6 Best Services to Host Your Ghost Blog

A ghost blogging in front of a computerGhost blogs are known for their blazing fast speeds. The reason is the optimized Node.js back-end server architecture that ensures there's minimal latency in serving up blog resources. If you're looking to run a Ghost-powered blog, there are plenty of hosting options at your disposal. Most of them offer user-friendly blog installation procedure, while few services are more suited for developers. With most of the services listed here, you can easily use your own custom domain name. I've tested each of these services during the beta phase and found them pretty reliable, stable and secure. My personal favorite is OpenShift service as I prefer to mess with code rather than clicking buttons to get things done. Depending on your needs and the number of blogs you want to run, you can pick one of the best services listed below. If you want to go beyond running blogs, you should learn how to resell hosting so you can host different blogs.

A ghost blogging in front of a computer

No matter which blog hosting service you're choosing, always pay attention to the security aspect. It's as essential as the speed of your web server. So, I would like you to pick wisely after comparison.

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Also, check the ratings and the customer feedback about their support staff. No matter how good is the hardware infrastructure, everything can go in vain if the support system is not as per your expectations.

Ghost dot org homepage Ghost - It's no surprise that the best hosting choice for a Ghost blog is none other than offered by its creators. Ghost team has their own hosting platform for publishers looking to run a secure and reliable blog. The plans they offer are very flexible supporting a beginner as well as large enterprises. During the beta phase testing, I found the hosted blog blazing fast. Without any doubt, this is first Ghost hosting service I'd recommend to anyone looking to use Ghost platform for powering their blog. Following are some of the features offered by this excellent service.

  • Custom domains - Like every premium Ghost hosting service, this one allows its users to use their own custom domains for each Ghost instance.
  • Custom themes - You are also allowed to upload and use your own custom themes. The custom theme activation process is simple and easy-to-use.
  • Premium support - You also get fast and friendly email-based support for resolving any issues you may experience with your blogs.
  • Reliable hosting platform - As I mentioned before, the back end infrastructure of this hosting service is very strong resulting in a seamless performance with blazing fast speeds.

runkite ghost hosting service Runkite - I've tested this service too during its beta phase and found it pretty good and user friendly. Their reliable infrastructure and the impressive management interface make it one of the strongest competitors in its segment. This service also offers a free trial period to get familiar with the features and options available to the users. The hardware platform itself is top notch with SSD storage. You can easily manage multiple blogs from a single dashboard. If you want to use SSL certificate with your Ghost blog, you can use that too without a complex configuration process.

  • Custom domains - You can either use default subdomain or a custom domain name with each Ghost blog installed within your account.
  • Managed backups - This service takes care of the blog backups so that you can concentrate on publishing and marketing of your blog.
  • One click installs - The installation process is damn easy and all it requires is a press of a single button.
  • Easy theme management - Theme switching is also user-friendly so that you can easily try out different skins for your Ghost blog.

Serversaurus Ghost™ Hosting Serversaurus Ghost™ Hosting - With several flexible Ghost hosting plans, this service can give its competitors a run for their money. They offer several useful features aimed to provide a flexible and user-friendly Ghost hosting experience to their customers. They're also environmental friendly donating a percentage of their earnings to relevant charities addressing environmental issues. This service has an in-house cloud hosting infrastructure for hosting all the blogs. This service also offers one of the most flexible and secure paying options for the potential customers.

  • Custom domain names - If you want to give a unique name to your Ghost blog, you can easily use custom domain for it.
  • Dedicated support - This service provides a dedicated ticket based support 5 days a week for helping the users with technical issues, if any.
  • Easy blog set up - The new blog set up is instant without any complex technical process making it ready for use almost immediately.
  • Flexible plans - Different hosting plans offered by this service are suitable for every customer segment catering to their specific needs.

Haunted Ghost blog hosting service Haunted - This is another free option for bloggers looking to run a Ghost blog but have no budget to avail a premium plan. I've tested this hosting service with a demo blog and found it damn good. The blog was rendering fast and uninterruptedly. This hosting service is ideal for testing the features of this amazing blogging platform before you decide to switch to a premium plan. You can create a custom subdomain while creating a new blog through this service. Following are some of the essential features included in this popular free hosting plan ideal for starter Ghost blogs.

  • One click installs - Like every popular Ghost hosting service, this awesome service also offers user friendly set up of new blogs.
  • No hidden costs - This free plan doesn't include any kind of conditions or restrictions that may lead to billing, once the blog is up and running.
  • User friendly management interface - The blog management interface is quite good and helps even newbies to easily administer their Ghost blog.
  • Reliable hosting infrastructure - The underlying hosting platform is very much stable giving seamless performance without any glitch.

Ghost hosting service on RedHat OpenShift Ghost on OpenShift - As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, this is my preferred hosting platform for testing and running Ghost blogs I generally use for theme testing and development purposes. If you're a non-techie, you may look for other hosting solutions since this one requires you to be a bit technically sound to install and manage your Ghost blog. They offer both free and paid plans for the users with impressive customer support. If you're a web developer or a seasoned Linux geek, then this flexible and powerful Ghost hosting platform is ideal for you.

  • SFTP access - You are allowed to access the directory tree of your Ghost instance through secure file transfer protocol.
  • Powerful & secure platform - The underlying platform is a powerful hosting solution powered by Redhat Enterprise server.
  • Great community support - Its lively community support forum is one of the best in its class helping you solve issues in a timely manner.
  • Developer friendly - And last but not the least, developers will feel at home while using this Ghost hosting service.

Ghosted ghost blog hosting service Ghosted - You can almost instantly get a brand new Ghost blog through this popular service. It includes multilingual email support that ensures you get the assistance in maintaining your blog in the best possible way. All the blogs use SSD storage making them super fast. It's one of the best-hosted services for running Ghost blogs. Since it is a premium service, you get full control over your blog without any kind of restrictions. Following are some of the impressive and useful features supported by this excellent and powerful Ghost blog hosting service.

  • Drag n drop theme change - One can easily change unlimited themes through easy drag n drop action that makes the upload process dead simple.
  • Dropbox sync - You can also use Dropbox sync features to pull the theme files directly from your Dropbox account.
  • Custom domains - And of course, you can use your own custom domain with your blog anytime. The changes are applied real quick through a user-friendly interface.
  • Easy-to-use control panel - The overall control panel usage is excellent letting even technically challenged manage their Ghost blogs with ease.