How to Grant Secure and Limited Access to Your Gmail Account

Email marketing overview

Gmail is often used to power our business communication. It's one of the most popular email services used by billions across the world. In case. you want to delegate someone to manage your business emails from within your Gmail account, there's an excellent feature that facilitates this very requirement. It's easy to use and is completely safe. It is best suited for individuals and small businesses receiving a lot of emails on a daily basis. Delegating this responsibility to someone else relieves you from this work giving you time to work on other things. Let's get started and learn to share access to our Gmail account.

Email marketing overview

Although granting access to your Gmail account is safe, make sure you delegate a trustworthy person for the job as he or she is going to manage your business emails on your behalf. Select a person—wisely.

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After using this feature, you'll see the flexibility and power Gmail offers to its users. It's best suited for editors, administrators, and people working with a team of professionals. So, here we go!

To get started, go to Settings → Accounts and Import tab of the Gmail settings interface. Here, scroll down and go to the Grant access to your account: section.

.Granting access to Gmail account settings section

Here you'll get two options to choose from. I'll always advise choosing the first one for both options. If someone else is opening your emails on your behalf, it makes sense to mark them as read.

It'll ensure that an email opened by someone else will be marked as read eliminating any kind of ambiguity.

The second option ensures that the sent emails are explicitly marked as (sent by <email address>) tag if they're processed by the person whom you've granted permission to email on your behalf.

Sent by information for Gmail email

This facilitates solving disputes when it comes to taking responsibility while doing business communication. I strongly recommend keeping this option—active.

Add email address for giving access to Gmail account

To start the process of delegating a person to communicate on your behalf, click the Add another account link in the Grant access to your account: section.

Type in the email address of the person to whom you want to grant access to your Gmail account. Click the Next Step button to move forward.

Confirm email address for account access

The next step will prompt you with the information that you're about to grant access to your account to someone else. You need to confirm it. To do so, click the Send email to grant access button.

Confirm access to Gmail account

The person at the other end to whom you've granted the account access permission will receive an email with a link to activate the account access. He too would need to confirm the access as shown in the image above.

Delegated Gmail account

Once confirmed, the delegate can see the account marked as Delegated in the account drop-down list. Clicking on this entry will open the account for which access has been granted.

Account access notification

The original account holder will see a notification for up to a week that reminds him about the access of the Gmail account by another person. This notification serves as a precautionary measure to let the account holder reconsider his decision about account delegation.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and use this powerful Gmail feature to offload your work to responsible and trusted people in your team.