10 Facebook Applications for Bloggers and Social Media Enthusiasts

Applications.If you're an avid Facebook user, probably you're already aware of Facebook applications. These extensions/plugins play a major role in enriching your Facebook experience. There are thousands and thousands of such applications that can cater to the need of almost every Facebook user. Here are some handpicked Facebook applications that can help bloggers and social media enthusiasts to make most out of Facebook. Most of them are free-to-use and give you different features for leveraging this popular platform. Professional bloggers can take advantage of handy apps which allow them to promote their blog content quite easily on the network. One can also integrate other social media channels tightly within their Facebook account through these flexible applications. My personal favorite among these applications is the one which makes advanced wall giving added features facilitating better engagement with friends network. Do once try these useful Facebook applications to enhance your Facebook usage.

Applications. 1. NetworkedBlogs: It is one of the largest communities of bloggers. NetworkedBlogs app brings your blog on Facebook either on your profile or a page. People can share, vote, discuss or become a fan of your blog.

2. Facebook Local: If you're hosting an event and want to gather people from the Facebook community, this application can do it for you with ease. It has both Android and iOS versions and is quite easy-to-use. It also has a large user base.

3. SlideShare: The name says it all. It's the best application to share your presentations and documents with a Facebook community. All major file formats are supported giving you the flexibility to create your presentation in your favorite application. Creative people can also use it to host a webinar by integrating YouTube videos and audio stream.

4. My Photobucket: This one is for Photobucket users allowing you to share your public albums with your Facebook network. Like other photo sharing applications, you can share and comment on your friends' public albums. You can even obtain direct links to photographs without leaving Facebook.

5. Moments: This excellent application enables you to create shareable photo albums which can be easily accessed by your friends and family members. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

6. Recommendations: As the name implies, this useful app provides you with recommendations of various kind of services available in your locality. In other words, it's an excellent replacement for traditional yellow pages.

7. Woobox - Facebook Page Tabs: If you're running a Facebook business page, you can use this app to integrate highly customized tabs to add different types of features and functions with ease. I liked its giveaway custom tab which is ideal for gaining followers in quick time.

8. AWeber Email: List building is generally associated with a website. Through this app, you can easily grab email subscribers and can build your list right on your Facebook page. The integration process is very simple and can be completed in record time.

9. TabSite: This list is incomplete if this app is not included in it. It's an all-in-one solution to start your Facebook page's growth by leaps and bounds. In simple words, the apps help you in creating a website like browsing experience right on the page.

10. Pagemodo: And last but not the least, the apps provided by this service lets you connect contests, sweepstakes, and several other types of custom tabs on your Facebook page. It also has a nice mobile app to easily manage all the integrations while on the go.