Best RSS Feed Reader Apps for Every Platform

Feedly feed readerWith the Internet expansion and with the advent of new web technologies, all content distribution techniques have seen several changes. But, the classic way to consume web content still stays strong and unchanged. Here, we're talking about consuming web content through an RSS feed reader application. Though email subscription is another popular way to read web content, nothing beats reading favorite posts and articles in a feed reader app. If you're already using one, the following list can help you choose a better alternative. And, if you're new to this, try out the feed reading applications mentioned below and select the best one that fits your needs. I've included both web-based versions and standalone desktop applications. Mobile users are not left behind because most feed readers have apps for smartphones and tablets. Whenever you start usage of a feed reader, start with curating a list of your favorite websites and grab the RSS feed URL of each of these sites. Let's check out these select RSS feed reading applications.

Feedly feed reader Feedly - I myself use this user-friendly feed reader which has a large user base and is developed and enhanced on a regular basis. It has all the powerful features required to manage a large collection of subscriptions. The optimized user interface itself is lightning fast and is completely clutter-free.

One can easily sign up for this service using one of the popular social media accounts. It also supports 4 different types of views to facilitate the best browsing experience. Needless to say, OPML file import facility is also available for users who're looking to quickly migrate to a better and powerful RSS feed reader.

Feeder RSS reader application Feeder - This rich and flexible feed reader offer extremely fast updates pulling any new publication every minute. Users can tweak the feed update speed as per their convenience. It has a powerful notification system which enables you to get alerts about new content on almost every device and web browser.

Its smart filtering system automatically removes annoying elements like ads or menus to give you a clutter-free reading experience. You can also search feed content on the basis of keywords and the time of day. When combined with the notification system, you get fresh content in your feed, at the earliest.

NewsBlur feed reader NewsBlur - This excellent feed reading application is available both for the web and for the popular mobile platforms. This service renders the content in the same way it was intended by the original publishing website. This gives the best reading experience to the users without any clutter at all.

Its lightning-fast full-text search enables you to quickly mine out desired content from a collection of feeds. One can easily tag feed entries to group them for easy access at a later time. Several 3rd party apps can also be integrated with this feed reading app. Its free plan can easily cater to the needs of most users.

Feedspot RSS app Feedspot - This feed reader gives you instant new content notifications right in your inbox to keep you updated about your favorite topic. It also enables you to save your entire account data to the Dropbox cloud storage service. It supports both basic and advanced text search to filter the desired content.

You can also push the favorite articles directly to your Evernote account. Savvy users can also merge multiple feeds into a single master feed to easily reduce the total number of feed entries. It has multiple social sharing options which also includes YouTube channel subscriptions and Twitter timeline import.

Feedbin feed reading platform Feedbin - This is yet another multi-platform feed reader with a user-friendly interface. Its full screen reading experience enables distraction-free content consumption. Custom typography options and multiple themes enhances the content reading experience both in normal and low light conditions.

Like other popular RSS readers, this one too can connect with several 3rd party apps to keep your feed data synced across all platforms and devices. Its powerful action feature can help you tag, notify, and mark select posts as read, automatically. This app can pull full content text even for partial feed entries.

G2Reader RSS feed reader G2Reader - This popular feed reader is ideal both for general users and developers. Users of latter category can use its powerful API to custom code a 3rd party feed reading application. Android users can use the dedicated app to get the best possible reading experience. Account setup process is dead simple.

Power users can use its keyboard shortcuts to quickly access feeds and folders. Feed subscription, directly via a URL parameter makes the process, easy and simple. It's also available in the Spanish language. It also offers collections of popular feed bundles (country-wise) to help you start, quickly.

Inoreader feed reader Inoreader - This feed reading application is available for all popular mobile platforms. Through custom rules, one can easily segregate and tag incoming feed content. Its automatic discovery mode enables you to easily find content subscription bundles created by other users. It's my favorite feature of this app.

There's no limit on the number of feeds you can use with your account and that too for free. It also keeps your old feed archive intact so that you can read old content, at will. I liked its blazing fast user interface. This feature-packed feed reader is available in over 20 popular languages to meet the demand of users.

The Old Reader RSS application The Old Reader - You can use this intuitive feed reader on almost every popular device and platform. It also provides bookmarklets and extensions for all the popular web browsers. Developers can also use its flexible and powerful Python API wrapper to build their own custom feed reading system, the geeky way.

You can create folders to divide similar type of feeds into different sections. Needless to say, OPML file import feature is also available for users looking for a change. Keyboard shortcuts are also supported by the app. Its knowledge base and community support forums are perfect for assisting new app users.

selfoss RSS reader selfoss - It's a web-based RSS feed reader which is also available for Android platform. It's also open-source and is completely free-to-use. Developers can contribute to its development directly on GitHub. This also facilitates development of data connectors (custom plugins) for this feed reading application.

One can easily install and run it on a typical PHP-powered web server. Its JSON API enables power users to easily make it work literally anywhere. iOS users can use the 3rd party apps to consume their favorite content, while on the go. It has an extensive list of custom configuration parameters to alter its working.

ReadKit web content reader ReadKit - This is an all-in-one application for avid web content readers. Apart from classic RSS feed subscription support, it also integrates Instapaper, Pocket, Pinboard articles, Feedly, Fever, NewsBlur, Feed Wrangler, and Feedbin. Once configured, you never need to switch to any other application at all.

The smart folders of this feed reader update feed content in real time so that you do not miss any information. It has both light and dark themes to give you a pleasant reading experience. A web browser is baked right within the app so that you can view the content in its original form, for best readability.

Panda feed reader Panda - The multi-column layout of this feed reader enables you to read more than one feed entries at a time. It also allows customization of new tabs with images or other interesting elements. Its distraction-free reading environment removes all the unnecessary elements to help you easily focus on the content.

Its multi-parameter advanced search can find out the desired content from a large set of feed archive and that too in no time. One can also use its powerful bookmarking options to easily mark content for later reading. It has rich support for integrating popular 3rd party apps like Twitter, Dribble, and Instagram.

Feedreader Online RSS feed reader Feedreader Online - Users can either install a desktop application or can open a web-based version to feel the power of this feed reader. It has full-fledged tagging, organizing, and segregation capabilities to easily manage a collection of RSS feeds. Real-time monitoring of new feed entries is also supported.

It can handle a large volume of feeds with any latency or performance degradation. It has a no-nonsense interface which can be used easily even by a layman. The smart filtering mechanism enables power users to fine-tune relevant content delivery. It is one of the lightest and efficient feed readers available for free.

FlowReader content reader FlowReader - This popular web-based RSS feed reader deserves a place in this list. It lets you try out all of its features through a guest account. Once you're satisfied, you can sign up easily through one of your social media accounts. Its slick and light interface works like charm even on low-end mobile devices.

It's not just the RSS feeds, but one can import social media feeds too, making it a unified platform to consume all of your favorite web content. It supports expanded and collapsed view of feed entries enabling you to pack a large number of feed entries in a smaller space. It also has handy sorting options.

Omea Reader feed reading app Omea Reader - This feed reader desktop application is packed with all the needed features. It can tightly integrate with a web browser which also enables you to subscribe to hidden feed links, with ease. It can also be used to subscribe and to listen to podcasts. You can easily categorize and organize the feeds.

It also has a powerful API which developers can use to build custom plugins for this feed reader. It can also be used as a full-fledged bookmark manager for general web pages. It has an interesting contextual access feature which allows you to quickly segregate subscribed content on the basis of certain attributes.