How to Remove Bloatware or Unwanted Apps from Your Android Smartphone

Android malware logoBelieve it or not, several popular branded and custom Android smartphones come pre-bundled with loads of apps that are not only unnecessary but also take up space and system resources making your device sluggish. Generally, an average user is not aware of it and hence pays no attention to this unwanted bloatware. One must either disable these apps or should remove them altogether to not only free up storage space but also to reduce the load on other system resources like CPU share. Fortunately, there are several good applications that kill these unwanted apps to make your phone more responsive. After using one of these applications, you'll be surprised to know how much storage space you've saved along with a much faster and responsive phone. Let's check out these handy apps for Android smartphones.

Android malware logo

Bloatware apps are often not easily detected by users who are not tech-savvy. Identifying such apps is a daunting task if you do it manually. That's where this tutorial will help you to tackle this problem.

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Do not hesitate to invest in a good antivirus app for your mobile device. It'll help you prevent the installation of bloatware in the first place reducing your work by many folds.

NoBloat Free app removing Android app NoBloat Free - The app's name itself tells that it removes all the bloatware from your Android smartphone. The free version of this app is powerful enough to take care of most of the unwanted apps installed on your phone. This application has one of the slickest interfaces when compared to its competitors. Once installed and activated, you can easily find and uninstall all the resource hogging unwanted apps running on your Android device. It has several important features to help you delete only the right apps that are negatively affecting your Android smartphone.

  • System apps backups - Before you start the deleting process, you can use its backup feature to keep a copy of all the system apps.
  • Selective app deletion - You can select and can delete specific applications from a list to ensure you're not doing anything wrong through bulk deletion actions.
  • Restoration of disabled system app - You can also easily restore all of the system apps you've earlier disabled through this app.
  • User-friendly interface - And last but not the least, the app's user interface is nice and obvious that makes the bloatware removal process very easy.

Bloatware Freezer Android app to remove unwanted apps Bloatware Freezer - This is yet another useful app that can be used to suspend or disable selective unwanted apps that make your smartphone sluggish. It has a handy search function to find out the apps you're looking for suspension. The light and clear interface is soothing for eyes and makes the disabling process easy. I tested this app on one of my phones and found significant improvement in the battery life. The application itself is tiny in size and leaves almost no footprint on the system resources. Following are some of the useful features included in this killer app.

  • Easy app disabling - Through this app, selecting and disabling a selective unwanted app is just a matter of seconds.
  • Dedicated task manager - Its task manager aids in the selection process as you can watch how each active task is using the system resources.
  • List of safe apps - It also has a continuously growing list of safe applications that can be disabled without any negative effects on the phone.
  • Master reset option - In case something goes wrong, you can use its master reset option to bring back things to normal.

Bloat Freezer app for Android phones Bloat Freezer - This is an ultimate optimization engine that'll help you get rid of resource hogging apps present on your phone. The application file size is small and it's very light and responsive. To leverage the features of this app completely, you must turn on the USB debugging feature of your Android device. You can manage deletion and disable of both system and 3rd party applications through this powerful tool. The interface is quite good with a point 'n' click operations. These flexible and user-friendly features are part of this powerful bloatware removal Android application.

  • Disable or delete apps - Whether it's a system app or a general application, you can easily disable or delete it through this handy tool.
  • One click enable - In case you want to bring back a disabled app to life, a single click is enough to do so.
  • User friendly interface - The interface is quite impressive with obvious controls and options.
  • Light and secure - The app itself is lightening fast and works like charm completing all the operations instantly.

App Freezer/Disabler app for removing bloatware on Android App Freezer/Disabler - And last but not the least, this application deserves a mention in this list of bloatware removal apps. I must say, this is one more app on this list having an excellent user interface that makes the entire app suspension and activation process, a pleasant experience. It includes several intuitive features that are not present in other similar applications. This app works seamlessly on almost every Android device without any hiccups. Following are the important and prominent features present in this useful bloatware thrashing Android application.

  • Manage apps from home screen widget - This app includes a flexible widget that sits on the home screen to easily enable or disable selective apps.
  • Gorgeous interface - As I mentioned before, this app has one of the best interfaces among the applications listed here.
  • Disable both stock & 3rd party apps - It's capable of disabling both pre-bundled stock applications as well as general apps installed on your Android phone.
  • Fast and stable performance - The overall app performance is quite stable with blazing fast operations.