10 Useful Facebook Tools and Add-Ons

Facebook logo.Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites with millions of registered members from every corner of the globe. There are countless 3rd party add-ons, widgets, and plugins to enhance and enrich your Facebook experience. Here are some useful applications and extensions to spice up and personalize your Facebook account. All these tools are free-to-use and one can get started with them, almost instantly. Once you start using them, not only your time will be saved but you will also be one step ahead of your friends' network in better managing your account. WordPress bloggers can also use one of the tools mentioned below to quickly transfer their favorite photos to Facebook albums. If you're an avid Facebook user, I'm sure you'll love these tools and extensions to pimp up your existing account. I'll suggest you to once try these tools through a dummy account instead of directly using them with the primary account. So, let's get started and use these powerful tools like an avid Facebook ninja.

Facebook logo. 1. Facebook Toolbar: This is a very popular Firefox add-on that tightly integrates with your Facebook account within your web browser. You can do a search, upload and can also download photos, messages directly from this toolbar.

2. LiveUpload: You can use this excellent plugin for Windows platform which integrates swiftly with Windows Live Gallery facilitating direct uploads of photographs from the same to your personal Facebook account.

3. Tinychat: This excellent application lets you make video calls to your friends network on Facebook. You can also interact with other Tinychat members and can chat with thousands of Facebook users.

4. Toolkit for Facebook: This is an all-in-one Google Chrome add-on for active Facebook users and is packed with several useful features. Its several bulk actions enable you to save time by many folds and easily helps you in managing a large network of active friends.

5. Grid Image Checker Tool: If you frequently upload lot of images consisting of call-to-action texts in it, then this tool is made just for you. It checks the images for text to image ratio on the Facebook platform to ensure you upload the passed image.

6. Facebook Graph Shortcuts: This handy tool lets you easily explore what a specific Facebook user is doing on Facebook even if you're not friends. It is done through powerful graph search which fetches the relevant data from the profile.

7. Cover Compliance Tool: Before uploading a custom page cover image on your business Facebook page, use this tool to identify if it contains more than 20% text. This helps you in complying with the restriction applicable for cover images.

8. Pick&Zip: This is one of my favorite tools for Facebook. It enables you to easily collect all the videos and photos in your account which can be easily downloaded either in zipped format or in the form of a PDF file.

9. Audience Insights: If you're planning to advertise on Facebook, this powerful tool gives you deeper insights for the target audience to help you take the right decision when crafting ads for this social platform.

10. F. B. Purity: If you have a cluttered news feed, then this plugin can help you clean it quite easily in no time. This web browser extension can easily block and hide select elements on the news feed to give you a minimal and clean timeline.