10 Best Services to Create Temporary Email Addresses

Email app icon in a smartphoneAlmost every internet user has an email address. It's a necessity as it is often used to receive notifications and information related to various services used by us daily. But, sometimes we just don't want to share our primary email address. That's where temporary email addresses are of great importance. These email addresses expire automatically after a specified period and are best suited for a one-time short communication session. Although almost every popular email service allows you to create aliases, they still expose your primary email address to the intended recipient. Today, we're going to see some of the best services offering temporary email addresses to its user base. Almost each of these services is free-to-use and gives you ample options to use the temporary email address effectively without revealing the actual address. Before you use these services, be aware that delivery reliability should not be considered as good as regular email services. So, let's get started and check out these services and tools.

Email app icon in a smartphone Always make sure that your temporary email address is not similar to the primary one. It defeats the whole purpose of using a temporary one. Use a randomly generated address instead.

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Another thing to keep in mind is to keep track of the temporary email addresses. Sometimes, a user creates one and forgets about it. In such cases, an email arriving at that address may lie unnoticed.

1. Temp Mail - Disposable Temporary Email

Temp Mail service to create disposable email addresses Temp Mail is one of the best tools to create disposable email addresses. You instantly get a temporary one that you can use right away without any further configuration. It also provides you with a QR code which you can use to grab the address through your smartphone.

Some of its major features are:
  • Extensions for all the major web browsers.
  • Telegram bot support.
  • Instant email generation.
  • User-friendly interface.
It also provides an API for developers to use this temporary email service in applications. A premium plan is also available that enables you to use a custom domain for the temporary email address. Apps for both iOS and Android smartphones are also available.

2. EmailOnDeck - Free Temporary Email

EmailOnDeck service for temporary email address EmailOnDeck is yet another popular service to create temporary email addresses. Unlike the previous one, this one requires 2 steps to generate a disposable address. One you need to clear the captcha challenge and then you can get the temporary email address in the second step.

Some of its major features are:
  • Clutter-free interface.
  • On-demand creation and deletion of temporary address.
  • Free to use.
  • A powerful premium plan for professionals.
Unlike other services, the temporary addresses created through this service can work throughout the day provided you do not close your web browser. The logs associated with your temporary email are automatically wiped out upon address expiration.

3. @altmails - Disposable Email Address

@altmails service for creating disposable email address @altmails is a little bit different from other services. It can be used to create unlimited temporary email addresses which forward emails to your private email inbox. The temporary address forwarding emails to your actual inbox does not expire until you explicitly deactivate it.

Some of its major features are:
  • Create unlimited temporary email addresses.
  • Both send and receive using the temporary address.
  • Deactivate or unsubscribe from an address, at will.
  • Free to use.
Because you get an extra capability to send emails through the temporary address, this one is one of the strongest contenders on this list. You don't need to register for an account to use this excellent service. A spam filter ensures you don't get junk on your temporary email address.

4. Smailpro - Temporary Email Service

Smailpro service to create temporary email address Smailpro is a powerful disposable email address service that can give temporary Gmail, Outlook, or other random email inboxes. This inherently gives you all the spam filtering power of these popular email platforms. I often use this service while signing up for forums.

Some of its major features are:
  • Get a temporary Gmail or Outlook email address.
  • Get up to 1000 temporary addresses.
  • Maintain the history of your communication.
  • API for developers.
Because your temporary email address comes from Gmail or Outlook, it is generally not rejected or considered spam while using any online service. This improves deliverability and usage by many folds. Its pro plan offers several advanced features within an affordable range.

5. FakerMail - Disposable Email Addresses

FakerMail remporary email address service FakerMail is your go-to solution for creating temporary email addresses. The service instantly gives you a disposable email address. I like its minimal and clutter-free interface and often use it for signing up for various social media services.

Some of its major features are:
  • Free to use.
  • Access inbox anywhere through a QR code.
  • Spam-free.
  • Mobile apps and browser extensions are available.
Its history feature lets you swap between older email addresses created on a device. This way, you can easily use previously used inboxes as and when required. You can create unlimited temporary email addresses through this service and that too for free.

6. Vanish Mail - Temporary Email Addresses

Vanish Mail tool for creating temporary email address Vanish Mail is a simple and no-nonsense temporary email creation service. You can either create a random one or can go for a manual address creation process. The interface is user-friendly. As of now, up to three different domain names are available to create a disposable address.

Some of its major features are:
  • Create unlimited addresses for free.
  • Completely spam-free.
  • Multilingual inbox.
  • Addresses persist for up to a week.
This service allows you to download emails that arrived in your temporary inbox. Created addresses can be easily reused multiple times on the same device where you've created them. It also has a Telegram bot as well as a Google Chrome extension.

7. nada - Disposable Email Addresses

nada disposable email address service nada is one of the few services which provides an easy way for both the creation and deletion methods for the temporary email address. Like its other competitors, this one too offers unlimited disposable email addresses for free. Inboxes created here remain active for up to 7 days.

Some of its major features are:
  • Chrome extension for quick email generation.
  • Unlimited temporary email addresses for free.
  • Handy inbox deletion button.
  • Dark mode interface support.
It provides a good number of custom domains to use for your temporary email addresses. I prefer the manual way to create one because the automated way may give a cryptic-looking email address. I liked its dark mode which is quite neatly designed for the best experience.

8. LuxusMail - Temporary Emails

LuxusMail service for creating disposable email addresses LuxusMail is available in over a dozen languages and is one of the best services to create a disposable email address for temporary usage. This one too provides a QR code to quickly access your temporary inbox on any device. The addresses are created instantly and a new one requires a click of a button.

Some of its major features are:
  • Free to use.
  • Create unlimited temporary email addresses.
  • Instant creation and deletion of disposable inboxes.
  • Built-in QR code support.
You can use more than half a dozen custom domains to create a temporary email address. I'll advise switching to the manual way of creating one to avoid a cryptic-looking address. A Google Chrome extension is available for this service. Remember, it's a receive-only service.

9. MinuteInbox - A 10 Minute Email Service

MinuteInbox tool to create a 10 minute email address MinuteInbox is another handy service to create disposable email addresses. It provides some unique features related to the validity extension of the addresses. As usual, this one too creates a temporary address, instantly, on a page load.

Some of its major features are:
  • Add custom address validation duration easily.
  • Manually update the address as per your need.
  • Download incoming emails with a click of a button.
  • Extend the lifetime of the address for up to a month.
By default, the address is valid for up to 10 minutes. After that, it expires automatically and you get a new one. As mentioned before, you can extend its life for up to a month. Though extensions of hours, days, and months are also available.

10. TRASH-MAIL - Free Disposable Email Service

TRASH-MAIL service for creating temporary email addresses TRASH-MAIL is the last one on this list but in no way less than the others. It also enables you to not just receive but also send emails through your disposable email address. In other words, you get a full-fledged two-way communicative email inbox.

Some of its major features are:
  • Both send and receive emails.
  • Send attachments through your temporary address.
  • Free to use.
  • Create custom addresses manually.
It's one of the few temporary email creation services which allow you to send emails too. Generally, it's one-way communication where you only receive emails at your temporary address. If required, you can also use a temporary address without any registration or account creation process.