25 Best and Easy Ways to Display Testimonials on a WordPress Site

Testimonial reactionIf you're running a WordPress-powered business website offering a great product or a service, clients' testimonials is one of the important elements to convince potential clients and partners. There are different ways to display such testimonials provided you have required technical expertise. In case you're technically challenged or doesn't have enough time to create such a section on your website, a dedicated plugin can do the job. An appealing testimonial section almost always includes various graphical elements with a copy to gain credibility. That's what various testimonial plugins can do for you without messing with the code. The following list of handpicked testimonial plugins is tested on a demo site. Each one of them comes with handy options to display custom testimonials on a WordPress website. Let's get started and check out the features of these plugins and see which one offers all the options and controls to create a stunning testimonial section with minimal efforts. Do try out one of these plugins.

Testimonial reaction

While selecting a testimonial plugin, emphasize on the one that enables you to customize it to gel seamlessly with your existing design and theme. It'll give better experience to the visitors.

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Create a dedicated page for displaying all of the testimonials. This way, you can easily manage and edit the testimonails. Make sure to take consent of the person before displaying the testimonial.

Testimonial plugin for WordPress 1. Testimonial: The first plugin listed here is a fully responsive testimonial solution with loads of features. It can be integrated with almost any theme and works out-of-the-box. There's no limit on the number of testimonials one can create on a website. It supports slider and grid view for testimonials.

For a large collection of testimonials, both slider navigation and pagination controls are implemented to let visitors easily traverse all the displayed information. Different themes and color combinations can also be implemented with ease to make the section gel with the current theme. It also has impressive four different layout schemes to make most out of the available space on the target static page or a post.

Testimonial slider plugin 2. Testimonial Slider: If you prefer a carousel to display testimonials on your website, you should use this plugin. The testimonial slider created by the plugin works like charm even on tablets and mobile devices. Up to five different slider layouts are possible with unique and easily customizable colors.

Its inbuilt testimonial submission form lets your clients fill their good experiences to automatically populate the internal database of the available testimonials. Appealing slider transitions allow you to create stunning effects to attract potential clients towards the testimonial section. Category based filtering mechanism is also available to display select testimonials as per your preferences and needs.

Testimonial free plugin for WordPress 3. Testimonial Free: You can integrate different types of testimonials on your website through this plugin. And these custom testimonials can be inserted literally anywhere on the web page. Shortcodes enable you to embed the testimonial section in regular posts and pages as well as in widgetized sections.

More than 20 ready-made themes are also available which can be easily customized at will to make the testimonial section attractive. It is translation ready and is best suited for multilingual websites. The testimonials created through this plugin are lightweight and doesn't make the page sluggish in any way. The premium version also includes a star rating system with front-end testimonial submission support.

Testimonial basics plugin 4. Testimonial Basics: This is one of the few plugins which enable you to take complete backups of the testimonials with an option to restore them completely at a later stage. This facilitates easy transfer of testimonials from one site to another. It also enables easy integration of testimonial submission form.

Apart from standard input fields, one can also create up to 2 custom data fields to add more useful information within a testimonial. Each section can be displayed either within a regular content section or in the widgetized section of a footer or a sidebar. You can also group testimonials to show different sections in different locations. Both slider and excerpt formats are available to display each testimonial.

BWS testimonials plugin 5. BWS Testimonials: This simple yet powerful testimonial plugin is yet another promising solution to showcase experiences of your existing clients. You can either use a shortcode or can use a widget to display testimonials. One can also customize the number of client testimonials to be displayed at a time.

It is also translated in few other languages like Russian and Hungarian. Testimonial creation through custom post type enables you to easily customize each of the entry and to make the entire database management, easy. The developer also provides active support to the users which make it one of the best solutions listed here. This testimonial plugin works seamlessly with all the themes without any issues.

Testimonials widget plugin for WordPress 6. Testimonials Widget: This rich and feature-packed plugin can be used to display different types of testimonial formats with ease. It has a strong filtering mechanism which can be used to showcase select entries from the database. Different fading and slide transitions effects are supported out-of-the-box.

One can also randomize the display while creating a testimonial carousel. Minimal theme application ensures it can be customized to fit with almost any theme. Different types of rich media can be mixed within a single testimonial section to create a lively and engaging showcase of your talent. It has a rich support of shortcode formats and a set of theme functions to integrate the testimonials almost anywhere.

Handsome testimonials plugin 7. Handsome Testimonials: As the name suggests, this plugin creates visually appealing testimonials in different formats. It also supports submission of testimonials from the front-end through a handy web form. Pleasing premade templates reduces the customization work of the testimonials by many folds.

Different visual attributes of the entries like title, background color, and fonts can be changed with ease. Images used in the entries can also be aligned at will with an option to resize them. Similarly, border and shadow effects can also be added to the images. Custom width for each section can be specified for better alignment within available space. All the testimonial settings can be exported for use on an external site.

Testimonial rotator plugin 8. Testimonial Rotator: You can create multiple rotating testimonial sections through this plugin which can be integrated either through a shortcode or in the form of a widget. It also has a flexible star rating system for each testimonial entry. Visitors can also manually traverse all the entries in either direction.

It has support for microdata for reviews to ensure the testimonials appear in a rich format in the search engine results. In a sidebar, you can also align testimonial entries in a vertical format. Power users can also create custom templates for the testimonials with ease. Paginated entries in list format can also be displayed in wide page formats to be displayed on big screen devices. It has custom hooks and filters.

AP custom testimonial plugin for WordPress 9. AP Custom Testimonial: Clean and clutter free testimonials can be created through this plugin. Up to 5 different templates are available for quick implementation of the design. It also has a support for creating dynamic shortcodes to display custom testimonial sections within the content pages and posts.

Various design attributes can be changed with ease right from within the dashboard without any need to mess with the underlying code. Slider controls can also be customized through shortcode parameters. It's responsive out-of-the-box and works seamlessly with any theme. The premium version also supports video testimonials. The extended version also gets extra 12 design templates for the clients' testimonials.

Easy testimonials plugin 10. Easy Testimonials: One can use this handy plugin to add multiple testimonials in a random manner either in a sidebar or within the page. Both fading and sliding testimonial widget is also included to embed it in a specific section on the web page. One can also use multiple themes on a single web page.

A rating system for each of the testimonial entry is one of the primary features of this plugin. Like other good plugins, this one also supports review and rating schema markup for a better presence in the search results. Each entry can also be linked to a custom landing page on the website. Category based data storage enables easy management and quick segregation of all the stored testimonial entries on the site.

Sola testimonials plugin 11. Sola Testimonials: This is one of the easiest of all and even a layman can create beautiful testimonials through this plugin in no time. Various shortcodes are available to display desired testimonial entries on the page. It supports single and multi-column testimonial layouts which can be activated quite easily.

Power users can also add custom CSS to tweak the appearance of a testimonial as per their liking. Avatar images can either be pulled from the Gravatar service and the custom ones can be directly uploaded from your computer. Each excerpt length can also be customized to reduce the size of the testimonial body. One can also hide different sections of the testimonial to customize the data to be displayed on the page.

GS testimonial slider plugin 12. GS Testimonial Slider: This testimonial plugin uses custom post types to create impressive sections of the same. It's completely shortcode ready to easily embed the testimonials at the desired place. Its premium version is loaded with tons of impressive features and a nice testimonial management dash.

Up to 6 different styles are supported by the testimonial author image. Similarly, custom colors and fonts can be used in the testimonial section. You can divide the testimonials on the basis of categories and can display them accordingly. While displaying the slider, one can also control the speed of rotation. You can also easily toggle the testimonial slider rotation on mouse hover whenever required.

Easy testimonial rotator plugin 13. Easy Testimonial Rotator: This plugin supports both testimonial submission form as well as a custom testimonial section which can be managed through a user-friendly interface. Submitted testimonials can be either be published automatically or can be reviewed before publishing on the site.

If required, submission forms can get additional protection in the form of a captcha. Preview function ensures you can check the appearance of the testimonial slider before making it live on the website. Premium version enables you to create multiple testimonial sliders. It also has a 5-star rating system which can be configured quite easily. It also supports various fade transition modes out-of-the-box.

Strong testimonials plugin 14. Strong Testimonials: This plugin is ideal for both technically challenged as well as geeks. Once activated, you can easily create appealing testimonials in quick time. A front-end submission form is included with this plugin. Testimonial excerpts can be configured either manually or automatically.

Featured images can also be included within testimonials to add more depth in the section. Multiple templates are included with a support of various layouts to come up with a unique design that gels completely with your existing design. It is one of the best translation-ready plugins for creating custom testimonials in a preferred language. Power users can use template files and functions for easy design.

IG testimonials plugin 15. IG Testimonials: This plugin enables you to create a beautiful and responsive testimonial section in a few easy steps. Extensive carousel settings facilitates easy customization of its appearance. It also has a flexible set of shortcodes to easily display custom testimonials at various locations within the site theme.

Instead of displaying testimonials in the form of a carousel, one can also display them on a regular static page as a list. It can work with any theme as the design itself is simple and integrates nicely on any page. You can also customize the image dimensions included in each testimonial entry. It is one of the few plugins which has extensive documentation for new users. Do try this lightweight testimonial plugin.

WP testimonials plugin 16. WP Testimonials with rotator widget: This is yet another promising solution to quickly add a rotating testimonial carousel in the form of a widget. Each testimonial entry has extensive input fields which can be populated to display a rich and impressive section. I liked its minimal and fast dashboard interface.

You can display the testimonials in 3 different formats viz., a list, a grid, and a carousel. One can also display testimonials on the basis of categories through shortcode parameters. Slider attributes can also be easily customized through an array of shortcode parameters. Sorting is also supported on the basis of different attributes associated with each testimonial entry. It has large numbers of shortcode options.

Nice testimonials plugin 17. Nice Testimonials: It is one of the best ways to display testimonial quotes from your clients in a nicely formatted manner. Apart from using regular shortcodes, one can also use PHP template tags to display testimonials at the desired location. Power users can easily utilize its extensive set of hooks.

It has one of the most user-friendly settings interfaces which can be used by a layman with ease. Multi-column testimonials can also be displayed through it which adapts nicely on mobile devices too. Item ordering and selective display of testimonial fields enable a user to customize the entries as per the requirements. Technically sound users can use its library of pluggable functions for easy customization.

BNE testimonials plugin 18. BNE Testimonials: This plugin can be used to display testimonials either as a customizable slider or in the form of a list. The extended version also supports masonry style testimonial section which is completely responsive. It also includes support for testimonial submission form for the website visitors.

Multiple instances of testimonial sliders can be displayed on a single web page and that too of different categories. Select elements of the testimonial can also be removed to display the remaining information fields. Similarly, the display of all the entries can be arranged on the basis of different attributes or can simply be shown on a random basis. An extended version also has custom star ratings.

Spectoos testimonials plugin 19. Spectoos Testimonials: This is one of the few plugins that collects testimonials from social platforms and display them in a pleasing format on the website in the form of a widget. Linked social profiles and actual photos of the clients boosts the credibility by many folds. This also increases the conversion rate.

It has a simple 5 step process of creating a testimonial widget. One can easily ask for testimonials from existing clients to make a database of the same. Submitted testimonials can be easily reviewed right from within the dashboard. An inbuilt analytics module lets you view how each embedded testimonial widget is performing. Different shortcodes can be used to display the testimonials in many ways on the website.

Advanced testimonial for WP plugin 20. Advanced Testimonial For WP: With several advanced features, this testimonial plugin is one of the best candidates included in this list. If you prefer grid layouts for testimonials, this plugin is an ideal solution for you. Several impressive image hover effects can be implemented through this handy plugin.

Background colors for the testimonial section can also be changed easily. Animations and hover effects add more interactivity to the testimonials. Its responsive design works seamlessly on legacy web browsers too. Its extended version enables you to use hundreds of custom Google fonts for different elements of the testimonial. Through filters, you can easily display select testimonial entries on the site.

Simple testimonials showcase plugin 21. Simple Testimonials Showcase: This jQuery powered plugin can be used to display testimonial in both grid and carousel forms. It's translation ready and is ideal for multilingual sites. It's thoroughly tested on all the popular web browsers and the design works seamlessly across all types of smartphones.

All the popular elements of the testimonial are included in the plugin which can be easily edited through a custom post type interface. The testimonial section works with all types of themes and the integration itself is dead simple. I liked its simple interface which makes the management of testimonials easy and quick. There's no limit on the number of custom testimonials you can create through this useful plugin.

Think up testimonial plugin 22. Think Up Testimonials: If you prefer to display visually appealing testimonials on your website design's sidebar, use this plugin. It uses the native WordPress text widget to show custom testimonials. It can also be displayed through a template function with custom parameters within the web page.

Slider rotation period can also be fine-tuned through a function parameter. And if required, rotation can also be stopped altogether with an option to switch the slides manually. For displaying a testimonial through a text widget, a simple HTML markup snippet is required with the required text copy. It's an extremely lightweight plugin and works well with almost every WordPress theme without any issues.

TLP testimonials plugin 23. TLP Testimonial: This plugin creates beautiful and responsive testimonial carousel which can also be embedded in the form of a widget. Shortcodes with parameters can also be utilized to showcase you happy clients. It is fully translation-ready and is quite easy to configure through a few simple steps.

Optional fields of a testimonial record can be left blank. Management of entire testimonial database is quite easy through the plugin's interface. The total number of testimonial records you want to show on a carousel at a given time can be customized through a simple parameter. You can display testimonials both on regular posts and static landing pages. Do give this flexible testimonial plugin a try on your site.

Bamoboo testimonials plugin 24. Bamboo Testimonails: You can use this plugin to display handpicked testimonials anywhere on your website either in the form of a list or as a standalone section. It uses custom post types to manage testimonials record. Collection of shortcodes make the entire testimonial insertion process, dead simple.

Its grid view adapts perfectly to smaller devices and looks good with any theme. I've tested this plugin extensively with some of the default themes bundled with WordPress and it worked seamlessly with good results. Power users can also tweak the appearance of the testimonials through custom CSS code with the help of another plugin. Do check out this user-friendly custom testimonial plugin built for us.

CP testimonial plugin 25. CP Testimonial: And last but not the least, this powerful and flexible testimonial plugin enables you to integrate unlimited custom testimonials on your website which are responsive in nature. All of its custom testimonial settings can be easily managed from the dashboard with point and click controls.

It also supports custom background images and colors for enriching the appearance of the testimonial section. Its star rating system is easy to activate which adds more weight to the testimonials. Similarly, slider button styles can be changed quite easily from the dashboard without any need to change the underlying code. Developers can easily tweak its various attributes to get a custom testimonial section.