How to Use an Android Phone as a Fax Machine

A Samsung smartphone

With the advent of modern gadgets, several old technologies have either ceased to exist or have gone low profile. But, some of these technologies are still relevant and are often used in business workflows. One such technology is a Fax machine to send replicas of documents to a remote location. If you're regularly on the go and still need to fax documents to your clients or peers, there are several solutions to do it through your smartphone. These specialized applications are made just for this purpose. Make sure your smartphone has a good camera before using one of these fax apps. Let's fax from our Android phone.

A Samsung smartphone

Almost all of these apps come in both pro and freemium versions. Thoroughly check each of these and pick the one that fits your needs. I use the pro version of one of these apps which works flawlessly.

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While using these fax apps, I'll recommend not using them for sensitive documents. Though they're pretty safe to use, an extra precaution will not harm. Go ahead and check each of these fax apps.

FAX.PLUS fax sending Android app

FAX.PLUS - This first in this list is my favorite fax app built for Android smartphones. Apart from sending a fax from various devices and peripherals, this flexible app can also receive fax directly on your smartphone. All the faxes handled by this app are stored in an encrypted form to keep them secure from hackers and malicious users. If needed, users can also electronically sign a document before faxing it. This eliminates any printing activity. You can also scan and fax documents through the camera.

Simple Fax android app

Simple Fax - As the name implies, this app is a no-nonsense solution to quickly send a fax from your smartphone. Whether it's a regular document or a PDF file, this app enables you to send almost any kind of document in the form of a fax. You can send a single-page as well as multi-page fax through this app. You can also pick images or a camera snap to use as a source file for your fax. It also has a built-in tracking facility to ensure your fax is delivered to its final destination. Do once give it a try!

Snapfax Android app

Snapfax - This fax app has got one of the highest ratings in its category. Apart from a smartphone, it also works flawlessly with Android tablets. Its interface is intuitive and free from any clutter. Its advanced scanner captures and optimizes almost every type of document even in low light conditions. You can also pick up and fax documents from all the popular cloud storage services. As per your needs, one can also hide specific document parts before sending the fax. It's a must-try fax app.

FAX App for sending fax from an Android device

FAX App - This is yet another fax app based on a subscription model which allows you to send an unlimited number of faxes. All popular document formats are supported out of the box to enable you to send a fax, without worrying about conversions. Like other competitors, this one too has a tracking facility for the sent faxes. Document previews ensure you accurately visualize the content or information you're sending. Its yearly subscription is the most economical one among its competitors.

Fax application for an Android smartphone

Fax - Having this fax app on our phone is like having a full-fledged physical fax machine at our disposal. Its image processing and scanning engine are very powerful which gives you clear and crisp fax documents. Push notifications help you get timely intimations of fax delivery. It supports sending a fax to over 90 countries which covers almost the entire globe. The app itself is frequently updated based on user feedback. Its built-in editor enables you to digitally sign business documents—with ease.

Smart Fax app for Android

Smart Fax - Though it's a relatively new app, I've still chosen it because of its impressive user interface. The app is nicely designed and easy to use. It allows you to add a cover page (if required) to every fax—you want to send. It gives you a real-time notification whenever the fax is delivered to its destination. It also allows you to send faxes directly through email. Fax organization is also dead simple through this app as it allows you to attach notes with the faxes. It securely sends all of your faxes.

Do try these apps to easily send and receive faxes directly from your Android smartphones.