8 Best Services to Send Large Files Online

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No matter which email or team collaboration application you're using, there's a limit on the size of attachments you can send to your peers, friends, and colleagues. In fact, the email services put a very tight restriction on the size of attachments, which is usually—quite small. Then how to send huge files to the other end? There are several dedicated services for the same. Through them, you can easily transfer large-size files without any restrictions. It is not just a plain transfer facility, but these services also offer password protection and encryption to keep your upload safe and secure. Let's check out these services.

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Whenever you use such a service, I'll recommend uploading a password-protected archive instead of using a plain file in its native format. This gives you an added layer of security for sensitive content.

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And, always choose a file transfer service that deletes your upload after a specific time. You can also specify the expiration period of the uploads to trigger automated deletion of the uploaded file.

1. TransferNow

TransferNow file sending service

TransferNow is my go-to application when it comes to securely transfer large files on the internet. Its free plan is quite generous and gives ample features to fulfill the needs of most users.

On the free plan, the uploaded file is available for up to one week. One can also password-protect the upload for added protection to prevent unauthorized access. It also sends confirmation emails for downloads and expiry dates. Uploaded files are encrypted and scanned for malware for better security.

2. WeTransfer

WeTransfer file sending web application

WeTransfer is yet another popular large file sending service that gives a free plan to meet the needs of most users. Files up to 2 GB in size can be sent through its feature-packed and flexible free plan.

You don't need to verify your upload to send files through this service. Free users can also use two-factor authentication for an extra layer of security. Like others, this one too encrypts the files before sending and transfers them over TLS to ensure malicious users do not get access to your sensitive data.

3. pCloud Transfer

pCloud file transfer service

pCloud Transfer can be used to send files up to 5 GB in size for free. Users have the option to send the files in encrypted form which is disabled by default. Its interface is simple and clutter-free.

You can either get a link to the uploaded file to share with the recipients or you can opt for an automated email that is sent to the recipients on upload completion. You don't need to register for an account to send files through this service. Optionally, you can also leave a message for the recipients.

4. SendGB

SendGB file transfer web application

SendGB is one of the few file sending services which provide very flexible options to customize how you want your upload to reach your recipients. Its interface is user-friendly and minimal.

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Depending on the file size, this file transferring service can keep your upload for up to 90 days. You can also instruct it to automatically delete the file once it has been downloaded by the recipient. A message and password for the recipients are optional. Its paid plan is worth trying if you want to send huge files.

5. Filemail

Filemail file transfer online service

Filemail has a plethora of options which makes it one of the strongest competitors on this list. Its file tracking is exceptional and gives you detailed insights about downloads from your recipients.

Its desktop, as well as mobile applications, are available for the users. The web interface can be accessed through any modern browser. Pro users can take advantage of branding and API to customize the experience for the recipients. You can also integrate its customizable file uploader on your website.

6. TransferXL

TransferXL file sending application

TransferXL is a no-nonsense file transfer service that just works without any hassle. Free users have a file size limit of 5 GB and a limit of 10 GB per day transfer which essentially means two 5 GB files.

You can select the region of your upload. This way you can make the download faster for the recipients. Free users can share the uploaded file with up to 5 recipients through the automated email. Free uploads are kept for up to a week and are stored in an encrypted form for better security.

7. FileWhopper

FileWhopper file transfer web application

FileWhopper deserves a mention in this list due to the flexible features it has on offer for its user base. It has one of the nicest and easy to use interfaces and works like charm in every web browser.

Pro users can send huge files up to 10 TB in size. Free users have a generous limit of 5 GB. A tiny desktop app is also available for daily users. They claim to encrypt files in a format not known to the outside world thus increasing the security of your sensitive data by many folds. Do once give it a try.

8. DropSend

DropSend file transfer service

And last but not least is the DropSend file transfer service. Pro users have no limit on the size and the type of file they can send to the recipients. No software installation is required for its functioning.

A mobile app is also available for users so that you can manage your uploads—while on the go. A strong 256 AES encryption ensures your data is completely safe from hackers and malicious users lurking on the internet. All the file uploads can be resumed easily from where they were halted last time.