10 Best Feed Management Plugins for WordPress

Chart and graph on a whiteboardOne of the advantages of running a WordPress blog is your ability to distribute content to the readers through various forms of RSS feeds. The default RSS feeds available after installing a WordPress blog are good enough for basic content syndication. But, if you want to extend or enhance them, you can use various useful plugins made specifically to manage these feeds. Some of these plugins present some unique and intuitive ways to modify the default feed for specialized usage in different circumstances. Some of these feed management plugins help you incorporate extremely essential and common enhancements that are used by a large number of bloggers. It's up to you to decide that which of these plugins are essential for your blog and more importantly for your target audience. Let's see how we can enhance and pimp up our blog feeds through these useful feed management plugins.

Simple Feed Sorter PluginSimple Feed Sorter - This powerful feed management plugin lets you merge different types of RSS feeds into a single stream to offer more rich and information packed subscription option to your readers. It is ideal for bloggers who want to merge different sections of their content for specific subscribers. You can customize the look 'n' feel of your feed from within the plugin. This includes its appearance as well as in-feed elements like author name, icon and post date. It provides you with a handy shortcode to embed to custom feed anywhere on the blog in an easy way.

Simple Feed Copyright PluginSimple Feed Copyright - Large number of bloggers and webmasters use this kind of plugin to protect their content from scrappers as well as for announcing their copyright in an effective way. This handy plugin adds a copyright notice at the end of each blog post in your RSS feed. To make it work correctly, you must ensure that you're offering full content feeds to the subscribers. It also adds the link back to the original article on your blog. This plugin acts as a deterrent for a lot of content thieves and also shows that your blog is the original source of the syndicated content.

Only Pages in Feed PluginOnly Pages in Feed - In some cases when you're either offering premium content to your paid subscribers or you're using WordPress as a content management system, you may want to offer a special feed comprising only content from pages on your blog. This plugin exactly does that. Once activated, it simply excludes all posts from the default feed and replaces them with all the published pages on your blog. At a later stage, if you want to revert to the default feed format, simply uninstall this plugin. There is no need for any kind of complex configuration to use the plugin.

Pages and Posts in Feed PluginPages and Posts in Feed - This plugin works just the opposite of the plugin mentioned above. We all know that the default WordPress feed comprises of all the blog posts. But this plugin modifies it and also includes all the pages along with all the published posts. This enriches your existing feed and lets you distribute selective content to the subscribers along with the regular content. Bloggers often use this plugin to deliver select product reviews or offers that they normally do not want to post directly on their blog. Removing it changes the feed to the default format.

RSS Feed widget pluginRSS Feed Widget - If you want to showcase your blog feed in the form of a widget, this plugin is an ideal solution for the same. You can insert this widget in any widgetized area of the theme. Various customization controls can help you in fine-tuning the content and design of the widget as per your preferences. The widget can also be used in the form of a feed entry slider which showcases multiple entries in the form of a miniature carousel. Feed sorting feature is also included to enable display of post entries in the desired way.

FEEDZY RSS Feeds PluginFEEDZY RSS Feeds - This is yet another feature-packed RSS management plugin for WordPress users. You can add multiple feeds in a single section for displaying different types of content. The feed display section is responsive and adapts nicely on smaller devices. Availability of shortcodes and widgets ensures you can display multiple feed sections on a single web page. For advanced users, it also provides several hooks to customize the feed content. It can also utilize the caching system implemented on the site for best performance and results.

Native RSS PluginNative RSS - This plugin is very useful for bloggers publishing content in languages other than English. This plugin smartly detects the default language your WordPress installation is using and replaces the feed's English tags with that language. This helps your blog in two different ways. First, readers can easily discover your feed and secondly, it also helps search engines, in correctly displaying your posts to the targeted audience in an effective way. Multilingual bloggers will find this plugin extremely helpful in delivering more language-aware feed to their targeted audience.

TentBlogger Add RSS Footer PluginTentBlogger Add RSS Footer - This is a must-have plugin for every professional blogger. It allows you to add a custom footer beneath every blog post in your blog's RSS feed. This means that you can not only append copyright notices but can also include custom links or content as per your requirement. Bloggers often use it to insert affiliate ads or custom related content links to divert feed subscribers back to their blogs. This plugin automatically adds a link back to the original post to deter any kind of content theft. You can also use it to distribute or sell your digital downloads.

WP RSS Aggregator PluginWP RSS Aggregator - Bloggers can use this plugin to easily import and merge several feeds from within their dashboard. Once imported, the resulting feed is sorted on the basis of publishing date irrespective of the number of different feeds it contains. This custom feed can be easily used to provide select content to your audience. The plugin uses a caching mechanism for fast delivery of the feed content. To deliver the feed, you can either use a function call or can use a custom shortcode provided by the plugin. You can use it to merge select category feeds.

Super RSS Reader PluginSuper RSS Reader - This plugin has a large user base since it provides several configurable options to showcase and syndicate your blog feed in different formats. If you're not comfortable with HTML & CSS but still want to display your blog feed in an attractive way, this plugin is your best bet. It lets you customize the look 'n' feel of the displayed feed very easily that greatly helps in more visitor engagement. All the styles available within the plugin can be further customized to match with your blog's theme. Whether it's a news ticker style or a tabbed feed displaying widget, this plugin provides ample options to choose from.