31 Free and Powerful Extensions For Easy Digital Downloads

Online shopping through a smartphoneThousands of businesses and individuals are using WordPress for selling their digital files. Fortunately, there are several powerful plugins available for selling digital products and Easy Digital Downloads is one of them. It has tons of customization scope with the help of hundreds of extensions available for the user base. Today, we're going to look at the some of the best and free add-ons available for EDD (Easy Digital Downloads). Depending on your project requirements, you can select them from the list of extensions to implement the exact feature you want on your site. Do not try these extensions on your live site to avoid any mishap although these add-ons are thoroughly tested for proper functioning. Developers will find these handy extensions very convenient for adding more power and features to the EDD plugin.

Online shopping through a smartphone

While using these flexible extensions, make sure you do not overdo it. Relying too much on these extensions can clutter things and may even slow down your payment processing pages.

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Always test these extensions on a dummy website before even thinking about deploying them on a production website. It is essential for a running payment processing system with existing subscribers.

EDD toolbar plugin Easy Digital Downloads Toolbar - Developers and end users who heavily use EDD on active production sites can use this excellent plugin to ease the management of the downloads. Once activated, it adds a handy toolbar within top WordPress admin bar. Links to frequently used options enables you to quickly access the relevant modules of EDD without any hassle. It's also multi-site capable with multilingual support. Developers can use 4 filters available for this extension to customize it as per need. You can also add 3rd party EDD extension links in it.

EDD search widget plugin Easy Digital Downloads Search Widget - If you're selling lot of digital downloads on your site then this add-on is ideal for your potential customers. This handy extension lets them search for all the available digital products on your website. You can customize the search widget as well as the result pages to match with the site theme. This extension is also developer friendly providing a good number of filters and hooks to bend it as per the requirements. This extension is also multi-site compatible with options to configure custom functions for each site.

EDD Genesis connect plugin Genesis Connect for Easy Digital Downloads - As the name implies, this extension is for developers using Genesis framework to develop WordPress sites. This powerful add-on provides custom templates for key EDD pages that can be easily integrated with Genesis child themes. It's also compatible with Genesis SEO settings for EDD landing pages so that your digital products get a better presence on search engines. In simple words, this flexible extension gives you all the power required to integrate EDD and Genesis features with each other in an easy way.

EDD free download plugin Easy Digital Downloads - Free Download - Apart from regular premium downloads, if you're also offering freebies on your site, this plugin lets you do that from within EDD with ease. For any product whose price is set to 0, this add-on ensures that the regular cart process is skipped. You can still use all the regular EDD features like user registration and download reports for each user. Each visitor can download multiple freebies in a single session. Developers can easily customize select landing pages of EDD used specifically for downloading free products.

EDD Putler connector plugin Easy Digital Downloads Putler Connector - If you're using sales analytics application Putler for tracking your eCommerce business, this plugin can help you integrate it tightly with your EDD configuration in no time. Through this extension, all the digital download transaction data is automatically pushed to your Putler account via its API. All you need is to insert your API key obtained from your Putler account and you're good to go. New users can start with the free account which is good enough for small online stores. Configuring this extension is dead simple.

EDD related downloads plugin Easy Digital Downloads - Related Downloads - Its functioning is quite similar to related content section we often display on our websites and blogs. The good thing about this extension is that it works out-of-the-box without any configuration. Customers can see 3 or more related digital products on the download pages. This way, you can expect some push for your sales. The entire section is responsive so it fits nicely with modern themes. It is also available in the form of a widget so that you can display the related products within any widgetized area of your custom theme.

EDD software specs plugin Easy Digital Downloads - Software Specs - If you're selling digital products that are frequently updated and you regularly share product's metadata (e.g: version, file type, size) with the customers, then this plugin is ideal for you. It lets you display this important data in a user-friendly format on product's single download page. You can also specify for which products such metadata should be displayed. One can embed the specification table both in widget form and in the form of a shortcode. This gives you the flexibility to fine-tune its location within the page.

EDD MailChimp subscribe plugin Easy Digital Downloads Mailchimp Subscribe - If you're selling digital goods online but not creating an email list of your customer base, you're a dead duck. To get started immediately, all you need is to install this handy add-on. It allows you to automatically build your email list while your new customers purchase your digital products. This extension lets you customize the text for the list sign up prompt and also allows double opt-in if configured. Configuring the plugin is extremely easy and involves a few simple steps. I'd highly recommend using this valuable extension.

EDD store hours plugin Easy Digital Downloads - Store Hours - As the name implies, this extension is ideal for those online stores which do not operate 24 hours. Website owners can configure the time frame window for active hours. If a potential visitor lands in offline hours, he cannot make a purchase. This add-on is a developer-friendly allowing them to completely customize the features and functioning. It also includes a handy store hours widget that can be quickly customized to match with your website store. You can disable the store hours add-on anytime without any kind of adverse effect.

EDD affiliate banners Easy Digital Downloads Affiliate Banners - Such a powerful eCommerce plugin deserves promotion from its users. That's where this plugin comes handy. It tightly integrates with the EDD affiliate management system and lets you display nice and appealing affiliate banners on your WordPress site. One has to simply configure the widget to show the affiliate banners. You can insert this widget into any widgetized area of your theme. This makes it pretty flexible letting you display the banners in the desired places. Every EDD affiliate must try this useful plugin.

EDD download images plugin EDD Download Images - This plugin can help you elevate your sales figure, if used correctly. We all know pictures are more effective in conveying a message to online visitors. Through this plugin, you can showcase an array of images for your digital product. This helps you present your product in a much better way in front of the prospects. The plugin itself is developer friendly and provides enough options to customize it at will. For general users, the inclusion of shortcode support is quite handy for displaying multiple custom product images at the desired location with ease.

EDD hide download plugin EDD Hide Download - As the name implies, this flexible plugin prevents access to the digital product. For example, if you want the product download access to be only available on the product's single download page, you can configure that easily. Once configured, that product will not appear anywhere else on the site. Advanced users can use the filter to redirect the users to another page if they try to access the download from a specific page. Those users who're not sure if their downloads are protected can use this powerful plugin to restrict download from single or specific pages.

EDD download as services plugin EDD Downloads As Services - Freelancers and web developers will find this plugin very handy. If you're selling your services instead of selling digital products, this plugin can make the desired adjustments and changes in the EDD features so that your clients get the best experience when purchasing your services through EDD plugin. It also lets you mark the select product or service categories as services so that necessary tweaks and adjustments are automatically applied to those groups. Developers can easily extend this handy plugin to meet the custom requirements.

EDD featured downloads plugin EDD Featured Downloads - I'm sure you'll love this plugin if you're selling more than one digital products on your WordPress site. Featured products always give a push to your existing sales elevating the revenue graph. This extremely developer friendly plugin lets you display a list of featured products in the desired way at a specific location. Through flexible hooks, you can easily customize the HTML of the featured section so that you can gel it well with your existing site theme. Non-techies can use the shortcode method to quickly insert the featured products listing.

EDD discount widget plugin Easy Digital Downloads - Discount Widget - If you're offering discounts on your digital products, this widget can help you expand the reach and visibility of your offerings to a large customer base. This useful add-on uses EDD API to showcase discounted products within a customizable widget. Third party sites or your own affiliates can use this plugin to display your offered products on their site with ease. Configuring the widget is very easy and only requires insertion of API key and token. Advanced users can also customize the widget appearance without any conflicts.

EDD purchase Gravatars plugin EDD Purchase Gravatars - This is yet another plugin that can certainly add some kick to help you boost your sales. Once activated, this add-on displays the Gravatars of all your current customers in a nicely formatted image grid. The gravatar widget is highly customizable and can be easily inserted through a shortcode. One can easily specify the size of gravatar images and can also ensure the images are randomized on each page reload. You can also configure the number of customer Gravatars that should be included within the widget at a time. A clever plugin you must use!

EDD prevent checkout plugin EDD Prevent Checkout - If you're selling multiple bundles of digital products with dependencies, this plugin can ensure your customers purchase all the required products. Through this add-on, you can specify the minimum total in your cart until a checkout is allowed. If the cart total remains below the threshold, the customer will not be allowed to complete the purchase. If required, you can customize the message that should be displayed if the customer tries to check out while the cart has not reached the upper limit. You can deactivate the shopping cart threshold at will too.

EDD auto-register plugin EDD Auto Register - This is yet another plugin that large number of EDD users would love to use. It automatically creates the customer account during the checkout. This is very useful when you're offering dedicated customer areas on the website to manage their accounts and downloads. If you're using bbPress for providing customer support to your customers, you never have to create accounts for them manually. The plugin presents a much simpler login form for the registered users compared to the inbuilt default form displayed by the parent EDD plugin.

EDD list file names plugin EDD List File Names - Digital products often contain multiple files packed in a single bundle. If that is the case, this plugin nicely displays the unique formatted list of all the files included in the bundle. General users can use the shortcode to display the list of digital files anywhere within the template. You can also modify the HTML markup through a simple PHP function to display the file list in your desired format. Through shortcode parameters, you can customize the list at will. Every marketer offering a bundle of digital files within a single product must use this handy plugin.

EDD purchase rewards plugin EDD Purchase Rewards - This extremely flexible plugin is very useful for EDD users who want to boost their sales by offering discounts on their products. The plugin can either use a previously generated discount code or can create one instantly during the customer's visit. You can specify the minimum cart threshold that must be reached while a customer is making a discounted purchase. One can also make it mandatory for the customer to share the discount information on one of the social networks before a checkout is done. It's a must-have add-on for EDD.

EDD variable pricing plugin EDD Variable Pricing Descriptions - As the name implies, this plugin facilitates inclusion of descriptions of multiple price options for a single product. Through a simple text field, you can easily write a persuasive pricing description for each price option to let the customers know about that pricing benefits. This greatly helps in increasing the conversions. Through a hook, it seamlessly integrates with the parent plugin and displays the pricing descriptions at the right place. Experienced copywriters can take advantage of this plugin to insert strong call-to-actions easily.

EDD favorites EDD Favorites - Publishers who're selling an array of digital products can take advantage of this plugin by offering an option to the customers where they can add their favorite products to the wishlist. Make sure you've fulfilled the plugin dependencies for using this extension. The plugin supports one-click addition and removal of favorite products to the list. Even if you've included variable pricing products, you can still add specific product variant to your favorite list. You can use this plugin in conjunction with featured products extension to elevate the sales.

EDD versions plugin EDD Versions - Users who are offering frequently updated software can use this plugin to easily attach version number to each subsequent release. It automatically adds the version number to all the released files on the download history page generated by the parent EDD plugin. Remember, if you're using the EDD software licensing plugin, you do not need this plugin as the former add-on automatically handles the file version history. Freelance developers offering plugins and themes to their customer base will find this add-on very useful to add version to the files.

EDD status board plugin EDD - Status Board - If you're addicted to frequently scan your sales figures of EDD, you can use this plugin to get a graph based status board displaying the EDD stats in a nicely formatted table. You can display three types of reports through this plugin. In any case, you always get the last 7 days statistics from the EDD database. Through flexible filters, advanced users can alter the style and color of the graph tables. You'll need EDD API keys and tokens to make this plugin work correctly. I've tested this plugin on my iPad and found it extremely useful and easy-to-use.

EDD mobile plugin EDD Mobile - Good number of EDD users want to see statistics related to their account while on the go. Fortunately, iOS and Android users can do that quite easily with this plugin. This powerful and flexible plugin presents a nice interface to display data related to your customers and sales and earnings. Through user-friendly taps and swipes, you can view your account data in a readable format. While viewing the sales order records, you can refresh the list to fetch the latest data from your server. It's one of the best mobile plugins for EDD users that's slick and dead simple.

EDD disable purchase receipt plugin EDD Disable Purchase Receipt - Under certain circumstances, you may require to stop the delivery of purchase receipt to the customer's email address. That's where this plugin comes handy. Once activated, it completely stops the delivery of purchase receipts for all your customers. The plugin works out-of-the-box and doesn't require any kind of complex configuration. If you want to revert back to original receipt delivery mechanism, simply deactivate this plugin and you're good to go. Even if it is used rarely by EDD users, it works perfectly, whenever required for this feature.

EDD download info plugin EDD Download Info - This powerful plugin adds tons of information for the product that is being downloaded on its landing page. Its widgetized form is highly customizable giving important information about the digital file that a customer may download after the purchase. The information includes demo and support site links, file version number, number of downloads till date and the last update date of the file. It also includes a shortcode for free download button to facilitate easy access to freebies on your site. I liked its drag and drop custom widget for the sidebar area.

EDD variable pricing hawk plugin EDD Variable Pricing Hawk - This excellent plugin helps your customer choose the right option when purchasing a variable pricing product. By default, it keeps all the pricing options disabled and let the customer choose the right option on its own. Once selected, you can also display a custom alert text to inform the customer about that specific option. This ensures your customer chooses the correct plan or license for the product. In simple words, this plugin improves the entire purchasing experience whenever a customer buys a product having multiple pricing options.

EDD recurring labels plugin EDD Recurring Payment Labels - Nothing beats a product having recurring payment plans. That's how developers and freelancers make money year after year. Fortunately, EDD supports it inherently and this add-on enhances it further. By default, you cannot edit the labels so easily associated with the recurring payment products. But this handy plugin can give you the convenience of editing these labels without any hassle. Simply install and activate this plugin and start editing the labels. It's simple to use and works perfectly with recurring payment products.

EDD shortcode menu plugin EDD Shortcode Menu - Experienced EDD users know how large is the collection of shortcodes supported by this powerful plugin. The following child extension helps you make the most out of it to easily add useful features and information on your website with ease. It adds a shortcode button within the post editor menu and that presents the entire list of shortcodes supported by the EDD plugin. This way, you can easily add a relevant shortcode to your posts and pages, whenever required. Developers can use this handy plugin while designing the EDD powered websites.

EDD CF7 registrations plugin EDD CF7 Register Guest Customers - If you're using EDD along with Contact Form 7 plugin, then this extension can be of immense use for you. This powerful add-on lets your existing customers register on your site through a custom Contact Form 7 registration page. After registration, your customer can view their purchase history. You can extend that page and can include more useful information in it. Registration for all other users are disabled and they are shown a relevant message after rejecting their registration try. Another must-have plugin for all the EDD users.