Beginner's Guide to Creating a Twitter Thread

A blue Twitter icon

Twitter is my personal favorite when it comes to connecting with followers on social media. It has a vibrant community and is easy to use. Beginners may initially feel overwhelmed, but once you get hold of it, there's no returning. Today, we're going to learn about Twitter threads. How to create them correctly to gain followers and fans? These are the questions we'll address in this guide. Social media influencers often use Twitter threads to get more engagement and fan following on this platform. We'll learn the same technique in easy-to-understand steps. Let's learn how to create a Twitter thread.

A blue Twitter icon

Make sure you're mentally ready to do the research for each thread before diving into the creation process. It's a time-consuming task but the rewards and returns are worth all the hassle.

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If you have basic image editing skills, you can make your Twitter thread much more appealing and engaging. The crux is to provide valuable and actionable information to your followers.

The best way to make you learn it is to create one taking the content from this blog.

The first tweet in your thread should summarize what the thread is going to be all about. Clearly indicate that it's a Twitter thread. Here's how to do it.

First tweet of an Twitter thread

The first tweet of a thread consists of 4 important parts.

  • Thread indication - Boldy mention that it's a thread as shown in the image above. Also, add an emoji of a thread.
  • Summary - As mentioned before, summarize the topic or content of the entire thread. The summary should be such that a reader can easily infer what the thread is going to be all about.
  • Hashtags - Do not forget to add relevant hashtags. They are essential to expanding the reach and visibility of your Twitter thread.
  • Image - And last but not least, do not forget to add a relevant image to the opening tweet. It makes the thread more appealing and engaging.

Now that you've created the opening tweet, it's time to add the actual content tweets we've mentioned in the summary of the first opening tweet.

Option to add new tweets to a Twitter thread

To do so, click the plus sign icon as shown in the image above. Clicking this button will add a new space below the opening tweet to add another tweet to the thread.

Tweet within a Twitter thread

The tweets that follow the opening tweet in a thread have critical parts. The first one indicates the tweet number and the total number of tweets in the thread. You're free to rephrase and change this line as per your needs.

The second part indicates that more tweets are there down below in the Twitter thread. We add this indication at the end of the current tweet. Quite obviously, you won't add it in the last tweet of the thread.

Both these parts help readers know about the length of the thread, its current location, and how many more tweets are left in the thread.

Continue this process till all the content tweets have been added to the thread.

Tweet all button

Finally, click the Tweet all button to publish your Twitter thread.

Here's an example Twitter thread I created for this very tutorial. Scan it carefully and pick the critical parts to create your version.

Remember, if your Twitter thread is long and contains lots of images, publishing it may take a few moments. So, make sure you don't leave the page after clicking the Tweet all button.