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How to Prepare Your WordPress Site for SSL/TLS Certificate Usage

If you're going to integrate eCommerce modules on your website including on site credit card processing, SSL certificate is one of the prerequisites. It may also be used, if you're sharing sensitive information with registered users who may require secure and encrypted connection to access the restricted content. If you're using WordPress for hosting your website, configuring SSL usage is quite simple provided you have the right tools for the same. We'll first take a look at the simple process of installing the certificate on the web server. Thereafter, we'll see how our WordPress site can start using secure and encrypted connection once the certificate is installed. We'll take a look at the most common Apache server SSL configuration. So let's get started and see how we can use SSL certificate on our professional WordPress website.

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5 Powerful LESS and Sass Compilers for Web Developers

Technologies related to web development have evolved at a rapid pace in recent years. Traditionally, we write CSS the good old way which is not only time consuming but also gets unmanageable while developing very large projects. Preprocessing CSS is an ideal way to not only minimize the development time but also an excellent way to maintain, extend and scale a large CSS code base with ease. The two most popular CSS preprocessors used by web developers are LESS and Sass. Today, we're going to take a look at the applications (compilers) used primarily by front-end developers to compile their code right on the desktop. Almost all of these applications not only support these two popular CSS preprocessors but also includes compilers of other popular front-end frameworks and languages out-of-the-box.

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10+ Cool Ways to Add Instagram Pictures To Your Website

Lately, I've seen lot of bloggers looking to integrate their Instagram photos in a nicely formatted way within their blogs and websites. Generally, Instagram photo streams are showcased in sidebars, footers and other areas other than the primary content area. One can either use plugins for the same or can go ahead with JavaScript based widgets that can be used on almost every website. We're going to take a look at both the options. Fortunately, almost all of the available solutions give ample customization options to the users to modify the look and feel of the photo stream to match with their website design. All you need to do is to copy and paste the widget code at the right place within your site design. Let's quickly check out these handy and flexible instagram widgets that can be easily integrated within websites.

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15 Frameworks and Stacks to Create Powerful Node.js Apps

Node.js is a popular JavaScript runtime for building fast and scalable network applications. One of the most popular web applications nowadays I'm using that runs blazing fast on Node.js is none other than Ghost blogging platform. Today we're going to see some of the powerful and flexible frameworks and stacks that can help you build commercial grade Node.js applications with minimum hassle. Some of the software stacks enlisted here are full fledged frameworks while others act as a layer between other stacks to facilitate easy implementation of a specific feature within the application. If you're a JavaScript pro, these powerful frameworks will keep you busy throughout the year. Let's check out these stacks and see how they can put life in our existing Node.js apps within minutes. Open your favorite code editor, right NOW!

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15 Powerful Ways to Combat Spam On Your WordPress Blog

No matter which content management system you're using for your website, spam is one of the deadliest problems webmasters had to tackle with. Websites built with WordPress are no different and are prime targets of spammers. Fortunately, there are several powerful plugins available for WordPress to tackle the never ending stream of spam coming on your website. Whether you're experiencing overwhelming amount of spam or get very few spam submissions, these plugins work diligently to keep guard against any junk reaching your online abode. Some of the these plugins require bit configuration after activation while others just work out-of-the-box. You may try each one of them to see which one gives you the best results. Let's check out these anti-spam plugins one by one and see how they combat spam on our blogs.

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33 Free and Powerful Extensions For Easy Digital Downloads

Thousands of businesses and individuals are using WordPress for selling their digital files. Fortunately, there are several powerful plugins available for selling digital products and Easy Digital Downloads is one of them. It has tons of customization scope with the help of hundreds of extensions available for the user base. Today, we're going to look at the some of the best and free add-ons available for EDD (Easy Digital Downloads). Depending on your project requirements, you can select them from the list of extensions to implement the exact feature you want on your site. Do not try these extensions on your live site to avoid any mishap although these add-ons are thoroughly tested for proper functioning. Developers will find these handy extensions very convenient for adding more power and features to the EDD plugin.

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