3 Best Ad Serving And Management Plugins For Wordpress

Blue Host Creative Ad serving processWordPress is extremely flexible content management system, yet an average user needs support of plugins to get things done in an easy way. If you're showing pay-per-click (PPC) or affiliate ads on your WordPress blogs, either you're embedding them manually or using an ad serving plugin to do the same. If it's the latter case, here are 3 awesome plugins that make your WordPress blog advertisement management easy. These plugins are free-to-use and provide easy and flexible methods to show ads on the blog. Through them, you can easily manage your ad inventory. One can also insert the ads at the design location in an easy manner with the help of these powerful plugins. Make sure you're running a self-hosted blog before you try to use these ad management plugins. You can check and analyze the features offered by these plugins and can select the best one that fits your needs. So, let's get started and see these select plugins to tame ad management process on your WordPress blogs and websites.

Ad serving process
All in One Adsense and YPN - It is one of the oldest ad management plugins which is quite popular since 2009. Thousands of blogs manage their Adsense and Yahoo! Publisher Network ads through this useful plugin. It is extremely flexible with lots of options to display ads on multiple criteria. You can display ads on the basis of tags and post/page types. You can also limit the number of ads that you want to show and posts and pages. This plugin can show the ads in random order from a lot. You can also show ads at random positions to reduce ad blindness.

Adsense Manager - This is yet another popular ad management plugin that supports 15 popular ad networks including the most popular Google Adsense. The set up requires you to import all the ad codes and it automatically detects the ad network through the code. Apart from tags, you can also specify post author as one of the criteria for displaying the ad code. This opens the room for easy ad-management on multi-author blogs.

WP125 - This plugin is ideal for bloggers interesting in serving (size 125x125) direct or affiliate ads on their blog. The plugin offers 1 and 2 column layout that can be tweaked in look-n-feel with custom CSS. The plugin is smart enough to calculate the expiry date when you mention the number of days it should be served. It records the impressions and clicks for each ad and archives the data once the ad is taken down automatically by this plugin.