How to Save Any Web Page as a PDF File

Randonly scattered PDF iconsWhether you're a casual web surfer or browse the internet for work, at times we feel the need to view web pages in offline mode. One option is to find a way to download the entire web page locally to view it later. Another good option is to save it as a PDF file. The latter option is preferable if you just want to view its content. There are several extensions available for all the modern web browsers that enable you to easily save web pages in a PDF format. If you're using a legacy browser or an old version of a modern browser, the extensions mentioned below may not work due to compatibility issues. So, before using these add-ons, make sure you're using the latest version of your web browser. I've tested each of these extensions on different web pages. You may see a slight difference in the output depending on the add-on you're using. But, more or less, the results are the same. So, let's get started and see how we can easily save different types of web pages as PDF files through web browser extensions.

Randomly scattered PDF icons Remember, if a web page consists of audio or video content, obviously you would not be able to interact with it in a PDF file. For that, you need to download its HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files.

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If a web page is really big and heavy, conversion may take some time. So, be patient instead of thinking that the operation has been stalled. So, without any delay, let's see these PDF conversion add-ons.

PDF Conversion Extensions for Google Chrome

We'll start with some of the best add-ons available for Google Chrome to easily convert a web page into a PDF file. All of these extensions are well tested and have a decent user base. So, here we go!

PrintFriendly Google Chrome extensions for PDF conversionPrint Friendly & PDF : This is one of the most popular Google Chrome extensions to convert web pages into PDF files. For optimized printing, this add-on removes ads and similar types of unnecessary content sections from the saved web page. You can also email the saved web page through this extension. Custom font size and section exclusion enable you to apply different types of attributes to the PDF file. It's my choice of PDF conversion extension for Google Chrome as it works seamlessly without any issues.

PDF2Go Google Chrome extensionOnline PDF Editor : As the name implies, this powerful add-on lets you process a PDF file, online. Like other add-ons, this one too is one of the best solutions to convert a web page into a PDF file. It provides ample customization options to apply different attributes to the target PDF file. Feel free to experiment with all the available options to get the desired result. The conversion process is quite fast and gives the best results. It can also convert an entire website into a single PDF file.

Print Google Chrome extensionPrint : This extension is easy to use without any clutter. With a single click, you can save an entire web page as a PDF file. Optimized versions for printing can also be saved by removing ads, advertisements, and images. You can preview the result before saving the content as a PDF file. This ensures you get what you're looking for in the PDF file. This one too allows you to change the default font size applied on the web page. The interface of this excellent add-on is dead simple.

HTML to PDF Google Chrome extensionHTML/URL to PDF : And, last but not least is the PDF Matrix service which enables you to convert a web page into a PDF file with a single click. The add-on itself is blazing fast and leaves a very light footprint on your system. Unlike other sluggish solutions, it can quickly convert a large web page into a PDF file. You can also provide a link to this extension to convert its HTML into a PDF file. Though it is the last one in this section, it's no way less than the others in its functioning.

PDF Conversion Extensions for Firefox

And, now it's time to list all the popular Firefox add-ons for converting web pages into their equivalent PDF file. They're easy to install and works like charm, out of the box.

PDF Mage Firefox add-on for PDF conversionPDF Mage : And now comes the first one for the Firefox web browser. This extension has a large user base with a good rating in user reviews. The conversion process is simple and works without any issues. Through a one-click action, you can save a web page in the form of a PDF file. Like other add-ons, this one does not apply any kind of watermark on the converted pages.

Save as PDF add-on for FirefoxSave as PDF : This is yet another highly popular web page to PDF conversion add-on for the Firefox web browser. Through a simple 3-step process you can easily convert any page to its PDF equivalent. Through a premium account, you can apply a ton of custom attributes to the resulting PDF file to get the desired result. It's a secure, fast, and reliable way to convert a web page into a PDF file.

Print to PDF Firefox extensionPrint to PDF : With a large user base, this add-on is a good contender for converting web pages into PDF files. You just need a single click to kickstart the conversion process. Several custom settings are available for the user to remove select parts of the page for better readability. It's a must-have add-on for users who want such conversions, frequently.

Print PDF add-on for FirefoxPrint PDF : This blazing fast HTML to PDF conversion add-on works seamlessly and doesn't use any 3rd-party service to get the job done. You can customize the header, footer, and margins before starting the conversion process. You can also opt to exclude background color or the images embedded in the web page to get a lighter version of the resulting PDF file.