8 Ways to Easily Create a One Page Website

A one-page website layout on a computer screenEvery business on this planet wants its own website. Isn't it so? But, several small business owners either don't have the technical ability to code a website for them or don't have enough budgets to get an expensive custom design for their business website. Fortunately, there are several online services that can help you create a small business website either for free or for an affordable fee. And, that too without any need to mess with code and complex technical procedures. Today, we're going to see, how we can create an impressive one-page website for our business in an easy way. Almost each of these useful services provides a drag and drop layout building environment that helps even a layman design a simple site within minutes. Let's check out these user-friendly site builders ideal for small business owners.

A one-page website layout on a computer screen

Thoroughly test these website creation services for ease of operation. One should be able to create a fairly modern one-page web design in less than an hour. If not, skip that service, altogether.

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Some of these services may offer a free plan. It's your best chance to quickly get the feel of the service. Extensively check the available features before making a decision to upgrade to a paid plan.

WIX website builder Wix - It is one of the most popular services to create small to medium business websites for free. Loaded with tons of exceptional features, this online service has a huge user base. If you want some of the premium features on your website at a later stage, you can have them too for a reasonable fee. Thousands of artists, freelancers, photographers, and others use this excellent service to get a free website for themselves. Following are some of the excellent features offered by this popular website building service. All these awesome features are included in the free plan.

  • Countless theme templates - With a rich collection of theme templates, you're guaranteed to get the kind of design you prefer for your business website.
  • Drag & Drop site builder - Its intuitive and user friendly site building tool has complete drag and drop support making site editing task, a cakewalk.
  • Add 3rd party apps - One can easily integrate various third-party extensions to the website like Instagram widgets, Google calendar app and much more.
  • Responsive out-of-the-box - No matter what design you choose from the template gallery, your website will be completely responsive from the very first day.

Weebly free website building service Weebly - This is yet another free website building service that is quite popular among small business owners and professionals. Its free plan includes everything one needs to maintain a starter website with the most essential features. The site maintenance interface is slick and clean. It also has a lively support center where you can get every help to get started with this service in no time. It also offers iPhone and Android apps so that you can manage your website from your smartphones too. Following killer features are supported by this powerful website building platform.

  • Intuitive site builder - The powerful website builder offered by this service is suitable even for non-techies who don't know to code.
  • Powerful analytics - Integrated web analytics module with your website can help you get detailed statistics about the traffic.
  • Search engine friendly - All the sites made on this service are completely search engine friendly giving you assured presence in the search results.
  • Fast and secure - The entire platform is built on a secure cloud that keeps your site running blazing fast and is totally secure from intruders.

Virb website building and hosting service Virb - One of the best features I liked about this service is the user friendly site maintenance dashboard that makes everything so easy. You can design and run professional grade business websites through this service at affordable rates. The features offered by the service are quite impressive. In a small budget, you can get tons of premium features that can handle most of your online business website requirements. There no limit on the bandwidth offered by this service including unlimited space to host your content. Check out the useful features of this service.

  • Code-less site building - Like other options, this service also lets you create awesome designs without asking you to write a single line of code.
  • Blog & eCommerce integration - One of the fantastic features available on this service is seamless integration of both blogs and eCommerce store.
  • Reliable cloud platform - All the sites are hosted on a powerful and secure cloud platform to give fast and powerful hosting service.
  • Excellent customer support - With tons of tutorials, users also get impeccable customer support that responds quickly.

Dunked portfolio builder that requires no coding skills Dunked - The following website building service is solely dedicated to creating awesome portfolio websites for freelancers and professionals. Don't worry you'll never need to write a single line of code to create one for you if you're using this awesome service. All the portfolio sites built through this service are not only responsive but are also retina ready for high-resolution screens. This essentially means visitors see your portfolio in crystal clear colors and graphics. Some of the features mentioned below make it one of the popular portfolio building services.

  • Simple site editing - From within the dashboard, you can edit and customize dozens of options associated with your portfolio to give it a completely unique look.
  • CSS access for power users - Technically sound users can get direct access to HTML & CSS of the site to build a complete custom design solution for themselves.
  • Password protection - Optionally, you can also password protect your portfolio site to show it to select client base.
  • Unlimited bandwidth - And last but not the least, you get unlimited bandwidth for your sparkling portfolio website.

Strikingly responsive site-building platform Strikingly - Through this service, we can make stunning mobile responsive websites within minutes. Whether you're a non-techie or a hardcore programmer, making a website through this platform is a pleasant experience since you never need to touch the code base of the website. The wonderful dashboard controls and the site editing options make it one of the easiest site building tools. Instead of adding bloated bells and whistles, this service includes the most necessary and vital features one needs in a simple website. These features make it stand apart from its competitors.

  • Custom submission form - Site owners can attach a custom web form quite easily on their contact page to get submissions from the visitors.
  • Easy social media integration - You can also integrate various social media sharing options through point and click controls.
  • Integrated web analytics - Its powerful web analytics section lets you keep eyes on the incoming traffic.
  • Search engine optimized - Your every single site is inherently search engine optimized to help you build your presence on organic traffic pulling channels.

SnapPages website building service SnapPages - With collection of gorgeous designs, you can build your one page website quite fast through this user friendly site building platform. Its powerful site building controls are ideal for laymen looking to modify their site design with no hassle. The sheer volume of customization controls keeps you in command to bend your website design at your will. Its powerful cloud hosting backbone ensures your website runs seamlessly without any downtime. I'm impressed by the large collection of beautiful themes available to be installed on your brand new business website.

  • Blog integration - Apart from regular website layout, you can also integrate a full fledged blog site for pulling more readers.
  • Social media integration - And, with handy social media extensions, you can easily make your website content shareable.
  • Search engine optimized designs - All the websites created by this platform are fully search engine optimized.
  • Helpful support - In case you stuck anywhere, you can ask for assistance through their professional support team.

Webflow site building service Webflow - I'm pretty sure, no other site building service offers this number of site customization options as this platform offers. The underlying generated code by this platform is highly optimized to ensure your website renders fast and is search engine friendly at the same time. It also includes a collaboration feature that allows your team to work with you in tidying up the site design. Advanced users can use its powerful features to create more complex business websites with ease. Following flexible and intuitive features are available on this popular site building platform.

  • Optimized code - As I mentioned before, the entire code generated by this site building service is highly optimized ensuring it renders perfectly in all modern browsers.
  • Tons of options - As a user, you get dozens of customization options to customize the entire website design as per your needs.
  • Secure hosting platform - All the sites are hosted on a secure cloud ensuring your websites run uninterruptedly.
  • Social widgets - One can easily choose from lots of social media integration features available for making your content more social.

Create beautiful site with flavors me service Flavors - One of the striking features of this website building service is the ability to easily bring the content from various popular publishing platforms like Blogger or WordPress. Through its intuitive interface, you can easily customize all the major portions of your website. You can easily publish multimedia content on your website without any glitch. To access premium features, you have to pay very low fee compared to its competitors. This allows you to use your own custom domain name with your website. Check out these flexible features offered by Flavors service.

  • User friendly site editor - No coding knowledge is required to build awesome websites through this excellent service.
  • Import content from external services - You can easily pull your archives from external publishing platforms directly into your Flavors site.
  • Easily publish multimedia content - Publishing video, podcast and rich images is quite easy with this flexible website building service.
  • Secure and reliable hosting - The hosting platform itself is quite stable and secure giving you peace of mind.