10 Best Password Managers to Tame Online Accounts

A login dialogue box on a tablet screenDespite the advent of various biometric assisted authentication technologies, text passwords remain the most widely used method to create login credentials of an online account. And, an avid Interest user manages at least a dozen or more accounts on a daily basis. The manual approach to creating passwords is not only cumbersome but often leads to creation of weak credentials. Which in turn leave your accounts at the mercy of hackers. The best way to deal with this situation is to use dedicated password management apps. These applications easily integrate with a web browser as an add-on and creates strong passwords for your accounts. I use such an app on a daily basis and recommend it for you too. Almost all of these applications nicely integrate with all the popular web browsers. I've shortlisted some of the best password managers and have created a list to help you choose the one that perfectly fit your needs. These apps will save your time and will also relieve you from remembering long passwords.

A login dialogue box on a tablet screen All the password management applications listed below use military-grade encryption and are quite safe. So, if you're reluctant to use them, go ahead and use them with confidence.

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While selecting your preferred one, make sure it works seamlessly on smartphones as well. So, let's get started and check out these powerful and time-saving password managers.

1. Bitwarden

Bitwarden homepage screenshot The first one in this list is the one I use for my own accounts. I use the browser extension which works flawlessly without any hiccups. Its free version is powerful and flexible enough to cater to the needs of everyday general users. It's an open-source solution so you can easily self-host it on your web server.

The free version has no limit on the number of passwords you can store in your vault. And, the best part is cross-device syncing of your password database which is generally available in a premium plan on other platforms. Apart from logins, one can also store credit cards, identities, and notes within the vault.

Download Bitwarden

2. LastPass

LastPass web browser extension The second one in this list is equally powerful as the first one mentioned above. The first thing you'll notice while using its web browser extension is the user interface which is quite nice and professional. I'll recommend it for smartphone users too as the functioning and interface of the mobile app is very good.

If you ever decide to go for the premium version, opt for the family pack which gives the maximum features at an affordable rate. If you just want to temporarily create a secure username and password, you can do so directly on its website without even creating an account. It's definitely a—must-try option.

Download LastPass

3. Dashlane

Dashlane homepage screenshot If you don't have to manage a large number of online accounts, you can opt for the free version of this password manager. The same version also allows sharing passwords with up to 5 more accounts. The premium plan comes with a VPN as well as dark web monitoring to protect you from data breaches.

Other important features like cross-device syncing are supported out-of-the-box. Its identity dashboard provides you with useful data to keep your accounts safe without any weak link. Premium plan users can also add their trusted emergency contacts to facilitate accounts access on your behalf in a secure way.

Download Dashlane

4. Keeper

Keeper password manager This one too offers a very powerful free version which includes both a fingerprint and a Face ID login. There's no limit on the number of passwords you can store. The only shortcoming with this password manager is that automatic filling of passwords is only available on mobiles when you're using a free plan.

You can use its KeeperFill browser extension to autofill login forms. Its business version is worth trying if you're looking for a reliable password management solution for your employees. Like other professional solutions, this one too is fully capable of storing your identity and credit card information.

Download Keeper

5. 1Password

1Password password management application If you decide to go for the premium version of a password manager, this is the one I'll recommend. It's extremely user-friendly and has all the important and necessary features. This is one of the most cross-platform compatible solution aided with reliable syncing to help you access passwords—anywhere.

It also helps you enable 2FA wherever it is available on the websites. Companies can definitely try out its business version which includes activity logs, insightful reports, custom roles, and slack integration to name a few. Its standalone password generator comes handy when a temporary one is needed—quickly.

Download 1Password

6. Sticky Password

Sticky Password application It's yet another password manager offering a generous free plan with all the necessary power and features. You can also use its portable version capable of running from USB sticks or memory cards. This way, you can use it safely on public and shared computers. Biometric authentication support is available.

Premium users can take advantage of Wi-Fi synchronization to keep their multiple devices up-to-date with the latest password database. A dedicated password management system for teams is also available. It has one of the widest web browsers support. Do try it once on your smartphone and on the desktop.

Download Sticky Password

7. RememBear

RememBear password management application This is one of the simplest and clutter-free password management applications I've tested so far. It integrates so seamlessly with the login forms. It can also store one-time 2FA codes relieving you from the repetitive exercise. Its desktop application too is so easy-to-use with a clean and no-nonsense interface.

This password management system has been independently audited by an external entity to ensure it is safe and secure for the users. This one too supports both the face and the fingerprint ID for quick and easy authentication. If you're using a single device for all the work, its free plan is surely worth trying.

Download RememBear

8. RoboForm

RoboForm password management app This is one of the oldest and the most reliable form filling solutions that deserve a place on this list. It supports one-click logins to further speed up the entire authentication process. Frequently used logins can be pinned down for quick access—whenever required. I've used it in the past without any issues.

It has a powerful import and export facility to enable you to quickly pull data from other popular password management systems. Trusted contacts can be easily added to your account for emergency access. It's not just the website credentials, but one can save Windows application credentials too.

Download RoboForm

9. Zoho Vault

Zoho Vault password manager This password manager is best suited for organizations and groups. It provides powerful and flexible controls for sharing passwords among a group of people. Custom password creation policies can be easily created to fine-tune the password generation process as per your exact needs or requirements.

For teams, IP based access restrictions are also available to secure your password vault. Offline access to passwords comes handy while using an intranet within an organization. Bulk import and export of passwords are also supported. You can backup your passwords on popular cloud storage services too.

Download Zoho Vault

10. Passwork

Passwork cloud application for managing passwords And, last but not the least, this powerful password management system is made for businesses looking for a solution for their employee base. It can be self-hosted or can be used on a cloud. It provides fine and granular controls for restrictive access to password vaults and folders as per the company policy.

You can also white-label it to seamlessly integrate it with your brand and with your business systems. The self-hosted version comes with all of the features available in the cloud version. Active directory support ensures that the users can use their Windows login credentials to access their password vaults.

Download Passwork