10 Powerful Caching Solutions for WordPress Blogs

A collection of WordPress stickersA fast and easily navigable website is always loved by visitors. Webmasters use various techniques to speed up their sites. And, caching is one such option that effectively boosts the speed of most popular content management systems. Today, we're going to take a look at the some of the best caching options available for WordPress platform. Depending on your web server configuration, you can select the best one that takes advantage of the available server configuration to the maximum for killer performance. Most of the plugins mentioned here are easily configurable though few of them may require additional steps for taking advantage of the advanced options supported by them. I'll advise you once check the performance of each of these plugins in a test environment before actually using them on your blog.

A collection of WordPress stickers

Although advanced users can do powerful caching at the server level and that too without using any caching plugin, an average user should take the help of these plugins to get the best results.

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And, if your web host is providing a proprietary caching solution bundled with their hosting plan, do not hesitate to opt for that as it may give you better results than a plugin. Let's get started!

W3 Total Cache plugin for WordPress W3 Total Cache - This one is my personal favorite and is used by massive number of WordPress sites. This plugin is recommended by several popular web hosting companies which itself tell how popular is this plugin. If correctly configured, it can boost your site speed for up to ten times the normal speed. If you have a high traffic blog, this can save you a significant amount of bandwidth. It is compatible with all popular web server environments and just works out-of-the-box. Power users can use its WP-CLI support to manage caching actions through the command line.

WP Super Cache plugin for WordPress WP Super Cache - This is another extremely popular caching solution for WordPress powered sites. It efficiently produces static HTML files of the most visited content on your blog to reduce the latency of content serving. For logged in and comment leaving visitors, the plugin includes a fallback mechanism that handovers the caching functioning to the legacy system. The serving of cached files is done in three possible ways by the plugin and the best option is selected dynamically for best performance. It also includes effective cache garbage collection module.

WP_FFPC caching plugin for WordPress WP-FFPC - This plugin works with all popular web server configurations and supports both single and multisite WordPress installations. Advanced users can take advantage of its various flexible caching combinations to get an excellent speed boost for their high traffic sites. Its powerful regular expression based caching exclusion system lets you enable caching only for select parts of a large site. It is one of the most actively developed caching plugins by a team of talented developers. I'd recommend this plugin for WordPress sites using Nginx server environments.

WP Fastest Cache plugin for WordPress WP Fastest Cache - This is a no-nonsense and fast caching plugin that can be used even by a layman. Garbage collection is done automatically though administrators can override the actions to manually manage cached content. Through shortcodes, one can easily block caching of select posts and pages. It also includes complete support for SSL secured sites. In case, administrators want to disable caching for mobile traffic, they can do that too. It also supports minification of CSS and scripts to further enhance the site speed. This caching plugin is definitely worth trying.

AIP Cache performance plugin for WordPress AIO Cache & Performance - It's an all-in-one solution to speed up your WordPress site. Apart from caching it also do minification of static resources as well as other popular performance enhancement configurations. This way you get a blazing fast site no matter how big is the volume of traffic. Like other competitors, this plugin also works out-of-the-box and doesn't require you to fiddle with any complex settings. This plugin can transfer all JavaScript files to the footer of the page for best performance. It's know to perform seamlessly even on high traffic sites.

bodi0`s Easy cache plugin for WordPress bodi0`s Easy cache - This is yet another caching plugin that supports page caching that works effectively to speed up your WordPress site. It is available in several popular languages, so non-English speaking users can also use it easily. It is also compatible with various popular plugins and never creates any kind of conflicts to hinder the normal functioning of these plugins. All private or protected content is automatically excluded from caching. And, its automatic cache expiration time ensures the copies of all the cached content always remain fresh and accessible.

NGINX Cache Optimizer plugin for WordPress NGINX Cache Optimizer - All WordPress bloggers using Nginx as their web server can take advantage of this plugin as it is specially tuned for it. It can use both popular caching options available in Nginx environment. If your Nginx server meets the minimum requirements of this plugin, you can easily configure the caching system without messing with complex code. It is ideal for medium to high traffic WordPress sites. This plugin quietly works in the background updating the cache whenever your blog's content is updated. Do try this one with your Nginx server.

Cachify plugin for WordPress Cachify - Available in both German and English, this powerful caching plugin has the capability to make your WordPress site, a flyer. It can use and pick from one of the caching mechanisms supported by your web server. Multisite WordPress installations also run smoothly through this caching plugin. Custom post types can also be easily cached through this excellent solution. Caching resetting can be done in two ways. Either you can do it manually or you can let the plugin handle it automatically. It easily supports both Apache and Nginx web server environments.

Batcache plugin for WordPress Batcache - Apart from caching normal posts and pages, this plugin can also cache redirects. Through it, your multiple sites on different physical web servers can use one centralized storage. This plugin efficiently handles peak hours load when maximum concurrent connections are requested on the server. Cache garbage collection is also done automatically by the plugin. Repeat visitors are always served freshly cached content. Users have given it a high rating that clearly suggests how effective is this powerful caching plugin in speeding up a WordPress site.

Cache Enabler - WordPress Cache plugin Cache Enabler - WordPress Cache - This is yet another caching plugin with some unique features. It is focused on HTTP/2 and facilitates easy serving of WebP images without any dependency on JavaScript. It also supports expiry directive and 304 (Not Modified since last cached) page. It works seamlessly with both regular posts as well as with custom post types. It can also minify HTML markup and can inline critical JS code for speeding up page rendering. Bloggers can see the actual cache size on their dashboard. Do once give it a try.