5 Advances in Technology and Language Learning in 2023

A woman sitting on floor and working on a laptop

Language learning is considered one of the smartest ways to invest your energy and time today. With the global marketplace and increased connection with people from all over the world, speaking a language other than your native is a great idea. It’s no wonder that language learning is transforming rapidly, and new technologies are being introduced to this domain constantly.

As it seems, 2023 will be even more interesting for those of us in the language-learning sphere. You need to hear this whether you're a language enthusiast, teacher, student, or running a language learning business. Below, I've prepared a list of the top 5 advances in technology and language learning in 2023.

A woman sitting on floor and working on a laptop

Let’s take a closer look.

1. AI-Powered Social Robots

Twenty years ago, we were joking about robots taking over the world. But today, robots are a great helping hand in many domains, including language learning.

Artificial intelligence enabled us to have innovative language learning apps in which students interact with and learn from an AI-powered robot. This robot runs the lesson and performs all kinds of activities, such as:

  • create natural conversations and encourage students to speak
  • correct grammar, spelling, or pronunciation mistakes
  • personalize a student’s learning experience
  • play language games

These robots can teach you different languages, help you focus on certain areas in the language learning process, and reach your language goals faster. For instance, if writing is your weakest skill, you can demand writing assignments and get feedback. Topessaywriting can help you in case you need professional writing help ASAP.

Robots are being used as a teacher's helping hand or to create a self-study environment that will be efficient and wisely organized.

2. Hybrid Learning Environment

Technology and the rise of remote learning have teamed up to create a hybrid learning environment for language learners all around the globe. You're no longer tied to a geographical location to learn a new language, nor do you physically have to attend any classes.

Today, more than 50% of all apps are used for education. But, in 2023, I'm looking forward to all those new apps that will enable language learning on the go. These apps typically enable:

  • finding a tutor anytime
  • practicing language wherever you are
  • having access to digital learning materials

You’re able to stay flexible, have fun, learn in a self-designed environment, and dictate the pace of your learning process. The 2023 language learning will be fully hybrid and in the hands of the learners.

3. Learning Through Social Posts

Another trend that is quickly taking over the language learning domain, especially among the youth, is learning through social posts. We know how social media has become an integral part of our everyday lives, especially for Gen Z, who was practically born with it.

Now, there are language learning apps, like HeyPal, that are designed as social platforms. The platform allows users to:

  • chat in real-time
  • create social posts
  • read and translate other users’ social posts

Users are learning through socializing in an environment that is so familiar to them. Instant translations provide the language skills and knowledge the users want.

This shows that in 2023, language learning is adapting to the needs of modern-day students. If you like learning through translation, you should check out TheWordPoint. Read the Thewordpoint review by Isaccurate to find out what kind of services they offer.

4. Gamified Language Learning

Gamification has been used in education for a while now, but the true use of this learning method has yet to flourish. In 2023, language learning platforms will embrace more gamified language learning, thus focusing on personalizing and making learning more efficient.

A great example is a language learning platform called Everybody Loves Languages. They’re the leaders in creating lesson plans, modules, and courses for students and corporations.

Their lessons are highly gamified, allowing the users to play as they learn. Even if the users can't read, they can still participate in the games and learn. Plus, they offer teacher-prep courses to help educators carry out these lessons.

It’s clear that in 2023, gamification will rise as one of the leading language learning methods.

5. Learning in a Context

Learning a language for specific needs is the final trend on our list. There are courses designed specifically for you, whether you're preparing for an interview, a business meeting, a future travel venture, or just for fun.

Plus, context-based learning that relies heavily on role play is becoming more prominent. Some apps and language courses allow you to simulate real-life situations and step away from pure theoretical knowledge.

Final Thoughts

The language learning trends I've shared above will take over the language learning process in 2023. Language learners will have a technology-powered, personalized experience that will help them learn faster and more efficiently.

Stay tuned for the innovation yet to come, and embrace the positive changes in learning a new language.