12 Dead Simple Ways to Monitor Your Website Uptime

Website monitoring illustrationWebmasters often stress on keeping eyes of web server's internal health parameters. But, that's just half the story of running a successful website. It is possible that your web server is functioning absolutely fine but your website is still inaccessible to general visitors. That's where site uptime monitoring is so vital to avoid loss of business. Thankfully, there are several good free and premium services to accurately monitor your site's uptime. General users can easily take advantage of the free plans offered by these services. For custom features, you can opt for a premium plan that'll give you more control over uptime monitoring. You can test out each of these useful services to find out which one gives you the best results. Once activated, you can easily find out how good is your web hosting service claims of perpetual uptime.

Website monitoring illustration

While using a tool for checking website's uptime, do not expect 100% result. Almost all of the web servers had to undergo downtime due to several reasons. What matters is the duration of this downtime.

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Do not register with multiple uptime monitoring services. Test each one of them and stick with one to avoid any conflicting reports that may create confusion. So, let's get started!

Uptime Robot site monitoring service Uptime Robot - This is one of my preferred uptime monitoring services I use for my clients and for some of my websites. This free service allows you to monitor up to 50 sites and that too with a 5-minute interval. It provides various options to get instant alerts for downtime notifications. Advanced users can take advantage of its API to integrate the service notifications within their applications. It has a rich user-friendly dashboard to help users easily configure monitoring options. It shows both uptime and downtime in a graphical format to easily analyze server performance.

SiteUptime service to monitor website downtime SiteUptime - This reliable monitoring service gives several different options to monitor several site health parameters apart from offering basic uptime status. Its dual instant alert system notifies you both of downtime and uptime events. Its detailed statistics history facilities easy comparison of uptime data. You can also download the reports in your preferred format. Access to API empowers advanced users to take advantage of the service in their desired way. It offers a user-friendly control panel to easily manage and configure your website's monitoring settings.

Pingdom website monitoring with ease Pingdom - This is one of the most popular website monitoring services available for website owners. It offers a complete suite of several features for keeping eyes on complete website health. It has large numbers of monitoring servers distributed across the globe. It is also capable of generating formatted reports for easy analysis. General users can take advantage of its free plan to monitor the downtime of their websites. It also offers apps for iOS and Android to monitor your site while you're on the go. It is one of the most reliable uptime monitoring services for webmasters.

StatusCake to help you monitor site uptime StatusCake - This advanced uptime monitoring service avoids false positives about site downtime giving you more accurate information about the same. To ensure accurate reporting, real WebKit browser instances are used to test the site's accessibility. It can also monitor SSL secured sites and protected pages too. You can also specify maintenance windows in advance to avoid false positives. It also provides you with a live dashboard with constantly updating data to keep a close eye on your heavy traffic business website. You can also export website monitoring data with ease.

Uptrends all-in-one site monitoring Uptrends - This monitoring service has one of the coolest interfaces with easy-to-use controls and options. It is a full-fledged site monitoring service giving you several features to keep an eye on all the vital parameters of site health including uptime. One of its unique features is screenshot captures of actual errors visitors may see on visiting the site when it is down. This service has over 100 browser-based monitoring servers to continuously check the site's uptime. You can even start a visit simulation session to find all the bottlenecks in your website's navigation system.

Service Uptime for complete site monitoring Service Uptime - This uptime monitoring service offers both free and premium accounts with different sets of features. It has one of the most flexible monitoring interval options that can be customized as per your requirements. Advanced users can use webhooks to integrate alerting mechanism within their own apps. Users can be notified about downtime both through SMS and email. It can also monitor for dead or inaccessible links including uptime of email servers. Its free plan includes lifetime statistics retention for users' benefit to analyze historic downtime data.

Monitive service for website uptime monitoring Monitive - This service provides mobile apps for different platforms to allow you to keep an eye on your site's downtime while traveling. You can elevate the monitoring interval for up to one minute. You can even fine-tune the checking timeout interval for important business pages. You can easily export the statistics and reports both in HTML and PDF format. You can also add multiple users to your monitoring account with a different level of privileges. Its monitoring servers are located across all the continents for better and accurate reporting. You should surely try this service.

Alertra flexible site monitoring service Alertra - This impressive site monitoring service is capable of detecting downtime within seconds. Before sending any downtime alert, this service checks the error from 3 different locations to ensure you do not get false positives. Advanced users can take advantage of custom scripts to create your preferred monitoring process. This is yet another service that supports automated stoppage of monitoring during specified maintenance windows. This service can also deliver downtime notifications within your chat client. You can customize notification methods for multiple users.

Pingability service for website monitoring Pingability - This is yet another monitoring service offering both premium and free plans. It provides rich formatted reports about site uptime and downtime through different types of charts and graphs. You can also create your own custom rules about when to trigger an alert notification. Like other competitors, this service also allows you to specify maintenance windows to ensure you do not get false alerts from the service. It also provides detailed error logs for nerds. You can even get these detailed reports directly in your email inbox apart from getting regular alerts.

Monitor site with are my sites up service Are My Sites Up? - This service offers some intuitive and unique features for monitoring your site's uptime. Apart from regular alerts, it can also share the exact error code with you to know better what's the reason for the outage is. This can help you resolve the problem much quicker. You can also activate voice call notifications for your important business websites to ensure you address the issue at the earliest. For a large busy website handled by a large team, you can add multiple members within your uptime monitoring account to keep an eye on site's health 24 hours.

Uptime Spy for monitoring site uptime Uptime Spy - This powerful monitoring service can assist you both in finding out the downtime reason and also in resolving the issue. It can also detect and identify specific routes that are causing problems for normal access to your site. You can also schedule automated email reports to get all the statistics for a specified period of time right in your inbox. Its handy uptime reports can easily indicate why your site goes down at a specific time of the day. You can also create custom monitoring options to check the availability of specific landing web pages on your business website.

Get downtime alerts with Uptime Doctor Uptime Doctor - And last but not the least, this excellent monitoring service provides an option to directly send a reboot request to your web hosting provider at the time of downtime. It also provides excellent problem verification methodologies to ensure you don't get false alarms. Its smart dependency feature pinpoints the real problem and alerts only about that specific device or software. With dozens of monitoring servers across the globe, you can rest assured your website's uptime is monitored diligently. This useful monitoring service is definitely worth a try.