10 Best Screen Capture Tools for macOS Computers

A screenshot tool for macOS computersNo matter which operating system you're using, a good screen capturing application is a must for every savvy user. Such applications are available in different formats viz., browser extensions and standalone applications. Today, we're going to look at some of the best screen capturing applications available for the Mac platform. All these apps are used by a large number of users and are packed with several intuitive features. Depending on your exact requirements, you can choose the best one has the features that you use most while grabbing screenshots on your Mac screen. Try to pick the one that is light, compact and is having the best user interface. I've tested these apps in different ways and found them quite stable, user-friendly and useful. Let's check out these powerful screen capturing applications made for macOS.

A screenshot tool for macOS computers

While choosing a screenshot tool, pay attention to the number of output formats supported by it. Make sure it has the capability to save the captured image in multiple file formats.

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Some of the paid tools come with a great number of extended features. If budget is not an issue, do not hesitate to invest in such a screenshot tool to increase your productivity.

Lightshot screenshot app for Mac Lightshot - This app is extremely light and takes the screenshot in just two clicks. One can easily share the captured screenshot with others as it supports quick uploading to the server. It also includes a powerful image editor to quickly enhance the screenshots instantly after capturing them. Soon after capturing the image, you can easily send it to different destinations including email and popular social media platforms. It also includes a powerful image search facility to mine out similar photos. Although it is available as a standalone application, I prefer the browser extension.

Clarify screenshot software Clarify - This is one of the best screen capturing applications for professionals. It includes several good options to handle the captured images. It allows you to easily capture multiple images in a row to create a sequence that can be easily embedded in a document. When it comes to image sharing, it has a wide array of options that includes PDF file, email & direct upload to a DropBox account or the app's own image sharing service. The app's interface is impeccable with user-friendly controls. It also has an image editing module to pimp up the screenshot before saving or sharing.

Voila screen capturing tool for Mac Voila - This flexible screen capturing tool is loaded with tons of options. It allows you to take a screenshot in different ways when it comes to selecting a region on the screen. Its editing tools are rich in features including customizable speech bubbles and much more. Smart image organizing features that support tagging ensure you can easily find a previously captured image in no time. It can also record videos capturing the screen to prepare tutorials and presentations for the target audience. The interface of this intuitive application is extremely good and easy-to-use.

SnapNDrag Mac app for screen capturing SnapNDrag - This tool lets you grab screenshots in three different ways. If you take a lot of screen captures, this app can easily organize them into different folders. If required, you can easily share your images on social media as well as via email. Needless to say, every good screenshot application lets images saved in different graphics formats and this one is no different. Power users can also use its batch image renaming feature to quickly change names of screenshots in bulk. Similarly, users can also customize the hotkeys to easily remember the actions associated with this app.

Snapz Pro X - Screen capturing app for Mac Snapz Pro X - This app has a gorgeous interface you'll love right from the moment you'll start using it on your Mac. This tool lets you record professional grade screen presentations. Apart from saving screen captures in regular image formats, it can also save them in PDF and Photoshop formats and that too with customizable compression levels. You can also apply various visual effects on the captured image to make it look more pleasing to eyes. You can also add watermarks and copyright statements within a captured image quite easily through this powerful application.

CloudApp screenshot and sharing tool for Mac CloudApp - This application is ideal for those users who frequently share the captured images on web. It has a handy sharing mechanism that instantly uploads and provides you with a short link to quickly share the captured image on the web. Apart from images, this versatile app can be used to share almost any type of file on the web. You can also customize the handy screen grabbing shortcut to ease the entire image capturing process. Its free plan lets you share large high resolution captured images with a size of up to 10 MB without any glitch across the web.

Screeny screen capturing app for Mac Screeny - This is yet another powerful combo application that can be used both for screenshot capturing as well as for screen video recording. While selecting the region for image capture, you can fine-tune the details about the specific part of the screen that should be included in the capturing process. Its window capture feature lets you easily take a screenshot of an active window selected by you. With a single click, you can also ensure that the captured image is uploaded to your Cloud App account and the associated shortened link is copied to the clipboard. This app is worth giving a try.

Snip screen capturing tool for Mac Snip - This excellent screen capturing app can easily grab screenshots of scrolling windows. This helps you take images of long web pages that are generally not possible with a regular screenshot application. Its retina display support ensures the captured image preserves the sharpness and clarity of the high-resolution display. This app can also capture window regions quite easily with a single click. And through its flexible image editing extension, you can easily add captions, texts, and arrows within the captured image. The interface of this useful app is quite intuitive.

RetinaCapture tool for screen capturing on Mac RetinaCapture - This screen capturing app is ideal for web designers who regularly code retina friendly websites for their clients. It is capable of taking both 1x and 2x resolution screen captures for using in retina ready website designs. You can customize the file naming scheme as per your preferences. Once the shots are taken, both the files are automatically saved in a single folder. One can take the screen captures in different file formats as well as can select the region on the screen for a custom capture. This is surely one of the handy apps, web developers must use.

Ondesoft screen capture tool for Mac Ondesoft - This is one of the most flexible screen capturing apps with dozens of customizable options. Apart from regular screen capturing features, it offers certain unique and intuitive features generally not present in a typical free screen-grabbing app. You can use a screen magnifier included in this app to accurately select the region you want to capture. The photo editing module included in this app is more than just a sample image pimping extension supporting dozens of impressive features. Managing multiple screenshots in succession is quite easy through this app.