How to Create an Engaging Twitter Profile in 6 Easy Steps

Twitter profile creation basics

Your outreach campaigns trying to connect with other Twitter users produce lackluster response rates, making you unhappy. Does the fault lie with your copy? Perhaps. However, do not underestimate how much of a role a well-thought-out Twitter profile plays in such matters. If someone reads your proposal to collaborate, they will almost certainly go and check your Twitter profile before responding. Naturally, if your Twitter profile looks lackluster, the odds are that your proposal will be ignored. Just to play it safe, why not take some time and polish your Twitter profile, so it looks more engaging?

Twitter profile creation basics

We will cover the most important aspects of a Twitter profile in this article so that you can use it as a guide.

1. Choose Your Name and Profile Picture

Let's start with your Twitter name and profile picture. For the former, you choose a name while registering the Twitter account. More often than not, the desired account names are taken, so you need to use numbers to make the name unique.

For instance, instead of JohnSmith, you would have to pick JohnSmith34. The account name is displayed on the profile next to the @ and would be @JohnSmith34.

Above the Twitter handle, there is the Display Name. You can modify it by clicking on the Edit profile button. You are free to set the Display Name to John Smith without the number 34.

Next, there is the question about your profile picture. If it is a personal account, you should use a professional shot of yourself. In case the Twitter account is for a brand, the brand's logo should be the go-to option.

Be sure that the image quality is high. Otherwise, it will leave a negative impression on those visiting your profile.

2. Optimize the Bio Section

In the profile editing panel, you also have bio and website tabs. For the latter, you do not have much to do other than post the URL to your website. It could be a blog or an online store, to name a couple of examples.

The bio section is more interesting. You have the room to write a description of yourself. Some Twitter handles include a quote in there and adds relevant info about what they do. Mentioning that you are a podcast host, an entrepreneur, an SEO guru, and so on.

It is also common to include relevant hashtags in the bio. Adding @mentions of other Twitter accounts is quite popular, particularly when a Twitter account is associated with another profile or when there is an ongoing collaboration.

3. Use Symbols and Emojis

Adding flair to the Twitter profile with the help of cool symbols and emojis is another suggestion that you can try.

If everyone else is using the default font, you stand to gain a lot by making your bio more distinguishable. 𝔈𝔫𝔱𝔯𝔢𝔭𝔯𝔢𝔫𝔢𝔲𝔯, E͓̊n͓̊t͓̊r͓̊e͓̊p͓̊r͓̊e͓̊n͓̊e͓̊ů͓r͓̊, 𝙴̴𝚗̴𝚝̴𝚛̴𝚎̴𝚙̴𝚛̴𝚎̴𝚗̴𝚎̴𝚞̴𝚛̴ are a few examples of how a unique font would make your Twitter profile more interesting.

As for emotes, those are also quite popular. 🚀 for business tips to make money, ✈️ for bloggers who travel and journal their journeys, and 💻 for copywriters are some of the most common examples of emojis you see on Twitter.

4. Use an Attractive Header Image

A header image should go well with the overall look of your Twitter profile. Think of the header image as a background.

In case you are looking to make use of this profile aspect, you can use a header image that promotes something. For instance, if you plan to organize a webinar, why not turn the header image into a banner that advertises the upcoming webinar?

5. Pin a Tweet to the Top

A pinned tweet might not seem like an obvious part of a Twitter profile, but it should be treated as one.

After all, a pinned tweet is one of the first things that those visiting your Twitter profile see. Usually, pinned tweets are there to function as an additional source of information. You can tweet important details and pin them at the top so that the message is clearly visible.

6. Tweak the Profile Regularly

The last bit of advice is to tweak the Profile regularly. As soon as you have something important to add to the bio or remove redundant details, do it. If the background image becomes outdated, use a new one.

Also, keep an eye on other Twitter pages and see how they are trying to make their profiles stand out. You might find a useful idea or two for your own Twitter profile.