5 Best Sticky Notes Applications for Android Users

Sticky notes on a wall

The sticky notes application is one of the most essential apps for any smartphone user. No matter what you do, at times you may feel the need to create sticky notes on your smartphone—while you're on the go. These apps are easy to use and help you in increasing your productivity. Different sticky note applications work in different ways. Some are in widgetized form with drag-n-drop support on the home screen while others provide note functionality from within the application's interface. Let's see some of the best and most useful sticky note apps for the Android platform. Some of them are available for iOS.

Sticky notes on a wall

I prefer apps that allow easy pinning of notes on the home screen. But, in the end, it's just a matter of preference. If you don't like such type of clutter on the home screen, you can omit it altogether.

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Some of these apps have their desktop equivalents too. If their premium version supports the use of both platforms, I'll strongly suggest going with it instead of picking just the mobile version.

Pesoguin Memo Pad Penguin note app for Android

Pesoguin Memo Pad - This application has one of the most beautiful interfaces among so many other sticky note apps. I've used it regularly and found it extremely addictive and at the same time productive as well.

It had a home widget that helps in creating new sticky notes quickly and easily. You can also personalize the widget to append additional note-creating options to the widget. Its cool illustration-based sticky notes make it one of the gorgeous Android applications.

ColorNote Notepad Notes

ColorNote Notepad Notes - The name itself tells you you're going to get a colorful note-making app. It's one of the best apps for making different types of lists. It has an excellent reminder system for saved notes.

You can save your notes on both local storage and remote cloud storage. Using the latter option ensures you can access your notes on any device. You can take notes on a calendar to get easy reminders on specific dates. It's a must-try note-taking app.

Sticky Notes! app for Android

Sticky Notes! - It has one of the coolest interfaces without any clutter. With swipe action, you can quickly navigate within a collection of notes. Several good themes are available to personalize this app as per your preferences.

Widgets for both the home screen and lock screen enable you to add notes to these places for easy and quick access. Text customization ensures you can choose your preferred font and its size. Labels can be used to filter your sticky notes.

Floating notes app

Floating Notes - AS the name implies, the notes created through this app are quite flexible when it comes to placing them on the screen. You can even minimize them to the edge of the screen in the form of icons.

You can also change the transparency of notes along with color customization. If you're editing a long note, a full-screen editing window enables you to do text corrections and additions—with ease. It's lightweight and works on older Android versions too.

Post-it sticky notes app

Post-it - It's a powerful note-capturing and editing application with the support of exporting them to popular productivity applications. You can easily transcribe notes through handwriting recognition while capturing them.

You can customize and appearance and text of your notes through powerful editing tools. You can also group and organize your notes in a grid for easy access and viewing. A widget enables you to put notes on your smartphone's home screen.