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10 Best Chat Apps for Developers and Business Professionals

Online messaging has evolved in different ways since the birth of internet. Regular instant messaging used by general users is never appreciated by professionals and developers due to their limitations in several ways. That's where specialized chat apps come into focus that are designed specifically for a team of professionals. The list compiled below consists of some of the best and the most feature packed chat applications targeted for serious business professionals and developers. Since I'm a web developer, I prefer the first one enlisted here. Some of these chat applications provide excellent free plan that can be used by small to medium sized team of professionals without any limitations. Most of these powerful and flexible chat applications are cross platform compatible and provide their mobile equivalents too.

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8 Unique Ways to Create and Sell Online Courses through WordPress

Thousands of professionals and experts often want to sell their knowledge to the world though their websites. That's where premium online courses are the best options for everyone. Creating, hosting and selling online course is not a cakewalk unless you have some specialized tools for the same. If you're using WordPress, you can easily take advantage of select plugins that easily allows you to create and sell premium online courses. Depending on the type of premium course, the extent of customization and features can vary a great deal. I've included some of the best extensions in the list below that can help you easily host online courses. Almost all of these plugins ensure that even a non techie can configure the entire set up for running a popular online course. So here we go to create an online course for us.

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6 Powerful Tools to Test Your Responsive Website

I've earlier compiled a list of Google Chrome tools for testing responsive designs. Today, we're going to look at some generic tools to test responsive websites that are not dependent on any specific browser. Although modern web browsers include decent testing options for responsive designs, standalone tools always give you an edge with some added features. The complexity of a responsive design varies from site to site and so does its testing methodology. You can check out each of the flexible testing tools mentioned below and can select the one that suits your needs. Most of these tools can run seamlessly in a web browser making the testing process easy. Although I generally prefer desktop based apps or browser add-ons for testing, these excellent options definitely give more options to bulletproof our responsive design.

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12 Dead Simple Ways to Monitor Your Website Uptime

Webmasters often stress on keeping eyes of web server's internal health parameters. But, that's just half the story of running a successful website. It is possible that your web server is functioning absolutely fine but your website is still inaccessible to general visitors. That's where site uptime monitoring is so vital to avoid loss of business. Thankfully, there are several good free and premium services to accurately monitor your site's uptime. General users can easily take advantage of the free plans offered by these services. For custom features, you can opt for a premium plan that'll give you more control over uptime monitoring. You can test out each of these useful services to find out which one gives you the best results. Once activated, you can easily find out how good is your web hosting service claims of perpetual uptime.

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10 Best and Powerful Ways to Create Wireframes for Your Next Project

Prototyping techniques and tools have rapidly changed with new technologies coming up to ease the tasks associated with it. There are several extremely user friendly and flexible wireframing tools allowing developers, designers and engineers craft rich and interactive prototypes in no time. Some of these wireframing applications are web based while others work as standalone desktop applications. I use couple of wireframing tools mentioned in the list below. These tools can easily replace your regular sketchpad you're using currently for making rough sketches for your designs. Some of these tools facilitates creation of wireframes targeted for mobile and tablet apps. You can test and pick the best one that fulfills your wireframing needs. Let's check out these best wireframing and mockup applications.

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10 Easy Ways to Share and Access Remote Desktops

We're living in a connected world yet sometimes we need better ways to access remote resources on the internet. That's where remote desktop or screen sharing programs eases your life by providing flexible and powerful ways to control and see desktops of your clients, friends and family members. Unless, you require an advanced remote control action, free remote sharing applications are good enough for general users. Needless to say, you need a decent broadband connection to get the best results while creating a remote screen sharing session. Some of the applications mentioned below offer bare bones settings to initiate simple remote desktop connection, while others offer full fledged advanced features to perform various kinds of tasks on a remote desktop. Let's see these screen sharing apps.

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