How to Find Your Google or Gmail Account Creation Date

An illustration of a calendarAlmost every internet user has a Google account and uses one or more services—daily. Sometimes, during the recovery phase, it is often asked to provide a rough guess of your account creation date. Do you remember your Google account creation date? Well, most of us don't remember it as it appears, there's no reason to do so. But, there's an easy way to find out the Google account creation date. It's dead simple which gives you the accurate date as well as the time when you created your account. Along with this information, you also get information about account recovery and a brief detail about your account logins for the past few months. I'll suggest saving this critical information in a safe place as you may need it future during an emergency while trying to recover your Google account. This information also includes the IP address from which you created the Google account. The information you get through the process mentioned below is Google's proprietary, so make sure you do not share it with anybody else.

An illustration of a calendar If you're a Google service user, I'll strongly recommend extracting this information for future use. It'll save you from losing your account in case you're locked out of your account for some reason.

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So, let's get started and follow this simple process to grab the account creation date and other critical information associated with our Google account. Save this information on a non-Google service.

First of all, go to your Google account settings page.

Data and privacy option in Google account settings page Here, click the Data & privacy option in the sidebar. It'll redirect you to the respective page.

Download data section in Google accounts page Scroll down to reach the section where you have the option to download your account data as shown in the image above. Here, click on the Download your data option.

Deselect button for the data takeout download option By default, almost all of the active Google services are selected for the data download. But, we only want our account data that is relevant to our needs. To do so, click the Deselect all option.

Google account data download option Scroll down and find the Google Account section. Select this option as indicated above.

A blue color next step button Thereafter, scroll down to the bottom and click the Next step button.

Google data download export settings On the export settings page, you can change the settings of your data download. I've left the default setting as it is though you can change it as per your needs. Now, click the Create export button.

Download option for the exported data from a Google account Here our download data is small in size—so instantly—you'll get the download page. Click the Download to get the zip file containing your data. Extract the files from the downloaded zip file.

Google account creation date Within the zip folder, go to Takeout → Google Account → <username>.Subscriberinfo.html file and click it to open it in your favorite web browser.

Now, you can see your Google account creation date as shown in the image above. The IP address through which you created the account is also available.