How to Bypass Restrictions to Access Blocked Websites

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Restrictions by internet service providers often make it difficult to access certain websites in different countries. Sometimes, the website itself is not blocked, but you get its localized version although you're looking for a different one. Accessing these websites can be a nightmare for an average internet user as they just don't know how to bypass the restrictions. In this guide, we'll show you can access these blocked websites in different ways. Almost all of the methods mentioned below are easy to use and one doesn't need to be a techie to get started. So, let's get started and learn to access blocked websites.

An open board on a wooden door

There is a programmatic equivalent to some of the methods mentioned below, but we're omitting them to make sure the technically challenged can understand and use the tricks presented here.

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You can also use these tricks to access the content not available in your country due to restrictions imposed by the content providers. I often use it for accessing country-specific Netflix content.

Use Tor Browser

The easiest way to access blocked websites is to install and configure the Tor browser which is easy to use even for the technically challenged.

After installation, make sure you start it with admin privileges as shown below. Trying to start it with restricted account/privileges won't work.

Running Tor browser with admin privileges

It's completely safe to run this application with admin privileges. It's secure and keeps your browsing anonymous and private. It takes a few moments for it to boot and to connect with the Tor network.

Tor browser window ready for surfing

As you can see in the image above, I've opened and accessed Netflix Germany in one of the tabs. Similarly, you can open almost any website blocked in your country.

Be aware that surfing through the Tor browser is a bit slower than a normal browser because the traffic is routed through the Tor network before reaching you.

Tor browser is based on a customized version of Mozilla Firefox web browser which is coincidently the default web browser on my machine.

While using the Tor browser, do not resize the window. Tor browser keeps it smaller than your default viewport size to keep your device dimensions anonymous for the trackers.

Use Free Proxy Websites

Another handy solution to access blocked websites is the use of free proxy websites. Compared to the Tor browser, these are less secure and I'll recommend not to do sensitive browsing while using free proxies.

Avoid shopping, banking, and similar type of browsing activities while using free proxy websites. free proxy server

My personal favorite free proxy service is which I often use to quickly open a restricted website. It's dead simple to use and works like charm.

You can select different locations to connect from as shown in the image above. Remember, a free proxy is best for casual web browsing and is not intended for data-heavy long-duration browsing sessions.

Use a VPN Service

And, last but not least is the virtual private network (VPN) service which can be used to bypass restrictions and access blocked websites. It's one of the most popular methods among users.

My favorite VPN service is NordVPN which has a very high rating and positive reviews from its users. The application itself is easy-to-configure and use. Mobile apps of the same are also available.

NordVPN homepage

For quick access to this VPN, one can also install the web browser extensions. This popular VPN service does not store logs of your browsing sessions which keeps your activity—private.

Once installed and activated, you not only can access any website on the internet but can also get protection from malware that may enter through the internet. So, it's kind of a two-in-one application.

Unlike free proxies or Tor networks, you can confidently do shopping or banking activities when using such a premium VPN service. All your sensitive browsing sessions are completely safe and secure.