6 Best Ways to Start Blogging On An iPad

BlogPress blogging app for iPadAs more and more bloggers are using tablets to perform their routine blogging tasks, good blogging apps are now a necessity for the blogging community. Since iPad is one of the most widely used tablets across the world, a good blogging app is a must to manage your blog effectively. Fortunately, there are several good blogging apps for iPad to let you publish across multiple platforms with ease. These apps are easy-to-use and have tons of features to publish content with minimum hassle right from your iPad. Whether you're using WordPress, Blogger or some other blogging platform, almost all of these apps support these platforms giving you the flexibility to choose your preferred blogging engine for publishing content through an iPad. Let's see the features and options available within these powerful iPad blogging apps.

BlogPress blogging app for iPad BlogPress - This is yet another widely used blogging app that not only works well on an iPad but can also be used on an iPhone. It has several unique and useful features that may help you publish your content in an easy way. The interface is nice and clean and requires minimal taps to complete the most common tasks. Like other blogging apps, this one also supports almost all popular blogging platforms. I've found this app extremely good for Blogger platform. Let's check out some of its prominent features that makes it such a flexible, intuitive and user-friendly blogging app.

  • Powerful post editor - Its WYSIWYG post formatting allows you to create rich text posts with photos and videos fairly easily. Embedding photos within posts is very easy through this app's post editor.
  • Post to many - This unique feature allows you to publish a single post to multiple blogging platforms in one go. This essentially means that you can easily manage multiple blogs through this app.
  • Embed custom smileys - You can insert hundreds of custom smileys within your post content with a tap of a button. This helps you narrate your story more effectively to your readers.
  • Draft preview & auto saving - Tablets and mobile users often complain about losing their content as the app does not save the draft automatically. Fortunately, this app not only save your drafts automatically but also lets you preview them before publishing.

BlogPad Pro blogging app for iPad BlogPad Pro - This blogging app has one of the best interfaces with handy buttons and controls to manage your routine blog related tasks. You can manage both hosted and self-hosted WordPress blogs through this slick app. Unlike other apps that may crash if too many blogs are managed at the same time, this one runs smoothly without any glitch. Some of its features are not found in other blogging apps which makes it stand apart from the rest. In simple words, this app is worth the money as it will equip you with a potent weapon to let you blog easily while on the move.

  • Offline editing & syncing - If your iPad does not have an active internet connection, you can still use this app to compose your posts in offline mode. Once connected, it automatically syncs and publishes the generated content.
  • WYSIWYG editor - Its rich text editor supports WYSIWYG feature that allows easy formatting of content. If you align and float multiple images and videos in a single post, its editor lets you visualize it exactly it will appear on the web page.
  • Complete comment moderation - This useful feature lets you reply, edit, moderate all your blog comments easily from your iPad. If you regularly receive lot of comments on your blog, then this app can be a boon for you.
  • Manage media library - WordPress media library is the central point of managing all your photo and video uploads. Fortunately, this app lets you access and manage media library through a user-friendly interface.

BlogGo blogging app for iPad BlogGo - If you have a blog on Google's Blogger platform, then this app can help you manage it smoothly on your iPad. It's specifically made for blogger blogs with killer features. It's regularly updated with improvements and new features. The color scheme and the look & feel of this app closely resemble with the desktop blogger dashboard giving you a homely feeling. Apart from iPad, you can also use this excellent blogging app for iPhone and iPod Touch. This app's developer provides support 24/7 through email. Let's see some of the useful features of this app.

  • Voice dictation support - This app uses Apple's voice dictation feature to let you compose posts through voice. This way, you can publish lot of content in a limited time.
  • WYSIWYG editor - Every good blogging app supports rich text editor and this one includes that too. You can create nicely formatted blogger posts through its editor.
  • Manage and schedule drafts - You can not only edit, modify and create new blogger drafts through this app, but can also schedule them very easily to publish your content at a convenient time.
  • Comment management - It supports moderation of native blogger comments. This includes, managing spam, replying and deleting comments.

Byword blogging app for iPad Byword - This minimal and powerful text editing app has integrated blog publishing support making it one of the strong candidates in this list. Its rich text editing capabilities help you in writing long-form content without getting distracted. Its full-screen mode hides all the options and controls giving you enough space to concentrate on writing. It has lots of keyboard shortcuts and word count support to track your post progress. If you're not blogging, you can use this text editor to save your content on popular cloud storage services. Let's see some of its features.

  • Markdown support - You can either use plain text, HTML markup or can use Markdown syntax to format your blog posts. Its flexible editor lets you stylize the post content in your preferred way.
  • Multiple platform support - Every good blogging app supports popular blogging platforms and this one is no different. It supports publishing to Blogger, WordPress and many other widely used blogging engines.
  • Sync or export - Instead of scheduling your blog posts, you can either save your content on cloud storage or can export it in different file formats through this app.
  • Blazing fast - During test, I found this app extremely fast and light. This makes it one step ahead from its competitors.

Prose blogging app for iPad Prose - It's a full-fledged text editor with integrated blogging features. You can compose rich text articles within this editor and can push to your favorite blogging platform whether it's WordPress or Blogger. Its unique grid style post scanning interface lets you easily find the required post in quick time. You can edit both static pages as well as regular post drafts through this app. The interface is obvious and user-friendly with helpful prompts to guide you about common blogging tasks. Let's see some of the unique and intuitive features of this excellent blogging app.

  • Offline content editing - You can easily compose, edit and save your drafts in offline mode even when there's no active internet connection on your iPad.
  • Integrated social sharing - From within the app, you can easily share your blog content on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
  • WYSIWYG editor - It has one of the most powerful rich text editors available in blogging apps for iPad. You can compose rich text posts easily through its editor.
  • Publish to different platforms - This app lets you publish your posts both on Blogger and WordPress platforms. The developer is continuously adding support for more blogging engines.

Posts blogging app for iPad Posts - As the name implies, this blogging app gives you total control over posts on your blog. You can post to multiple platforms through this app. Its slick and dark interface is quite user-friendly and even a layman can publish his content without any hiccups. It has several good features that let you complete several important blogging tasks in offline mode. You can also create a new blog from scratch through this app. Its sliding menus help in monitoring multiple blogs with ease. Check out all the killer features this awesome blogging app has on offer for iPad users.

  • Manage multiple blogs - Do you own more than one WordPress or blogger blogs? This app lets you manage all of them through one interface.
  • Fast archive access - Its calendar based archive scanning lets you jump to specific post back in time so quickly. If you have lot of content in your archives, this app lets you access your old content with ease.
  • Offline writing & comment moderation - Apart from offline composing, this intuitive app also lets you moderate your blog comments in offline mode.
  • Powerful editor - No iPad blogging app is complete without a handy rich text post editor. This app's post editor is very flexible which allows embedding of photos and videos with a single tap.