How to Merge Multiple PDF Files Into One PDF File

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One of the most popular formats for sharing rich text documents across the web is PDF files. They're small in size, can be opened on any device, and are easy to create. Today, we're going to learn how we can merge multiple PDF files into a single PDF file. All we want is to append every file after one another to create a master PDF file. This way, we can easily send a single file instead of remembering to attach or upload multiple files. One does not need to be technically sound to perform the merging operation. It's dead simple and everyone can do it quite easily. Let's learn how to easily merge multiple PDF files.

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The tools we're going to share below do not alter the formatting or the style of merged PDF files in any way. You get the exact styling and formatting in the resulting PDF file. The zoom level may change.

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Do share your favorite one after trying out all of them. Remember, if the group of files to be merged are big, the merging time will accordingly go up. So, be patient while the merging process is going on.

I Love PDF tool to merge PDF files

I Love PDF - This amazing PDF merging tool is one of my favorites. Simply drop in the files you want to merge and press the Merge PDF button. It shows the preview of the selected PDF files. You can also delete the files selected earlier. The interface is clean, clutter-free, and easy to use.

Small PDF tool to merge multiple PDF files

Small PDF - This is yet another popular tool to merge PDF files. The uploaded files are securely merged on the cloud and the resulting PDF file is returned for download. Your files remain private and are deleted from the cloud after the merging operation has been completed.

Soda PDF online tool to merge multiple PDF files

Soda PDF - This versatile PDF merging tool is one of my favorites. Apart from the merging option, you can use it online, one can also download its desktop application to perform the merging operation offline right on your computer. You can adjust the order of files in which they should be merged.

Xodo PDF Online tool to merge multiple PDF files

XODO - While using this PDF merging tool, apart from uploading the files from your computer, you can also use Dropbox or Google Drive as the source of the files. This gives you the flexibility to provide the source of files to be merged. The uploaded files are secure and private.

Adobe PDF merging tool

Adobe PDF - This list will be incomplete if I do not include the merging tool provided by Adobe. You can consider it as the most reliable and performant PDF merging tool you can trust on without giving a second thought. File reordering and deletion facilities are available in this tool.

PDF converter tool to merge multiple PDF files

PDF Converter - As the name implies, this is an all-in-one tool to process PDF files. And, one such operation it offers is the merging of multiple PDF files. Like other solutions, this one too enables you to upload files either from the computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

DocuPub tool to merge multiple PDF files

DocuPub - This simple yet powerful PDF merging tool is your best bet when you want to combine several large size PDF files. It works seamlessly without any hiccups. It also has an optimization option to ensure you can quickly open and view large merged PDF files.

Sejda tool to merge multiple PDF files

Sejda - This unique merging tool can combine both PDF files and images in one go. It's best-suited for creating highly-customized PDF files created from a combination of images and PDF files. The uploaded files are automatically deleted within 2 hours. Upload from Dropbox and Google Drive is also supported.

Pdf2Go tool to merge multiple PDF files

PDF2Go - This is a popular and highly reliable tool to merge multiple PDF files. Merging of JPG files with a collection of PDFs is also supported. The uploaded data is private and is never shared with any third party. Merging extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox are also available.

DocFly tool to merge multiple PDF files

DocFly - And last but not least is this powerful and easy-to-use PDF merging tool. This tool has one of the fastest merging engines which gives accurate results when it comes to the formatting of the merged files. Like all other competitors, this one too keeps your uploaded files private and secure. Do once give it a try.