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10 Best and Powerful Ways to Create Wireframes for Your Next Project

Prototyping techniques and tools have rapidly changed with new technologies coming up to ease the tasks associated with it. There are several extremely user friendly and flexible wireframing tools allowing developers, designers and engineers craft rich and interactive prototypes in no time. Some of these wireframing applications are web based while others work as standalone desktop applications. I use couple of wireframing tools mentioned in the list below. These tools can easily replace your regular sketchpad you're using currently for making rough sketches for your designs. Some of these tools facilitates creation of wireframes targeted for mobile and tablet apps. You can test and pick the best one that fulfills your wireframing needs. Let's check out these best wireframing and mockup applications.

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10 Easy Ways to Share and Access Remote Desktops

We're living in a connected world yet sometimes we need better ways to access remote resources on the internet. That's where remote desktop or screen sharing programs eases your life by providing flexible and powerful ways to control and see desktops of your clients, friends and family members. Unless, you require an advanced remote control action, free remote sharing applications are good enough for general users. Needless to say, you need a decent broadband connection to get the best results while creating a remote screen sharing session. Some of the applications mentioned below offer bare bones settings to initiate simple remote desktop connection, while others offer full fledged advanced features to perform various kinds of tasks on a remote desktop. Let's see these screen sharing apps.

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10 Best and Popular Social Media Extensions for WordPress Blogs

No blog is complete unless it is tightly integrated with other social media platforms as well. There are hundreds of plugins to do that. I've handpicked some of the best to implement various social media integration features right on your WordPress blog. I've also included few extensions for social media analytics to help you get the big picture about how well your blog is performing on various new media platforms. For high traffic blogs, I'll recommend an all-in-one plugin that includes various modules for complete social media boost. Almost all of these plugins are free with tons of features to configure and tweak the settings as per your requirements. In fact, you can combine more than one social media plugins listed below to get the required features. So, check out these awesome social media plugins for WordPress sites.

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12 Easy and Flexible Ways to Edit and View Markdown Files

Markdown is one of the popular text formatting standards used widely nowadays across the world. It's easy-to-use and can be learned very quickly. More and more applications are using this format to power their text editing tools. Documentation and help manuals are also powered by this popular text formatting system. Since learning markdown formatting directives is very simple, almost anyone can use it without any steep learning curve. Today, we're going to see some of the most flexible, feature packed and powerful markdown editors and viewers used across the globe. Some of these apps are web based, while others can be installed as a desktop application. If you're occasionally viewing or editing few lines of markdown text, web based version is more suited for the task. Professionals must use desktop editor.

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10 Useful Color Pickers for Web Designers

Front-end developers often use different types of tools to design websites. One of the most important elements of the website is the color scheme. Web developers often deal with this aspect of web designing on day to day basis. Picking the desired color from onscreen elements is one of the common tasks developers have to perform. That's where color picker applications come into play. These apps come in various forms. Some like web based color pickers; some prefer browser plugins while others always prefer desktop based standalone applications. I've shortlisted some of the best desktop color picker applications used by front end developers across the world. Both Mac and Windows color pickers are included in the list for your convenience. Most color pickers in this list are free-to-use with few premium applications as well.

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10 Best Screen Capture Tools for Windows PC

With the explosion of internet usage and social media, more and more users share rich media content with their contacts. And that's where screenshots play a big role in creating the desired images. Whether you want custom screenshots on Mac or looking for taking screenshots on a Windows PC, specialized applications and tools can help you make the task easy. Today, we're going to see some of the best screen capture tools available for Windows platform. Some of the useful screenshot tools mentioned in this list are completely free while others are premium solutions. I've also included my favorite tools which I use on a regular basis. Few screenshot applications mentioned below can be used on different platforms apart from using them on Windows. So let's get started and choose the best screen capture tool.

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