How to Record Zoom or Google Meet Calls

A recording neon light signWith a plethora of conferencing and video calling applications to choose from, Google Meet and Zoom remain the top solutions for millions of users. Both these services are easy-to-use and work flawlessly within all modern web browsers. Whether you're using for one-to-one video calling sessions or doing full-scale conferencing, at times you may feel the need to record your video calling sessions for future reference. There are several ways to do it and we'll focus on the best ones. Almost all of the recording tools mentioned below are free to use and work well without any issues. Depending on the web browser you're using, you can test and select the best recording option. I've tested these tools with Firefox and Google Chrome. Any WebKit-powered browser can run the ones supported by the latter one. Before you go ahead with it, I'll recommend informing the participants about your recording intent. Ideally, they should know about it in advance. Let's get started and check out these recording tools.

A recording neon light sign While using these recording tools, make sure you select the right options to get the quality you're looking for. Failing to do so may result in low-quality recordings which is not what you may be looking for.

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Do share with us the option you've selected for your recordings and the result you're getting from it. It'll help us in finding the best option that works flawlessly in different conditions.

Recording a Zoom Call

Recording Zoom video conferencing session is dead simple. If you want to save your recorded session on a cloud, you'll need a paid plan for that. But, free tier users can record too.

In the latter case, the recording will be processed and saved on your computer. Thereafter, you're free to save it locally or upload it to your preferred cloud storage service.

To get started, initiate your Zoom meeting as usual within your preferred web browser.

Recording button of a Zoom video call Press the Record button before any participant joins the call. This way, you'll be able to start the recording before your actual conferencing session starts.

Pause and stop button for Zoom call recording Once the conferencing session is over or is just about to end, click the Pause/Stop Recording button. The one on the right side is the one to stop the recording.

Button to end the Zoom call After stopping the recording, press the End button to terminate the video conferencing call.

End zoom meeting for all the participants It'll be followed by a prompt to end the Zoom meeting for all the participants. Finish it by pressing the End Meeting for All button.

Conversion prompt for Zoom video recording call Once the recording has been stopped and you've terminated the conferencing call, the conversion process starts to save the recording on your computer. Depending on the duration of the call, the conversion time may take some time.

Select folder to save the Zoom call recording Once the conversion process is complete, you'll be prompted to choose the location where you want to save the recorded files. Select the folder you want to use and click the OK button.

Zoom call recording files on a desktop Finally, you get all the recorded files at the location you've specified. You can see that the audio file and the video file are separate. You can use any video editing software to easily merge both these files.

If you want, you can upload your recording files to Google Drive or Dropbox.

Recording a Google Meet Call

Google Meet calls can be recorded natively if you're on a premium (paid) plan. Free users used to have this facility but now it is not available. But, there is a simple way to record Google Meet calls too.

Always inform the participants about your recording intent. Recording a video call without informing the participants is unethical.

So. let's get started and configure our Google Meet recording setup.

First of all, download and install the OBS Studio application on your desktop.

Start your Google Meet session as usual within your browser. Open the OBS Studio application as well.

Selection of source of recording in OBS Studio application In the OBS Studio app, click the plus sign in the Sources section and select the Window Capture option as shown in the image above. A browser option is also available—but sometimes—it doesn't work.

Name video capturing source in OBS Studio app Next, a popup will appear and all you've to do is to click the OK button.

Window capturing screen in OBS Studio application The next window enables you to customize the properties of the source. Select the tab in the web browser where your Google Meet session is active and then click the OK button as shown in the image above.

A button to start recording in OBS Studio app And now, you can click the Start Recording to start the recording process. Once clicked, switch to your web browser and continue with your Google Meet session as usual.

A button to stop video recording in OBS Studio app Once your Google Meet video call session is over, click the Stop Recording button to stop the recording process as well as to save the files to your local computer.

You can find the recorded video file in your This PC → Videos folder. If you want, you can upload it to your favorite cloud storage service.