5 Useful Peripheral Devices For A Business PC

A typical business PC (branded or assembled) comes with a limited number of peripheral devices bundled with the entire unit. If you're going for a branded version, you may customize a model directly on company's online store to add required peripheral devices. In such cases, the choice of peripheral components is very limited. On the other hand, if you're buying an assembled PC, you have complete freedom to choose from a large number and different kinds of peripheral devices. Sometimes, we get confused when it comes to adding these components to our computer system. One should not only exclude the unnecessary peripheral devices but should also make sure that the most essentials ones are included on your list. Here're some of the best and useful peripheral devices that are essential for every business PC.

Computer peripheral devices

All-in-one laser printer - It is one of the most essential peripheral devices for a business PC. Instead of buying different devices like scanner and fax machine separately, it's always a wise decision to buy an all-in-one device that includes a printer, fax, and scanner as a single unit. This move not only saves space on your computer table but also keeps your pockets in a healthy state. Remember; always go for a laser printer as it is durable, long lasting with good print quality.

All-in-one multimedia card reader - With the advent of technology different kinds of small flash-based storage devices are coming on the market. These devices include thumb drives and different types of miniature data cards used in other digital devices like camera or smartphones. You must include a robust multimedia card reader to transfer your important data to and fro from these storage devices.

A powerful webcam - If you regularly interact with your clients or hold webinars, a good webcam is a must for the basic video-conferencing facility. Webcams come in different configurations and mostly differ in the resolution and the features in the supporting software. If you're looking for a decent webcam, anything less than 5MP is not considered good for professional video conferencing. Make sure your webcam comes with a configurable mount stand so that you can fix and adjust it anywhere you want.

Wi-Fi modem - This component is often ignored while purchasing a new computer system. In today's business environment more and more Wi-Fi networks are popping up both in companies as well as in homes. If you're PC is not equipped with a good Wi-Fi modem you cannot take advantage of this useful data transfer technology. While purchasing this modem, you have to select from one of the two common options. Either you can purchase a Wi-Fi modem card that integrates with your motherboard or you can opt for an external modem as a standalone device.

External storage solution - Business PCs store very critical and important data whose loss may cost you big money. Generally, people install an additional hard drive or regularly take backups on DVDs. But an external backup system can give you peace of mind if implemented correctly. You can either go for external zip drives, or you can purchase high capacity drive bays with RAID facility to archive massive amount of data from your business PC.

Note: We've not included mouse, keyboard, CD/DVD drives, headphone and speakers in this list as they're so common and almost always included in the basic PC configuration.