6 Best Code Editors for Android to Program While on the Go

A code editor

Though coding is generally done in a desktop environment, quick code corrections and tweaks can be done on a mobile device too. But, for that, you need to have a good code editor built specifically for smartphones. Here, we've handpicked some of the best code editors available for Android smartphones. Some of them are free to use while others come with a price tag. Depending on your exact needs, you can shortlist and pick the one meeting your requirements. These editors are ideal for making corrections in the code in quick time. Let's get started and check out these code editors built for Android phones.

A code editor

Remember, though these code editors support almost all of the features of their desktop equivalent, the experience can never be of the latter due to the small screen size and the absence of a physical keyboard.

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Do try the free versions of these editors before going for the premium version. And, make sure it supports the programming languages you're going to work with. Let's dive into these code editors!

Spck code editor for Android

Spck Code Editor - The first one listed here is the one I prefer to use while editing code on Android. It's a full-fledged code editor with loads of premium features. Apart from a code editor, you also get a fully-capable Git client in this code editing app. If you're a front-end or JavaScript developer, you're going to love this code editor. Although syntax highlighting of dozens of languages is supported, the languages I mentioned have complete IDE features to build large projects. Code snippets and auto-code indentation make the entire experience much faster and easier. Do once give it a try!

Acode code editor for Android

Acode - Code Editor - This is yet another powerful code editor for front-end developers. GitHub and FTP support ensure you can pull your code from remote locations—with ease. With dozens of themes and support for over 100+ languages when it comes to syntax highlighting, you get an all-in-one editor that's customizable and works out of the box. You can edit multiple files at a time which makes it an ideal choice for large projects using a diverse stack of technologies. It also has an in-app web browser and a JS console to do all the testing chores from within the app. I often use it to edit HTML markup.

TrebEdit code editor for Android

TrebEdit - Mobile HTML Editor - As the name suggests, this mobile code editor is specially built for editing HTML code. With a large user base and high ratings, you get the best for editing your front-end code. It also has a JavaScript console and a source code viewer to test and debug your front-end applications. You can also use it as a generic text editor or viewer. Its previewer enables you to quickly switch between mobile and desktop versions. The customization controls available in the code editor are just awesome. And lastly, it is one of the few code editors having a slick and user-friendly interface.

Replit code editor for Android

Replit: Code Anything - It is one of the few mobile code editors which can be used to edit almost any type of code file. It's an editor, a compiler, and an IDE as well. This makes it a preferred choice for a large number of software developers. You can also use it to deploy full-fledged websites with a custom domain. It also offers a wide range of templates to quickly build projects using different programming stacks. One can also do live coding with other contributors through this powerful application. It's not the websites, but you can also code and launch games and bots through this app. It's definitely worth a try.

CodeSnack IDE for Android

CodeSnack IDE - It's a powerful integrated development environment with tons of features a developer wants in his code editor. It provides you with a Linux terminal to manage files and dependencies like a pro. With autocompletion and code linting support, your entire workflow will be smooth. The good thing about this code editor is that you can use the same keyboard shortcuts you're used to on a desktop. And, with inbuilt SFTP support, deploying your project on remote servers is a cakewalk. Debugging code too is fairly easy through this IDE with the support of real-time error logs.

Mimo code editor for Android

Mimo - And, last but not least, this powerful coding app is best-suited for budding developers who want to sharpen their skills. It has a full-fledged coding playground with tons of practice exercises for almost every development stack. Its interface is just too good. If you're using its premium version, you can also earn certificates to showcase your software development skills to potential employers. Through this coding app, you can build real-world mini projects which you can showcase in your portfolio to grab the attention of hiring officials. I'd highly recommend this app to aspiring web developers.