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33 Free and Powerful Extensions For Easy Digital Downloads

Thousands of businesses and individuals are using WordPress for selling their digital files. Fortunately, there are several powerful plugins available for selling digital products and Easy Digital Downloads is one of them. It has tons of customization scope with the help of hundreds of extensions available for the user base. Today, we're going to look at the some of the best and free add-ons available for EDD (Easy Digital Downloads). Depending on your project requirements, you can select them from the list of extensions to implement the exact feature you want on your site. Do not try these extensions on your live site to avoid any mishap although these add-ons are thoroughly tested for proper functioning. Developers will find these handy extensions very convenient for adding more power and features to the EDD plugin.

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9 Powerful Full Screen Text Editors For Writers and Authors

Since I'm a web developer, I'm quite familiar with different code editors made for programmers. But, if you are an author, editor or a writer, using a code editor is an overkill. All you need is a minimalistic text editor with almost no bells and whistles. Full screen editors are quite popular among serious writers nowadays. We're going to look at some of the best full screen text editors available for professional writers. Some of these are completely free-to-use while others are premium solutions for different platforms. Almost all of the text editors mentioned in this list are simple with no added plugins or extra features. This will help you concentrate on the primary task of writing awesome stuff related to your niche or subject. Let's see the features offered by these flexible and powerful full screen text editors for writers.

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How to Schedule Custom Tasks on Windows 8

Task schedulers are available in Windows operating system since long time. Windows 8 has an advanced task scheduler with tons of options to schedule complex and custom tasks with such ease. In fact, most of the times, you won't even need majority of its options while scheduling a typical task. Today, we're going to take a look at the working of Windows 8 task scheduler and its powerful features. This will literally make you a Windows ninja capable of running custom jobs on the machine on an automated basis. We'll look at some of the important options available in the task scheduler and will also schedule a demo custom task. You can make appropriate changes in the example task presented below to run them easily on your PC. Let's quickly master advanced task scheduler of Windows 8 in a few easy-to-follow steps.

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8 Ways to Convert Your PC or Laptop into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

With the explosion of more and more Wi-Fi networks, large number of users are using this technology to access internet. Normally, we buy a Wi-Fi router to create a personal Wi-Fi network within our home or small office. But, why spend on a hardware device when you can easily create a Wi-Fi hotspot in your home without it. If you already have a PC or laptop with a Wi-Fi adapter card, you can easily turn it into a Wi-Fi hub without any additional hardware. All you need is a soft Wi-Fi router software that's easy to install and configure. There are several good options available for the same and each of these support an array of features to create a powerful private Wi-Fi network. You can test each of these solutions and can use the one that gives you the best results. Let's check out these excellent soft Wi-Fi router software.

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5 Best Starter or Skeleton WordPress Themes for Web Developers

Whether you're a seasoned web developer or have just started your career, starter themes for any publishing platform provides a good base to start a new project. They're easy-to-understand and can be extended easily. We're going to focus on skeletons themes available for WordPress platform. Almost all of the available options includes highly optimized code with maximum browser compatibility. Depending on your project requirements, you can select the best theme that can be bent to shape your production theme with minimal efforts. All these starter frameworks are responsive out-of-the-box and can be converted into a static template easily, if required. I'll suggest to pick the one that has bare bones page elements with standards complaint code. Let's check out these starter themes.

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4 Powerful Ways to Use Content Delivery Network for WordPress

There are several ways to speed up a WordPress site and integration of content delivery network (CDN) is one such option. This technique distributes website assets across multiple delivery networks so that viewers get the content much quicker. Generally, configuring and integrating a content delivery network with a WordPress site requires some technical knowledge. That's why good number of web publishers couldn't take advantage of CDN to speed up their websites. Fortunately, there are several powerful and flexible plugins that can help you implement CDN service in a few easy steps. I'd highly recommend using CDN feature with a caching plugin to get the best possible results. Before using these plugins on your production site, make sure you've thoroughly tested all the settings on a dummy blog on the web server.

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