8 Best AI-Powered Content Generators for Writers and Bloggers

Artificial intelligence

With the rise of artificial intelligence technologies, automation is kicking in at a breathtaking speed in every aspect of our life. And, textual content generation is no different. Nowadays, you can find several tools to generate quality content for your blog or website. These AI-powered content generators are easy-to-use and enable you to source an endless supply of unique content. I've picked some of the best content generators you may consider to create content for your blog or publication. Almost all of these tools are paid ones and use popular AI engines, under the hood. Let's check out these content generators.

Artificial intelligence

Remember, no matter which AI-powered content generator you use, a bit of manual editing is required to make the final copy of the text. The extent of this editing depends on the solution you're using.

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Although these tools provide you with quality content, relying solely on them is not advisable. Blend it with your manual writing to get the best results. Do a test and evaluate each one of them.

1. AI Writer

AI Writer content generator

AI Writer is one of the best AI-powered content generators built for professionals. If you're running a business or a niche blog, this powerful tool can help you generate tons of unique and quality content—without putting much effort. The following features make it a worthy option on this list.

  • Generated content is unique and original
  • Generate long-form content in minutes
  • SEO-friendly content generation—out of the box
  • Option to directly publish to a WordPress blog

This tool provides you with citations so that you can verify the information included in the generated content for accuracy. You can also use it to reword existing pieces of content in no time. Try it once!

2. Copy.ai

Copy.ai content generator

Copy.ai is quite popular among social media managers and editors of a multi-author blog. Whether it's an email copy or a social media campaign, or a blog post—you name it. Through templates, you can speed up the content creation process, easily. Take a look at the features it has on offer.

  • Generate different types of content with a click of a button
  • Dozens of copywriting tools are at your disposal
  • Generate content in dozens of languages
  • A free plan is available for new users

Enterprise plan gives you an API that gives you the power to create automated content flows to create customized information publishing systems. Compare this excellent tool with others and do give it a try.

3. Jasper

Jasper content generator

Jasper is ideal for businesses and startups to use AI for managing different types of content. This platform uses several LLM engines to give you the highest quality content. It enables you to create custom workflows to meet your business requirements. Let's check its features.

  • Large template collection for quick content writing
  • API to integrate content generation right into your product
  • Easily translate text in over 30 languages
  • A browser extension is also available

It also lets you generate AI-powered thumbnails and images for your business campaigns. A built-in plagiarism checker is also available. Its SEO mode enables you to focus on keywords and optimization.

4. Copymatic

Copymatic content generator

Copymatic is one of the most affordable yet powerful AI content generators included on this list. It's simple to use and is best suited for professional bloggers. The platform itself is available in more than 2 dozen languages. The features mentioned below make it a worthy option among its competitors.

  • Create both content and images through AI
  • Built-in grammar checker and SEO optimizer
  • A large collection of content-creation tools
  • Affordable plans

Through its flexible settings, you can generate different variants of the same copy. You can also repurpose old content to give a fresh and new life to your blog. It also has a WordPress plugin.

5. Frase

Frase content geenrator

Frase is a no-nonsense and simple AI-powered content generator ideal for both individuals and businesses. It's one of the few tools with a focus on SERP rankings while generating content for you. It's tightly integrated with the Google search console. Here are some of its prominent features.

  • Generate different content types in minutes
  • Analyze search competitors for optimized copy
  • Create detailed outlines for long-form content
  • Excellent user interface

It offers a collection of free tools to get a taste of this platform before you decide to subscribe for a paid subscription. Its pro add-on unlocks premium SEO features to rule the search engine results.

6. Rytr

Rytr content generator

Rytr is my go-to AI-powered content writer if I'm tight on budget. This excellent content generator enables you to export copies in different popular file formats. A web browser extension is also available for this writing tool. The features that make it a must-try AI-powered writing tool are:

  • Write in 30+ different languages
  • Supports up to 20+ different tones
  • Built-in plagiarism checker to generate unique content
  • Offers a generous free plan

It is also capable of creating custom images through AI that match your needs. One can also create custom use case templates to quickly generate content that fits your goals. Do give it a try—now!

7. HyperWrite

HyperWrite content generator

HyperWrite can be used to generate highly-optimized content for your website or your business campaign. I liked its email responder tool which gives me accurate reply text for different types of emails. Its powerful AI writer works like a charm because of the following features.

  • Write, reword, or refine your copy
  • Dozens of AI tools for custom content generation
  • Browser extension integrates seamlessly with 3rd party platforms
  • A free plan is available

You can also create different types of content with a tone of a legal document. Social media users can take advantage of its tweet generator tool. One can also write long-form articles through this tool.

8. Writer

Writer AI-powered content generator

Writer is a premium AI-powered content generator built for serious publishers. It has a suite of tools to create content that brings you customers and leads. A huge template library enables you to craft a specific category of a content piece in no time. The following features of this tool are worth noting.

  • Quickly create SEO-optimized copy
  • Create custom content templates
  • Excellent UI/UX experience
  • Add your style guide for focused content creation

It can transcribe and create content from both audio and video files. You can gel this tool with all the popular content generation platforms like Google Docs, Word, Figma, and many more.