7 Twitter Contact Forms To Report Miscellaneous Violations

With massive user-base, Twitter is among the top five social media platforms growing strongly over these years. Almost every social network users face some common problems like spam, copyright violation, and impersonation. Initially, nobody ever thought that a micro-blogging platform will face similar kind of issues. But things change very quickly nowadays. Soon after its launch, Twitter was a target of spammers and trolls. If you're facing such issues, you can take advantage of Twitter's excellent support system that provides various channels to report such type of violations. So let's get started and explore all the available options that help in keeping this popular micro-blogging platform secure and clean.

Reporting Twitter violations

Impersonation - Sometimes we are targeted by our business rivals, enemies or by trolls through impersonation. This involves creating a similar account as yours and interacting with rest of the world as YOU. You can easily imagine the negative implications of conducting such act by your enemies. It can damage your reputation almost instantly. If you're experiencing something similar, you can report it through this form made specifically for people targeted through impersonation.

Trademarks - It's one of the most common yet complicated problem found almost on every communication channel. Whether it's the illegal use of Trademark held by you, or you just want to report illegal use of someone else's trademark as a neutral observer, this form is made just for these kinds of situations. Make sure you never misuse this option; else you may land in trouble (lawsuit from the affected Twitter account holder) for reporting false trademark violations.

DMCA copyright - Scrapping and content theft is prevalent on internet. No online publishing medium is free from it. It's often noted that sometimes copyrighted images and multimedia content is distributed on Twitter illegally through automated software through shortened links. Generally, these accounts are created in bulk and copyright content is distributed without any prior permission from the copyright holder. You can report such copyright violations very easily and quickly through this DMCA form on Twitter help center.

Harassment - Trolling is common nowadays and good numbers of people are targeted by trolls on daily basis. If you're an active social media user, sooner or later you may encounter such situation. This includes posting of abusive messages about you, or leaking your private information publicly and giving direct threats to you. If you find some Twitter account doing the same against you, you can directly report it to Twiter through this harassment reporting form. It just takes few minutes to fill the required information and action is taken as soon as possible if the reported information is found correct.

Reporting spam - Have you ever received unsolicited and cryptic tweets containing affiliate links to scam products? This is one of the major problems existent on Twitter. Spammers use Twitter's advanced search and send automated spam tweets to innocent victims without their permission. Fortunately, you can not only block such spammers directly from within most Twitter applications, but can also report such activities through this useful spam reporting form.

Reporting hacked or compromised account - There are countless hackers lurking out on the internet and no one is safe from them unless we take precautionary measures to deter them. Unfortunately, even after taking all the necessary steps, sometimes our accounts are compromised and are overtaken by seasoned hackers. If you think your Twitter account is hacked or overtaken by somebody else, you can use this hacking reporting form to get back your account.

Report self-harm - It is often observed that people going under severe mental imbalance due to various reasons exhibit suicidal tendencies that are sometimes reflected in their posts on various social media networks. If you're observing such kind on tweets from a particular account, you must inform Twitter about it through this self-harm reporting form so that any mishap can be averted preemptively.