8 Best Sticky Notes Applications For Android Users

Sticky notes application is one of the most essential apps for any smartphone user. No matter what you do, at times you may feel the need to create sticky notes on your smartphone device while you're on the go. They are easy to use and help you in increasing your productivity. Popular smartphone platforms like Android and iPhone have lots of using sticky notes applications with unique and extremely useful features. Different sticky notes applications work in different ways. Some are in widgetized form with the support of drag 'n' drop sticky notes on the home screen, while others provide notes functionality from within the application's interface. Let's see some of the best and useful sticky notes applications for Android platform.

Mobisle Notes Android appMobisle Notes - Notepad: This is one of my favorite sticky notes applications that includes a feature-packed notepad with lots of useful customizations. It has a powerful notes organizer with folder and password protection. It also lets multiple users collaborate on the single note entry that also includes intelligent note syncing across multiple Android devices. You can also create smart checklists with integrated reminders through this awesome application.

Quick Note Android appQuick Note Widget: This powerful sticky note application is loaded with tons of features. You can create dozens of different types of sticky notes that vary in size, shape, color and text font. Through this application, you can also export all your notes instantly through email or SMS. If you have a Dropbox account, you can upload all your sticky notes to this cloud service very easily. You can even apply transparent, texture and various other effects to your sticky notes.

Sticky Notes Live Wallpaper Android appSticky Notes Live Wallpaper: This intuitive application presents a new way to use sticky notes. It uses an animated wallpaper to display floating sticky notes on your smartphone. At one time, you can display up to 5 important sticky notes on your wallpaper from the database. This application is ideal for people who want to keep the most important reminders right on their home screen. You can also install different themes to get the best sticky notes visualization.

Sticky Note Cork&Orc Android appSticky Note Cork&Orc: This is yet another feature-packed sticky note application for freelancers and students. Whenever you create a sticky note on this app, it is saved automatically and instantly. You can use different colors and sizes for creating custom sticky notes that suits your needs. If the note is longer than your smartphone's screen, its smooth scrolling technology lets you go up and down through whole sticky note very easily.

Pesoguin Memo Pad Android appPesoguin Memo Pad: This application has one of the most beautiful interfaces among so many other sticky notes apps. I've used it regularly and found it extremely addictive and at the same time productive as well. It had a home widget that helps in creating new sticky notes quickly and easily. You can also personalize the widget to append additional note creating options to the widget. Its cool illustration based sticky notes make it one of the gorgeous Android applications.

Cute! memo appCute Memo: This is one of the sticky notes apps that will be loved by all age groups. You can select up to 5 different designs for sticky notes and can use freehand writing to creating visually appealing sticky notes. You can use lots of different colors for each design. This app supports a customizable widget for quick access to your notes which includes pasting of newly created notes on your smartphone's home screen.

Clear Note Widget Android appClear Note Widget: This is a lightweight and powerful sticky note application with lots of features. You can not only create different types of notes but can also protect them through strong encryption and passwords. You can apply various effects to each sticky note like a custom background, transparency and each one of them can differ in size and color. I must say this application is fastest among all and doesn't consume much system resources.

Call Reminder Notes Android appCall Reminder Notes: If you regularly receive lots of business calls, you're going to love this useful application. You can attach a sticky note to each phone number that is displayed as a reminder as soon as the number rings on your phone. Once you receive the call, the sticky reminder note is automatically deleted. If required, you can let the sticky reminder note intact even if you cancel or reject the call. It is available in 8 different languages for users across the world.