins.

This plugin not only adds general print support but also lets you convert the post into a well-formatted PDF file. You can completely customize the print output and can also remove multimedia elements from the post before you send it to the printing device.


Print-O-Matic printing plugin for WordPress Print-O-Matic is yet another popular plugin to add print functionality to your blog posts—with ease. You can add the print button to both pages and posts through a simple shortcode.

The shortcode itself has plenty of options to customize the print function as per your exact needs. Power users can use custom CSS for the print output. You can also specify the elements to be excluded in the print. Customization of the print icon is also available to gel it with your blog's theme.

Print My Blog – Print, PDF, & eBook Converter WordPress Plugin

Print my Blog plugin for WordPress Print My Blog plugin's name itself explains what it is all about. Add it to your blog and you're ready with a handy print facility for your visitors. It is an actively maintained plugin with a decent user base.

Users can print individual posts as well as go with a bulk printing session to print multiple posts in one go. You can easily exclude the page elements you do not want in the print copy. One can also send the post content to a PDF file or create an eBook. Customization options enable you to format the output.


WP-Print plugin for WordPress WP-Print plugin lets you define print styles with ease through dedicated CSS files. You can embed the print option either through PHP call or use can use the shortcode directly within the blog post.

You can also use a special shortcode for excluding selective sections of a post from the print output. This plugin has a large user base and it works very well with almost every WordPress theme. The developer of this plugin actively maintains it during his spare time and keeps it updated without any fail.

Print Page – Gutenberg Print Page Block

Print Page printing plugin for WordPress Print Page plugin is best-suited for bloggers who're using Gutenberg block editor. Through this plugin, you can either print an entire page or can select a part of it to send it to the print output.

It's easy to configure and leaves a light footprint on your blog's pages. The rendered print button is nice and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Its block settings are easily accessible from the right sidebar which can be used to tweak some of its options. Bloggers using block editor can rely on this printing plugin.