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10 Best Screen Capture Tools for Windows PC

With the explosion of internet usage and social media, more and more users share rich media content with their contacts. And that's where screenshots play a big role in creating the desired images. Whether you want custom screenshots on Mac or looking for taking screenshots on a Windows PC, specialized applications and tools can help you make the task easy. Today, we're going to see some of the best screen capture tools available for Windows platform. Some of the useful screenshot tools mentioned in this list are completely free while others are premium solutions. I've also included my favorite tools which I use on a regular basis. Few screenshot applications mentioned below can be used on different platforms apart from using them on Windows. So let's get started and choose the best screen capture tool.

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10 Powerful Caching Solutions for WordPress Blogs

A fast and easily navigable website is always loved by visitors. Webmasters use various techniques to speed up their sites. And, caching is one such option that effectively boosts the speed of most popular content management systems. Today, we're going to take a look at the some of the best caching options available for WordPress platform. Depending on your web server configuration, you can select the best one that takes advantage of the available server configuration to the maximum for killer performance. Most of the plugins mentioned here are easily configurable though few of them may require additional steps for taking advantage of the advanced options supported by them. I'll advice you once check performance of each of these plugins in test environment before actually using them on your blog.

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10 Simple Ways To Add Aweber Forms on Your Blog

Aweber and MailChimp are two popular email services used by hundreds and thousands of professional bloggers across the world. Earlier, I've compiled a popular list of MailChimp plugins available for WordPress blogs. Today, we're going to look at some of the excellent solutions for seamlessly integrating Aweber subscription forms within your WordPress powered site. More than half of these plugins can be used for other popular list building services as well. Through these plugins, apart from embedding a regular email subscription form, you can also create custom popup subscription forms for your email list. I'd strongly recommend trying out different locations for the subscription forms to get the best results. You can even integrate more than two subscription forms for different list building services.

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4 Best Off Canvas Responsive Navigation Menus For Your Website or Blog

Different types of navigation menus are used on websites to help visitors' better traverse and mine the information hidden within the archives. Since the evolution of better design techniques, various new types of navigation systems are used within a responsive design suited best for phones and tablets. One such design pattern is off canvas navigation menus that not only saves space on a small screen but also helps you easily go to other parts of the website. Today, we're going to look at some of the easy solutions available to integrate such kind of menus within our website. If you have working knowledge of HTML and CSS, you can easily use these solutions. I've tested these solutions both on a live server as well as on a local installation and each one of them worked without any glitch. Let's check out these off canvas menus.

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10 Powerful Gmail Chrome Extensions to Enrich Your Email Experience

Gmail is my preferred email service I use on regular basis and I'm sure you're an avid user of the same. Today, we're going to see some of the most flexible, feature packed and powerful Google Chrome extensions to make your Gmail experience better and productive. Some of these extensions enhance the native web interface while others let you perform several activities without opening the account. Depending on your requirements, you can combine multiple extensions to enrich your Gmail experience. I'll mention my favorites within the list while tabulating each of the extensions shown below. Since the number of Google Chrome extensions for Gmail is large, I've tried to select the best one quite popular among its users. You can also share your experiences with these extensions about how they helped you get more out of Gmail.

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8 PayPal Plugins to Sell Products on WordPress Sites

Sometimes a full fledged eCommerce plugin is an overkill and all you need is a simple PayPal plugin allowing you to sell products easily on your WordPress site. Since it is one of the most popular payment gateways, bloggers often want to use it instead of complex eCommerce set up. There are good numbers of PayPal plugins available for WordPress that can be easily configured allowing you to start selling tangible and intangible goods with ease. I'd highly recommend getting a PayPal sandbox account to ensure you can easily test the waters while configuring the plugin before you go live. Make sure you perform all kinds of plugin testing in a staging environment since configuring it on a live blog may not be a wise move. Let's see some of the PayPal plugins that allows you to sell products on a WordPress blog.

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