How to Record Telegram Voice Calls

Telegram messenger appTelegram is one of the popular messaging apps used by millions of users. It's considered much safer and privacy-oriented than WhatsApp. If you regularly use it for making voice calls, at times, you may have wanted to record your conversations. Natively, the app doesn't support it. But, you can do so with an additional tool. And, that's what we'll learn to do. A call recording app that delivers crystal clear sound recordings with small file size is what a smartphone user looks for. Almost all messaging apps use the VOIP protocol to support a voice call. And that's what these call recording apps hook into to record a voice call. Almost every such app can record VOIP calls from different sources. So, it's not just Telegram, but other apps are also supported by these apps. So, essentially, you can use these solutions to record WhatsApp calls too. Make sure you test your call recording setup before using it on a genuine call. If you're using an old version of Android, the call recording feature may not work as expected.

Telegram messenger app Let's get started and see how we can record voice calls originated from a Telegram app. In conjunction, you can also use a backup solution to permanently save your recorded conversations on the cloud.

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Though applications downloaded from Google Play Store are quite safe, one must take a backup of important data before using such apps. I personally always save my contact list before using a new app.

Recording phone calls is illegal in several countries. Make sure to inform the callee at the other end about the same. Use the recording feature—responsibly.

So, here are some of the apps for recording Telegram calls.

Speech Recorder - Record any Telegram calls

The Speech Recorder - Record any Telegram calls app is the first one I tried and it works like charm. It's a dedicated app that's specifically designed to record Telegram calls.

Speech recorder Android app for Telegram calls Once activated, this app automatically records the incoming Telegram calls. The audio quality is quite good and the file size is optimum.

One can adjust the pitch and volume while playing recorded conversations. Make sure to use the speakerphone function to enhance the quality of the recorded calls.

Call Recorder - Cube ACR

The Call Recorder - Cube ACR app is another good solution for recording Telegram calls. It's all all-in-one app that can record calls from different messaging and calling apps viz., WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Slack, and more.

Call recorder - Cube ACR Android app for call recording If you're using different types of messaging apps and frequently make voice calls through them, this is the app to use. It can record calls in MP4 format too for higher sound quality.

You can exclude contacts you don't want to be recorded. This is handy when you want to filter out some of the select contacts. It has a smart speaker switching facility that switches to the ear speaker whenever you bring the phone near your ear while listening to the recorded conversations.

Its premium subscription gives you a cloud backup facility for recorded calls. One can also lock the recorded conversations to keep them private.