How to Turn Your Website into an Android App

AppsGeyser - Tool to convert the site into android appGrowing at a rapid pace, Android has emerged as the top smartphone operating system with a huge user base. If you carefully analyze your website's historical web analytics data, you'll realize that mobile traffic is growing rapidly with each passing year. To compensate it, website owners go for a responsive design which caters the mobile visitors. Then what is the need to turning your website into a native mobile app? Well, one of the primary advantages is that your app content is guaranteed to render properly on each and every Android device. There are several good services and tools to convert your existing website or blog into a native Android app. A good number of these tools are either free or take a very low fee to turn a website into an Android app. Webmasters can test these tools for free before making a final decision.

AppsGeyser - Tool to convert site into android app AppsGeyser - This popular service can convert just about anything into an Android app. It's completely free and offers loads of features. The generated app works seamlessly across different devices without any glitch. Whether you have a static page website or a CMS powered blog, this app can convert both into an app within minutes. You can also use the network of this service to distribute and promote your app. And optionally, you can also monetize your website's Android app in a few easy steps. Here are some of its unique, intuitive, user-friendly and killer features.

  • HTML5 support - This feature allows you to create rich HTML5 animations and other advanced effects to provide pleasant browsing experience for your app readers.
  • Popup notifications - You can push custom notifications to the app to send the required message to the readers through popup prompts.
  • App creation without code - While converting your website into an Android app through this tool, you never need to write a single line of code.
  • Helpful support community - It has a large support community that can help you get started and can also suggest you improvements to get more out of your app.

AppYet tool to create Android apps AppYet - This is yet another popular service to convert your website into an Android app within minutes and that too without any programming knowledge. This tool is also free and is very much popular among website owners. Like other services, this one also lets you embed advertisements within your app to earn money while distributing it to the target audience. One can easily list their app in prominent Android marketplaces to invite installations. The app creation wizard is very user-friendly with helpful prompts. Following are some of its awesome features.

  • RSS, HTML5 and YouTube support - Apart from regular website URL, you can also use the RSS link to create an Android app through this tool. It also supports app creation for YouTube channels.
  • Optimized native code - The generated app code is highly optimized for speed and security. This way, Android devices with limited resources can also view your website smoothly.
  • Easy app creation process - Its app creation process is extremely easy and just takes few simple steps. All you need is to punch in relevant information and press the associated buttons.
  • Monetize your app - As mentioned earlier, inserting your own ads within your app is very easy. You can specify the type of ad you want and the placement within the app.

Appy Pie software to create Android apps Appy Pie - This powerful app building software can be used to create custom Android app based on your website or blog. It has tons of features that can be used to create a professional grade Android app for your website. You can not only integrate various popular third-party services while converting your website into an app but can also publish it automatically on various popular marketplaces. It's not just Android, but this software is capable of making an app that runs smoothly on other mobile platforms too. No coding knowledge is required to create apps from this tool.

  • Instant app updates - When you release a new version of your app, all the users automatically receive the new version without any delay. This ensures your audience is kept updated with the new features.
  • Integrated app analytics - Its powerful analytics integration allows you to analyze the traffic and users interacting with your Android app.
  • Drag & drop editor - Its intuitive drag & drop app editor lets even laymen build an Android app for his website by simple point and click actions.
  • Inbuilt social sharing - You can also integrate handy social sharing features within your app so that users can easily share your content on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

IdeaPress to convert WordPress site into Android app IdeaPress - As the name suggests, this excellent tool converts WordPress powered websites into Android apps. You never need to write a single line of code to create apps through this user-friendly tool. You can also create iPhone and Windows phone versions of your app to share your content on all these widely used mobile platforms. You can configure the design of your app to closely resemble with your existing website design. Once everything configured, this tool generates the app within minutes which can be easily downloaded for distribution. Let's check out its features.

  • WordPress plugin - This tool is also available as a plugin for WordPress platform that eases the app creation process.
  • Impressive design controls - Its app design control and options are very good and lets you make custom design quite easily.
  • Content selection - You can select the categories and posts that should be included in the app. This way you can create multiple versions of app serving different content published on your website.
  • Offline mode - Your app will store the content on the Android device facilitating offline browsing whenever there is no active internet connection.

Mobiloud tool for creating Android app Mobiloud - This excellent tool creates one of the finest interfaces of the Android apps. It offers all the professional features required to make your app, a must-have for your audience. You can use your branding and can customize the app design as per your requirements. While launching your app on the marketplaces, you can either go on your own or can ask this service to do it for you. Before using this tool, you can even preview your website as an Android app with a single click. It also offers a generic demo to get a fair idea of the tool's features and capabilities.

  • Branding & customization - If you're looking to use your own logo, banner and other branding options, this service lets you integrate it easily within the app.
  • Integrated analytics - Its detailed analytics module provide detailed reports about the app usage and traffic.
  • Push notifications - Through its impressive push notifications, users can instantly know about the availability of fresh content without even opening the app.
  • Social sharing - And last but not the least, through it flexible social sharing options, users can easily share it across different platforms with a single tap.

MobStac platform for creating Android apps MobStac - I'd recommend this service for power users who're technically sound and want complete control over app creation process. Publishers running their websites through popular content management systems can easily use this service since it offers seamless integration with most CMS options. It lets you host and develop your app in a cloud. The generated app code is optimized for speed through minification and compression. You can also design your app to perform seamlessly on tablet devices too. Following are some of the features of this useful app creation service.

  • Seamless integration with CMS - This powerful app creation tool has inbuilt support for integrating it tightly with popular content management systems like WordPress and Joomla.
  • Centralized content distribution - Through a unified interface, you can push both content and notifications for app users.
  • Analyze app usage - Its handy analytics module provide loads of traffic and usage data to understand how well your app is performing.
  • Templates & APIs - Developers can use its collection of templates and flexible API libraries to quickly deploy user friendly app.