9 Best Ad Serving and Ad Management Plugins for WordPress

Ad serving layoutsWordPress is an extremely flexible content management system, yet an average user needs support of plugins to get things done—in an easy way. If you're showing pay-per-click (PPC) or affiliate ads on your WordPress blog, either you're embedding them manually or using an ad-serving plugin for the same. If it's the latter case, following are some of the plugins that make your WordPress blog advertisement management—easy. These plugins are free-to-use and provide easy and flexible methods to show ads on the blog. Through them, you can easily manage your ad inventory. Through these plugins, one can also insert the ads at the desired location in an easy manner. Make sure you're running a self-hosted blog before you try out these ad management plugins. You can check and analyze the features offered by these plugins on a demo blog and can select the best one that fits your needs. So, let's get started and learn about these plugins to master the ad-management process on our WordPress blogs and business sites.

Ad serving layouts If you're using ads for the first time on your blog, go slow and make sure the adverts are not embedded aggressively—overwhelming the content. If done so, it may annoy the readers.

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Some of the plugin solutions mentioned below can also be used to manage direct advertisements without relying on an external platform. It's time to know about the features of these plugins. Here we go!

1. WordPress Ads & AdSense Plugin – Ad Inserter

Ad inserter plugin This is one of the most powerful, flexible, and popular ad management plugins for the WordPress platform. Technically sound users can use this plugin to create highly-customized ad insertion routines. In fact, a good number of features are never used by a general user. I've used this plugin for several clients and each one of them is more than happy. Following are some of the features of this plugin.
  • You can use several flexible layouts and alignments for the ads.
  • You can conditionally display or block ads through one or more rules.
  • Ad-blocker detection is also supported by this plugin.
  • Widgets, shortcodes, and PHP functions for the power users are all supported.
Download WordPress Ads & AdSense Plugin – Ad Inserter Plugin

2. Advanced Ads – Ad Manager with AdSense Integration

Advanced ads plugin The second one in this list is equally powerful and definitely deserve a mention. Apart from using it for serving regular PPC ads from popular ad networks, it can also be used to serve custom direct ads banner. This plugin provides granular controls for each ad to customize its integration as per your needs. Its ad group and rotation feature let you run split tests to find the best possible ad combination in no time.
  • It can capture blocked ads count which can be analyzed into a Google Analytics account.
  • One can explicitly specify the expiry date of each ad to stop its display on the frontend.
  • It can also disable the ads—automatically—for bots and crawlers.
  • Premium add-ons are available to add more power to this plugin.
Download Advanced Ads – Ad Manager with AdSense Integration Plugin

3. Easy AdSense Ads – Ad Inserter & AdSense Ad Manager

Easy Adsense ads plugin When you install this plugin, the initial impression is that it is comparatively limited in the number of options available in other popular solutions. But, that's not true! Its help documentation is excellent and facilitates quick configuration of the ads. It also offers a free theme that tightly integrates with the plugin's functionality. These features make this awesome plugin, a must-try for managing your blog ads.
  • Directly manage and customize ads from the theme customizer panel.
  • Full AMP support with a click of a button for serving ads faster on mobile devices.
  • Plays nicely with W3TC caching plugin for optimal performance.
  • Define your own custom ad locations to get the best results.
Download Easy AdSense Ads – Ad Inserter & AdSense Ad Manager Plugin

4. Quick AdSense

Quick AdSense plugin The name itself clarifies that this plugin is all about serving custom AdSense ads on a WordPress blog. It has a simple interface one can configure easily in a few easy steps. You'll obviously need a valid and approved AdSense account to use the features of this plugin. It also has a support for video ad monetization from a 3rd-party to increase your revenue. These flexible options are part of this plugin.
  • Directly control the total number of number of ads to be displayed on a post or page.
  • Extremely flexible options are available for the in-content ad units.
  • Optionally, ads can be displayed on archives pages too.
  • Custom manual insertion of ads can be done through simple tags.
Download Quick Adsense Plugin

5. AdSense Plugin WP QUADS

WPQUADS Adsense plugin With a higher user base and a 5-star rating, this plugin definitely is an option to manage AdSense ads on your blog. I loved its import and export settings which makes it easy to use the same settings on a different WordPress site. Although the interface of this plugin is a bit clumsy, it performs brilliantly—without any issues. It also has a powerful debug mode for advanced users to troubleshoot issues, if any.
  • AMP support out-of-the-box with an option to disable it.
  • Random ad serving support to test the performance and combinations.
  • Enable or disable ad serving on different types of web pages.
  • Disable ads for pages with infinite scrolling.
Download AdSense WP QUADS Plugin

6. AdRotate Banner Manager

Ad rotate manager plugin It's a full-fledged ad management system for serious web publishers who're running high traffic websites on the WordPress platform. If you're also serving custom direct ads on your blog, go for this plugin. It is one of the few ad management plugins whose premium version should definitely be considered, at least once. Following are some of the notable and helpful features of this flexible ad management plugin.
  • Create custom running schedules for both direct and 3rd-party ads.
  • Use ads from several popular CPM and PPC advertising networks.
  • Pro users can also use geo-targeting for select advertisements.
  • Serve different advertisements on different types of devices.
Download AdRotate Banner Manager Plugin

7. Wp-Insert

WP insert plugin This simple and effective ad management plugin is one of the good options for the web publishers. It is one of the most easily configurable plugins for quickly setting up ads on your website. Advanced users can use it to easily inject ads directly in the theme code. The plugin also helps you in quickly setting up essential legal pages before you start serving ads on the website. Here are some of its useful features.
  • Easily setup AdSense auto ads in less than a minute.
  • In-built support for Google Analytics script integration.
  • Powerful geo-targeting support for fine-tuned ad serving.
  • Quick and automatic generation of ads.txt is also supported.
Download Wp-Insert Plugin

8. Easy Google AdSense

Easy Adsense plugin Now this one is for people who hate spending time on configuring the plugins. It has a single option to configure which is just a copy-paste of your AdSense publisher ID. If you already have an approved account, you can use this plugin—instantly. Needless to say, this is a zero-configuration plugin for the busy, lazy, or technically challenged. Following key features are a part of this useful ad serving plugin.
  • Automatic insertion of AdSense ads at the right places within the layout.
  • You can control the types of ads to be shown directly from your AdSense account.
  • Lightweight plugin with almost a nonexistent footprint on the server.
  • Can be easily deactivated too without any fear of breaking anything on the site.
Download Easy Google AdSense Plugin

9. Ads for WP – Advanced Ads & Adsense Solution for WP & AMP

Ads for WP plugin And, last but not the least, is this easily configurable ad management plugin with lots of essential options required on a typical website or on a blog. Its interface is simple and easy-to-understand. Like other similar type of plugins, this one too has the support for ad-blocker detection. It has a support for data import of various other popular ad management plugins to make the switching process—quite easy.
  • Serve or block ad on different types of devices for better user experience.
  • Share revenue with writers on a high traffic multi-author blog.
  • Extremely flexible and rich ad creation options to deal with every situation.
  • No nonsense ad tracking statistics which are easy to analyze and understand.
Download Ads for WP – Advanced Ads & Adsense Solution for WP & AMP Plugin