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10 Useful and Popular IFTTT Recipes for WordPress Bloggers

No matter what your domain is, IFTTT recipes are always a life saver when it comes to automate online tasks. I've been using IFTTT service for a long time and found it so easy-to-use and powerful to cut down my workload while working online. Bloggers often use this automation tool to assist them in completing various tasks associated with their WordPress sites. Today, we're going to look at some of the best and extremely useful IFTTT recipes made specifically for WordPress bloggers. You can either use these recipes as it is or can freely modify it to match with your exact requirements. All these automation tasks are not only time saver but also help you in developing smart marketing strategies to get more out of your blog. So let's get started and check out these awesome and flexible WordPress IFTTT recipes.

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8 Smart Ways to Update Your Computer's Device Drivers Automatically

Nowadays, almost every PC or laptop supports large number of peripheral devices and technologies that require dozens of different types of device drivers for proper functioning of the entire machine. Normally, all computers come with pre-installed device drivers for all the components. But, corrupt and outdated device drivers can make your system unusable. There are two ways to fix this issue. Either you manually perform all the scans, downloads and installation for all the device drivers or you let the specialized tool do it for you on automated basis. Naturally, the latter option is chosen by most users. Following are some of the most flexible and powerful device driver management tools. All these driver management tools work seamlessly on Windows systems and keep your device drivers in good working condition.

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3 Powerful CLI Tools to Manage WordPress Sites like A Pro

If you're a professional web developer, installing and configuring WordPress sites must be one of the common tasks you may be doing frequently. The most common way to do it is through a regular graphical interface which includes various installation wizards. Though it may seem very powerful at a glance, they lack the flexibility and speed required to deploy a WordPress site with custom options. Fortunately, there are several powerful command line tools to deploy, configure and manage WordPress powered websites. Almost all of these useful tools allow you to install WordPress with a single command instantly. Whether it's a large scale multisite installation or a typical generic installation, CLI tools lets you deploy any of these configurations rapidly. Let's take a look at these WordPress CLI tools.

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How to Create Timeline Charts On Your Website

Web publishers often need to display data within their content in the form of timeline charts. Natively, none of the content management system supports creation of such charts. Fortunately, there are several libraries and plugins that can be used to make such timeline charts. These charts can be made both in interactive and non-interactive form. I generally prefer a JavaScript based chart library because it is not only easy-to-use but can also be used with almost any kind of website. CMS centric plugin is also a good option if you're using it for powering your site. We're going to look at some of the best timeline chart making tools that can be used by everyone having basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I've tried to include those solutions which can be integrated with any publishing platform with ease.

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4 Powerful Ways to Do Split Testing On Your WordPress Blog

Professional blogs almost always include custom landing pages to attract and convert prospects. And that's where split testing comes into play to get the best possible design and layout for maximum conversions. This popular technique involves creation of more than one landing page and testing how visitors behave and interact on each page. Fortunately, there are several split testing plugins available for WordPress platform. We're going to see some of the select split testing plugins that you may use on your own blog. Some of these plugins not only helps in split testing but also include powerful tools and create and manage custom landing pages. I'd strongly recommend getting familiar with web analytics concepts and terms to take full advantage of these plugins. Let's start split testing on our WordPress site.

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How to Prepare Your WordPress Site for SSL/TLS Certificate Usage

If you're going to integrate eCommerce modules on your website including on site credit card processing, SSL certificate is one of the prerequisites. It may also be used, if you're sharing sensitive information with registered users who may require secure and encrypted connection to access the restricted content. If you're using WordPress for hosting your website, configuring SSL usage is quite simple provided you have the right tools for the same. We'll first take a look at the simple process of installing the certificate on the web server. Thereafter, we'll see how our WordPress site can start using secure and encrypted connection once the certificate is installed. We'll take a look at the most common Apache server SSL configuration. So let's get started and see how we can use SSL certificate on our professional WordPress website.

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